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Best Practices For Retail Location-Based Technologies


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-Lee Summers, Marketing/Technology Manager, Nebraska Furniture Mart
-Aaron Dane, Retail Experience & Innovation Manager, Point Inside

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Best Practices For Retail Location-Based Technologies

  1. 1. #RIC16 Best  Practices  For  Retail  Location-­‐ Based  Technologies Lee  Summers,  Marketing/Technology  Manager,   Nebraska  Furniture  Mart Aaron  Dane,  Retail  Experience  &  Innovation  Manager,   Point  Inside
  2. 2. #RIC16 Point  Inside   2 About  Point  Inside Fin d It HAVE IT? DO YOU I FIND IT? WHERE CAN
  3. 3. #RIC16 Point Inside Confidential 3 Retailer  data  layer Points  of  interest Shopper  mobile  map Geospatial  coordinates Store  CAD Importance  of  Location
  4. 4. #RIC16 Point  Inside   4 Why  Beacons? § Connection  between  mobile  and  physical § Multi-­‐platform  technology     § Low  cost   § Benefits  to  shoppers  and  store  ops § Enterprise  decisions       § Shopper  behaviors § Merchandising  decisions § Dwell  or  wait  times § Shopper  segmentation
  5. 5. #RIC16 § Start  small  and  master  the  basics: § Make  your  shoppers’  lives  easier § Simple  and  elegant  always  wins  over  complexity Point  Inside   5 Shopper  Experience
  6. 6. #RIC16 Point  Inside   6 Shopper  Value Location  Permission Retailer Shopper Value  Exchange
  7. 7. #RIC16 Options § Partnership  and  outsourcing § DIY Things  to  consider § Digitize  your  space § Establish  deployment  templates § Web-­‐based  planning  tool § In-­‐store  deployment  app § Health  &  system  monitoring Point  Inside   7 Scaling  
  8. 8. #RIC16 Point  Inside   8 Analytics  &  ROI
  9. 9. #RIC16 Case  Study Nebraska  Furniture  Mart  -­‐ Texas
  10. 10. THE EXPECTATION Transplant  the  NFM  brand  and  be  the  anchor  of  something  great. Beacon  technology,  and  by  extension  IoT,  is  an   incoming  tide  in  retail  that  will  raise  all  ships   including  business  intelligence,  shopper   experience,  opex and  associate  productivity. Joe  Saumweber
  11. 11. THE STORE 92% of all NFM TX sales take place in the store. 2017  Revenue  projections  place  our  3  major  stores  at  just  under  $2  billion  annually.  
  12. 12. #RIC16 THE STORE IS STILL THE STAR 94% of all retail sales take place within the confines of a physical store. *  The  New  Digital  Divide,  Deloitte  Digital,  Physical  store  sales  calculated  using  U.S.  Census  Bureau  Quarterly  Retail,  E-­‐Commerce  Sales,  4th  Quarter  2013
  13. 13. THE CHALLENGE 560,000 Square feet of retail space. Just  under  2  million  square  feet  total  (Distribution  Center  1.3)  
  14. 14. #RIC16 Attention & Awareness Consideration & Engagement Assisted Shopping & Enhanced Experience Optimized Sales at the Moment of Truth The New PATH TO PURCHASE Brands must now use a CUSTOMER-CENTRIC model
  15. 15. § Define Success § Design Solution § Test & Learn § Optimize & Scale Self-Service + Assisted Sales Promotions + Sales Lift Brand Storytelling Customer Experience OBJECTIVES DRIVE DESIGN For In-Store Digital Media Employee Productivity
  16. 16. #RIC16 Technology Toolkit We apply the best technology to meet the objectives. Digital Signage Mobile/Tablet Apps Video Walls Touch Interfaces
  17. 17. #RIC16 Emerging Technologies We utilize the latest in technology to create engaging experiences. Video Analytics Projection Mapping Beacon Technology RFID/NFC Technology Gesture Interactive 3D Audio Large LED Board Transparent Display Virtual Reality Plus More …
  18. 18. THE BEACONS 400 proximity beacons. Full coverage grid. Primary  function:  Mobile  Product  Way-­‐finding,  In-­‐store  Digital  Signage,  Product  Way-­‐finding 1st Floor
  19. 19. THE ROUTES 250,000 SKUs available at anytime. Live  routing  to  product  searches  on  Mobile  and  Digital  Signage  Directories.   1st Floor
  20. 20. THE MEASUREMENTS 180,000 logged session in the first 12 months. Estimated $500k in media placement revenue. Product level search and regional sales flyer product routing.
  21. 21. THE MEASUREMENTS Traffic  to  our  mobile  site  was  up  50%  in  Q1  and  revenue  is  up  over  100%  Q1  2015  vs  Q1  2016. Our  app  uses  our  mobile  site  to  power  the  ecommerce  functionality.
  22. 22. THE PRICE TAGS 39,000 digital price tags changed daily. Without  this  system  our  way-­‐finding  experience  would  not  work  properly.  This  was  our  first  step  towards  committing  to  a  long  term  beacon  roadmap.    
  23. 23. #RIC16 Thank  You Aaron  Dane Retail  Experience  &  Innovation  Manager Point  Inside Lee  Summers Marketing  Technology   Manager Nebraska  Furniture  Mart  /  Grandscape
  24. 24. #RIC16