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Are You Experienced? Insights On Hot Topics At EE13


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Eloqua Experience 2013 is only weeks away and we’d like to invite you to a special online event previewing some of the hottest topics that will be addressed at this year’s event.

Join us for a uniquely formatted pre-Eloqua Experience session featuring 6 ways to share and 6 ways to learn.

The unique interactive format will allow you to:

Help drive the conversation with real-time polling to benchmark business impacts,
Hear expert panelists analyze current and future trends, and
Compare innovations eMarketers are finding and using get breakthrough ROI.

This online event is a great way to connect with and share eMarketing challenges, impacts, trends and success stories.

The panel will include top executives addressing the key topic areas at Eloqua Experience 2013, such as targeting, engagement, alignment, analytics and social media.

Register to gain insights from this esteemed panel, which includes:

Jim Hooker – CEO, Televerde
Bob Riazzi – CEO, ReachForce
Jim Burns – CEO, Avitage
Aaron Biddar – CEO, Social 123
Bill Leake – CEO, Apogee Results
Steve Gershik – VP, Identified

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Are You Experienced? Insights On Hot Topics At EE13

  1. 1. Presented by Are You Experienced? #ModernMKTR Sponsored by Look At The Hot Topics Impacting A Modern Marketer
  2. 2. Welcome Webinar Attendees
  3. 3. Follow this webinar on Twitter #ModernMKTR Demand Gen Report: @DG_Report Televerde: @Televerde
  4. 4. About Demand Gen Report • Launched in 2007 to track best practices in lead generation • Newsletter has grown to more than 26,000 readers • We also offer a menu of research and best practices reports • New audio/video podcasts at @DG_Report
  5. 5. Are you Experienced? Look at the hot topics impacting a Modern Marketer.
  6. 6. Moderators Bryan EhrenfreundKim Zimmermann Kim is Managing Editor of its online publications, including Demand Gen Report, Retail TouchPoints and Channel Marketer Report. Kim has been a business journalist and editor for more than 25 years, with extensive experience covering the retail and technology industries. Bryan serves as Vice President of Digital Strategies for Televerde. With more than 20 years of experience in B2B high-tech sales, marketing and operations management, Bryan has held positions with eNeighborhoods, Continental Promotion Group, AT&T Wireless and Xerox Corporation.
  7. 7. Introduction of Panelists Steve Gershik Identified Jim Hooker Televerde Bob Riazzi ReachForce Jim Burns Avitage Aaron Biddar Social123 Bill Leake Apogee Results
  8. 8. Today’s Agenda Hot Topics Impacting Marketers: • Engagement • Alignment • Targeting • Analytics • Marketing Technology • Social
  9. 9. What is Engagement Attention Interactions over time Relationship “Customers will contact a Sales rep when they independently completed about 60% of the purchasing decision process.” CEB
  10. 10. Where Marketers Prioritize Engagement Source: Ardath Albee, marketing-priorities-out-of-whack.html
  11. 11. Content Relevance & Coverage S T O R Y Audience Roles Stages of Buying/ Selling Process Competitive Options Industry Differences Specific Needs and Issues Different Purposes 3 Roles x 3 Issues x 3 Stages x 3 Verticals x 3 Touches = 243 versions Relevance, Use Case Coverage and Formats have huge Scale and Cost implications
  12. 12. Sales and Marketing Relationship Map Outstanding Very Satisfactory Satisfactory Average Not Satisfactory Poor Horrible 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 1. Lead Quantity 2. Lead Quality 3. Collateral Quality 4. Messaging 5. Lead Distribution 6. Responsiveness 7. Time spent in field 8. Available References/Case Studies 9. Understanding of the customer 10. Service Expected Result Actual Result
  13. 13. Targeting: Key to 1:1 Engagement “1:1 engagement relies on our ability to target! However, our targeting suffers from incomplete, inaccurate or out-of-date data, resulting in poorly aligned messages, content and calls to action, and we waste marketing spend and miss sales opportunities”. Targeting Checklist  Market Scope – describes the geographic scope of your market  Firmographics – answers “who” questions  Product Usage – answers “how much” questions  Persona, Benefits Desired and Behavior – answers “why” and “how” questions
  14. 14. Analytics for Revenue Performance The elephant in the room Single Truth Tactics of Measurement Full View KPI Measurement Balancing Act
  15. 15. Marketing Technology • Simplicity rules in a complex world. • The wrong message, to the right person is still the wrong message. • The technology and data exist to market effectively, efficiently and to the point. • The best tools are worthless without the right person/team • You can’t spell “ROI” without the “I” Perfect Prospect Perfect Message Happy Marketer
  16. 16. Not Just Top of Funnel
  17. 17. IMPRESSION VISITO R WEB FORM • Just as different keywords require different ad copy (because different keywords denote different stages in the “sale” from impression to website visitation • So different types of keywords require different landing pages, as there is a whole new “close” that needs to take place to get from visitation to web inquiry …. And from web inquiry to SQL POST WEB MicroConversions Abound
  18. 18. Here as Well … (post Web) Inquiries Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) Sales Accepted Leads (SAL) Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) Closed/Deals
  19. 19. Where Marketers Prioritize Social Media Source: Ardath Albee, marketing-priorities-out-of-whack.html Top Priorities Lagging Priorities 1. Lead Generation 6. Customer Engagement 2. Brand Awareness 7. Social Media 3. Customer Retention 8. Personalization 4. Content Strategy 9. Web Traffic 5. Lead Nurturing 10 Sales Enablement
  20. 20. Q&A Submit via chat box
  21. 21. Follow Our Panelists Steve Gershik @sgersh Jim Hooker @televerde Bob Riazzi @ReachForce Jim Burns @salesvpi Aaron Biddar @AaronBiddar Bill Leake @Marketing_Bill
  22. 22. More Information
  23. 23. Thank You For Attending This Webinar! View this presentation on-demand at: