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Shifting The Axis: A New Model For Marketing And Sales Collaboration


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Published in: Marketing, Business, Career
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Shifting The Axis: A New Model For Marketing And Sales Collaboration

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY! #C2C14! Shifting the Axis: A New Model for Marketing and Sales Collaboration! ADP® Sales Enablement!
  2. 2. #C2C14! About Us! •  Sr.  Director,  Lead  Center   •  @BrianTeevan   •   Brian   Teevan   •  Director,  Sales  Opera;ons   •  @DannMarty   •   Dann   Marty  
  3. 3. #C2C14! A  comprehensive,  global  provider  of  cloud-­‐based  Human  Capital  Management   solu;ons  and  BPO  services,  analy;cs  and  compliance  exper;se.   Small   Mid   Large   Product  A   Product  B   Product  C   9 Sales Groups Central Lead Center Ü  Partner  with  opera;ons  to  ensure  requirements   documented  and  implemented   Ü  Manage  enterprise  leads,  including  nurturing  and   presales  qualifica;on   Ü  Process  governance  to  ensure  lead  engagement  and   ensure     Lead   Qualifica7on   Lead  Programs   Governance   ! A little about our role!
  4. 4. #C2C14! Today’s Takeaways! Ü Identify the drivers for shifting the axis of sales and marketing collaboration! Ü How to break through political obstacles to make the shift! Ü Articulate the value that an optimized approach can deliver to both sales and marketing!
  5. 5. #C2C14! Buyer Empowerment, Sales Complexity 57%Buying  process   complete  before   engaging  sales1   5.4 Average  size  of   buying  group1   59%Time  spent  on  non-­‐ selling  ac7vity5   1CEB  2013   2DemandGen  Report   4Gleanster  Research   5CSO  Insights  2011   90%Buyers  say  when   ready  to  buy,  they   will  find  you2   35-50% Of  sales  go  to  vendor   that  responds  first3   50% Leads  qualified  but   not  yet  ready  to  buy4   Why the need to shift the axis?!
  6. 6. #C2C14! Direct   Sales  Marke;ng   Lead  Gen   Pre-­‐Lead  Center:   ü  Large  global  sales  team  with  many  quota  carriers   ü  Heavy  Direct  Sales  go-­‐to-­‐market  approach   ü  Campaigns  were  mainly  sales  tools  for  gaining  access   ü  Some  Lead  Gen  to  acquire  new  names   Why the need to shift the axis?!
  7. 7. #C2C14! Basic  repor;ng   Limited  visibility   One  way  lead   flow  –  no   recycling   No  feedback   between  sales   and  marke;ng     Process   Management   All  leads  handed   to  sales  –  no   qualifica;on   High  false-­‐ posi;ve  rate   Widespread   distribu;on   Inconsistent   training  and  no   SLAs   Sales  Handoff   Shared  pla[orms   –  but   independently   developed   Redundant   processes   Ad  hoc  digital   campaign   development       Infrastructure   Wrong   Des;na;on   Ignored   Inconsistent   Management   Why the need to shift the axis?!
  8. 8. #C2C14! HOW WE MADE THE SHIFT! Building the Lead Center!
  9. 9. #C2C14! Continuous Conversation! Gain  Access   Provide  Your  Sales  Teams   with  Dynamic  Gaining   Access  Tools  to  Help   Personalize  Message     Sales  Enablement  Aligned  to  the  Buyer’s  Journey   EARLY   MID   LATE   Drive  Leads   Loosening  the  status  quo,   Engaging  early  stage  buyers   and  aDracEng  acEve  buyers   not  current  talking  to  us     Sales  Funnel  Accelera3on   Provide  a  guided  selling  approach   that  leverages  mobile  technology   and  leads  the  buyer  to  your   unique  differenEators.     © Copyright 2014 ADP, Inc. Proprietary Information of ADP. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. #C2C14! þ  Capture  key  elements  of  the  process  to  be   changed   þ  Test  and  measure  changes  and  new  programs   þ  Quan;fy  and  ar;culate  the  value   þ  Build  credibility  with  sales  leaders   þ  Iden;fy  champions  /  challengers  for  change  in   sales   þ  Op;mize  and  maximize  value  to  the  organiza;on   Set the vision Define the process Get senior level support Our Approach: Driving Sales Efficiencies Through Lead Management!
  11. 11. #C2C14! Our Vision! End-­‐to-­‐End  Repor7ng  &  ROI       Digital   Marke7ng   Partner   Referral   BUÜBU   Referrals   Webinar   AVendees   Whitepaper   Downloads   Web   Browsers   Other   Lead Source ESLead Center Automa7on   Nurturing ü  Thought leadership ü  Product tracks ü  Decision maker-type customization ü  Recycling ü  AB / upsell ü  Progressive profiling ü  Behavior modeling to drive messaging ü  Predictive analytics to drive ADP approach ü  Intelligent Sales Campaigns Scoring Models & Predictive Analytics CRM   AVS   MAS   SBS  ESI  Can   Ins   RS   TSR  MNC   Sales Destination Field Sales | Inside Sales “Contact me” Partner Referrals BUÜBU MQL Lost / Stalled DealsClients / AB ü  May be verified ü  Direct to sales Lead SLA Monitoring and Enforcement NAS   Fast Track Lead Programs
  12. 12. #C2C14! Inquiries   Pre-­‐sales   Sales  Accepted   Closed/Won   Business   Opportunity   2.  Pre-­‐Sales    Nurturing  before  a  prospect    is  handed  off   to  teleprospec;ng,  field  or  channel   resource;  communica;on  posi;oned  from   ADP  or  from  teleprospec;ng   3.  Rejected  Recycle  Nurturing  when  a  prospect  is  rejected  by  a   sales  resource  for  predetermined  reasons   or  has  no  movement  for  a  predetermined   period  of  ;me   4.  Closed/Lost  Recycle  Nurturing  when  a  once  engaged   opportunity  has  died  on  the  vine  or   sales  has  marked  as  closed/lost  with  no   further  movement   1.  Outbound  Outbound  lead  genera;on  to  engage  cold   and/or  inac;ve  leads  to  drive  early  ac;vity   to  feed  into  nurturing   Our Vision: Identify Target Groups and Build Lead Programs!
  13. 13. #C2C14! “Sure,  help  us  manage  leads…     …but  just  DON’T  touch  our  leads.”  
  14. 14. #C2C14! •  Sales  marked  opportunity  as  “closed/lost”   •  No  other  open  sales  opportunity   •  Listed  in  Sales  CRM  database   Closed/Lost  Recycle   •  Sof  leads  that  were  not  being  passed  to  sales   •  Website  /  downloads  /  adver;sing  /  events   •  May  or  may  not  already  be  in  Sales  CRM  database   Pre-­‐Sales  Leads   Where  to  start:   ü  Least  sales  resistance,  disrup;on   ü  Leads  not  being  worked  or  neglected   ü  Pitch  as  a  90-­‐day  pilot  test   Shift from Direct Sales to Lead Nurturing Campaigns!
  15. 15. #C2C14! Entered  Program:  800   Opportuni7es   Created:  30%   15   First   Mee;ng   39%   Proposal   34%   Closed   Won   14%   Closed   Lost   13%   Opportunity Status ü 240 opptys, $X pipeline Proposals:  34%   Closed  Won:  14%   $X  Dollars  Closed   Key Conversions ü Over 1 in 4 nurtured accounts entered oppty ü More than 1/3 have gone to proposal Numbers  are  illustraEve,  not  actual  results   “How  can  you  tell  if  there  was  an  impact?”   “We  already  work  these  accounts  all  the  Eme.”   “Most  opportuniEes  are  self-­‐generated.”   Nurture Program Results!
  16. 16. #C2C14! 0%   13%   21%   29%   0%   9%   18%   21%   0%   10%   20%   30%   At  0  days*   Afer  30  days   Afer  60  days   Afer  90  days   Nurtured   Non-­‐Nurtured   16   38% relative higher rate Opportunity  Rate  by  Month   Closed/Lost Recycle Nurturing After 90 Days! “Wow,  we  got  back  into  more   opportuniEes  at  a  faster  rate!”  
  17. 17. #C2C14! 0%   7%   13%   18%   0%   0%   1%   1%   0%   5%   10%   15%   20%   At  0  days*   Afer  30  days   Afer  60  days   Afer  90  days   Nurtured   Non-­‐Nurtured   17   Opportunity  Rate  by  Month   17 times more likely to enter sales opportunity Pre-Sales Lead Nurturing! After 90 Days! “This  is  really  a  no  brainer!”   “Just  nurture  them  all!”  
  18. 18. #C2C14! Further shifts: Incorporating the Human Touch! Build  a  Receiving  Team   • Iden;fy  who  can  handle  the  human  touch   • Setup  training  support  for  handling  sof  inquiries   • Develop  SLAs  and  processes   Leverage  Email  Engagement  to  Priori;ze   • Use  ac;vity  to  filter  a  large  target  list  of  contacts   • Develop  a  simple  ac;vity  threshold  to  trigger  a  human   touch   Use  Mul;ple  Channels   • Phone  outreach   • Personal  emails   • Social  media  
  19. 19. #C2C14! Articulating the Value of the Shift! Measure   Set  KPIs   Audit  the   Process   þ  Iden;fy  champions  /  challenges  for  change   þ  Set  simple  KPIs   þ  Arm  leaders  with  ac;onable  repor;ng   þ  There  is  more  to  life  than  repor;ng   þ  3rd  Party  Response  Audits   þ  Opportunity  &  Lead  comparison  
  20. 20. #C2C14! Getting alignment here is easy Where the work gets done ! ! ü  Ownership at all levels ü  Focus leads amongst dedicated team ü  SLAs – what does great look like? ü  Front line managers need to be coaching and tools to learn how to manage the process! ü  Long term focus, and “lead level” ground game tactics Champion Hero ! Change Manager Identify champions / challengers for change in sales!
  21. 21. #C2C14! KPIs: Evangelize your key priorities! Response time decreased from never / days to minutes Pre-Qualification of leads saves sales time working bad leads 110% increase in 12 months Nurtured contacts were 14 times more likely to enter a sales process than control Respond  Faster   Increase  Sales   Produc;vity   Increase  Value   per  Lead   Influence  Early   Stage  Buyers  
  22. 22. #C2C14!2
  23. 23. #C2C14! There is more to life than reporting! • Live  leads   • Track  Response   • 3rd  Party  Op;ons   Real  Life  Audit   • Lead  data     • Opportunity  data   • Any  misses?   Compare  Sales   Ac;vity  to  Leads  
  24. 24. #C2C14! Axis Shifted: Our New Model for Sales and Marketing Collaboration! A systemic communication and lead management process to maximize lead value and drive sales productivity and effectiveness.! 24   • Stage  between  lead  gen   and  sales   • Quality  check  before   lead  given  to  sales     • Save  sales  ;me  |  follow   up  to  ensure   engagement   Lead   Qualifica;on   • Enterprise  messaging   pushed  to  non-­‐sales   ready  prospects   • Early  |  Mid  |  Late   Lead  Nurture   • Leverage  automa;on   and  lower  cost  reps  to   generate  incremental   sales  opportuni;es   Lead   Development   110%Increase  in  value  per   ac7onable  lead     14xNurtured  contacts  are  more   likely  to  enter  a  sales   process   150% Target  ROI  using  lower  cost   resources  to  drive  sales   4,000 Hours  of  sales   produc7vity  7me  saved  
  25. 25. #C2C14! Questions?! Please follow us on Twitter:! @BrianTeevan! @DannMarty! @ADP! Thank you for your time!! Key Takeaways! Ü Identify the drivers for change – both internal and external – agree on challenges to align goals! Ü Look for areas of least sales resistance – not worked or neglected – easier to agree on a test pilot! Ü Plan for measuring pre/post and test/control groups to prove concepts! Ü Optimize programs beyond basic reporting and tactics !