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4 Reporting Categories That Drive Actionable Insights And Smarter Decision Making


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Marketing's scope of responsibilities continues to increase—while the tools to help surface actionable insights are not on pace with all the added responsibilities. Marketers need help cutting through all the noise on their way to focused, prioritized metrics that help them make valuable business contributions.

This session will feature real world examples of how gathering and applying actionable insights at key stages of marketing execution can lead to stronger campaign results and more informed decisions. Four core areas, along with use cases, to be addressed include:

Planning – Key metrics needed to effectively plan tomorrow’s marketing activities;
Achieving – At-a-glance key performance metrics relative to marketing goals;
Optimizing – Priority operational metrics for marketers, including sales rep and lead quality insights; and
Evaluating – Focused metrics to help evaluate strategic program performance and contributions to the organization.
The metrics in each of the four dashboards provide powerful, actionable insights—based specifically on day-in-the-life activities and the needs of today's most successful marketers.

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4 Reporting Categories That Drive Actionable Insights And Smarter Decision Making

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  6. 6. #COSeries How Are We Doing?
  7. 7. #COSeries Panelists MODERATOR: Andrew Gaffney Editorial Director Demand Gen Report Sean McVey Dir. of Demand Generation Virtru @SeanTMcVey Bonnie Crater President & CEO Full Circle Insights @BonnieCrater
  8. 8. Today’s Agenda • A Day in the Life of a Marketer with Sean McVey • Key Challenges in Marketing Measurement • Full Circle Insights and the Four Pillars of Marketing Measurement • Q&A 8
  9. 9. Introducing Sean McVey 9 • Director, Demand Generation at Virtru • Responsible for full funnel growth, projections, and measurement • Full Circle Insights Customer for 6 months • Response Management • Campaign Attribution
  10. 10. © Full Circle Insights, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential About Virtru • Email Encryption for Business • Raised $30MM in 2016 • Looking to grow fast – inbound and outbound • Small marketing team (6), growing sales team (15+)
  11. 11. Four Key Measurement Challenges 11 1. Different Systems Speak Different Languages 2. Different Audiences Want Different Insights 3. Lumping Data Together Distorts Insights 4. Ensuring Accurate Data for a Specific Channel
  12. 12. Challenge 1: Different Systems Speak Different Languages 12 Examples: • 1 opportunity in Salesforce equals 3 opportunities in Hubspot • A contact in Hubspot can only be one lifecycle stage (lead, MQL, etc.) • Opportunity amounts somehow never match up between the two systems Is it just me? Or do you all experience frustrations like this all the time?
  13. 13. Solution 1: Choose One Version of the Truth 13 • At Virtru, we report on the entire funnel in Salesforce. We don’t look at Hubspot for conversion funnels and opportunity metrics. • We still use Hubspot for many top of the funnel insights such as email performance, lead scoring, and collecting lead source information.
  14. 14. Challenge 2: Different Audiences Want Different Insights 14 Audience Ask Board & CEO Are we on track to hit our Q2 pipeline goal? CMO Which programs/offers are contributing to marketing sourced pipeline this month? Channel Marketer Which channel is producing more demos? Adwords or LinkedIn? SDRs How many more meetings do I need to book to hit my daily and weekly goals ?
  15. 15. Solution 2: Different Dashboards for Different Purposes 15 Dashboards for the board use longer timeframes and report on broader segments of the business CMOs want to know which campaigns and lead sources are contributing to booked meetings and pipeline Channel marketers need to evaluate the lead funnel for each channel and also granular campaigns within each channel SDRs want to know how they are performing against the metrics driving their compensation
  16. 16. Challenge 3: Lumping Data Together Distorts Insights • Different segments of your business have different demand funnels. If you analyze them all together, you will draw misleading conclusions. • Examples of ‘buckets’ you could break out: • Big Bucket Lead Source – Marketing vs. Sales vs. Resellers • Marketing Lead Source – Inbound vs. Paid Search vs. Events • Employee Size – Small vs. Mid-Market vs. Enterprise • Campaign & Campaign Type – Hot Leads vs. Content Leads vs. Webinar Leads
  17. 17. Solution 3: Define Your Buckets and Use Filters 17
  18. 18. Challenge 4: Ensuring Accurate Data for a Specific Channel • Greatest challenge on the channel level is pulling the right data. This is never easy and never perfect. • The challenge with UTMs – 30% of conversions happen on a different page • The challenge with marketing automation lead source – only the original source captured (in Hubspot) • Need to pull both UTM and marketing automation lead source, using an ‘OR’ filter in Salesforce:
  19. 19. Solution 4: Get it Close by Using Multiple Data Sources 19 *partial data in April
  20. 20. Recap 1. Choose One Version of the Truth (Salesforce Recommended) 2. Build and Customize Different Dashboards for Different Audiences/Purposes 3. Segment Your Reports and Dashboards by Size, Lead Source, Campaign Type or Other Important Buckets 4. Get Crafty with Channel Reports to Prove ROI 20
  21. 21. Introducing Bonnie Crater 21 • President and CEO of Full Circle Insights • 5x VP of Marketing and executive for software companies throughout Silicon Valley • Co-founded Full Circle Insights in 2010
  22. 22. Current Challenges: The Great Data Divide 22 Marketing Automation Salesforce CRM Impact: Marketing execs don’t have the visibility they need
  23. 23. About Full Circle Insights 23Native marketing analytics inside Salesforce Campaigns / Leads / Contacts / Accounts / Opportunities
  24. 24. Four Pillars of Marketing Measurement 24 I need to review what’s happened in the past to plan for the future. Am I achieving the goals we established? Where are my processes performing well—and where can they be improved? How have I impacted revenue and what should I do more of? Planning Achieving Optimizing Evaluating
  25. 25. Pillar #1: Planning 25 Planning Demand Planning (“Reverse Waterfall”) • Average deal size • Stage-to-stage conversion rates • Stage-to-stage velocity rates • Engagement patterns • Revenue contributions Funnel 
 Stages Stage Conversion Rates Volume 
 per Stage INQ –> MQL 8% 27,548 MQL –> SAL 55% 2,204 SAL –> SQL 60% 1,212 SQL –> Oppty 25% 727 Wins 182 Avg Deal Size $55,000 Revenue Target $10,000,000
  26. 26. Pillar #2: Achieving 26 Achieving Effective Prep for Marketing Leadership Meetings • Revenue • Volume: MQLs / SQLs / SALs / Opportunity • Opportunity coverage • Stage-to-stage velocity rates • Stage-to-stage conversion rates • Revenue contributions
  27. 27. Pillar #3: Optimizing 27 Optimizing Sales Has Questions About Quality of Leads from Marketing • Disposition reasons by sales rep • Aggregate disqualification reasons by time cohorts • Lost opportunities by reason
  28. 28. Pillar #4: Evaluating 28 Evaluating Real-Time Budget Adjustment Scenarios • Campaign conversion rates • Campaign deal sizes • Campaign velocity rates • Campaigns by revenue
  29. 29. Key Takeaways • Maintain a single source of truth, regardless of technologies used and sources of data • Set up processes and technology that enable granular insights into your unique sales cycles, channels, and segments • Focus on reports and dashboards that are insights-driven (not just data-driven) to help inform decisions 29
  30. 30. #COSeries How Are We Doing?
  31. 31. #COSeries Q&A / Panelists MODERATOR: Andrew Gaffney Editorial Director Demand Gen Report Sean McVey Dir. of Demand Generation Virtru @SeanTMcVey Bonnie Crater President & CEO Full Circle Insights @BonnieCrater
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