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2014 Killer Content Awards


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2014 Killer Content Awards

  1. 1. February  16-­‐19,  2015   Hya$  Regency,  Sco$sdale,  AZ   Register  Now:   ADVERTISEMENT  
  2. 2. Embrace Your Creative Side Create content that aligns with buyers’ every day lives. Make content memorable by including interactive assets that tout cultural figures and moments, or holidays. Take a more creative approach to improve brand association and recognition.
  3. 3. About ADP •  Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) is a provider of business processing and cloud-based solutions – including payroll, talent management, human resource management, benefits administration and time and attendance. •  Fortune 500 Company. •  Topped Fortunes list of “World’s Most Admired Companies”.
  4. 4. About The Content •  ADP’s  Value  Added  Services  division  created  a  quarterly,  mulF-­‐touch   campaign  for  FY  2014.  Each  “theme”  had  unique  content  messaging  and   design,  and  touted  several  assets,  including  infographics,  “cookbooks”  and   more.  The  campaign  included:  
  5. 5. The Payoffs Of Creative Content “One of the most successful campaigns in ADP history.” •  $3.7M in closed-won business •  Another $23M in the pipeline •  ROI for Q1-Q3: 905%
  6. 6. Best Creative Campaign Theme
  7. 7. Multitouch Campaigns: Extend Content Across Channels Understand  the  cross-­‐channel  journey:  Buyers  today  refer  to  mulFple  channels   throughout  the  day,  including  social  media,  news  sites,  mobile  apps  and  more!       Consider  your  media  consumpDon  behaviors:  It  will  help  shed  light  into  how  you   can  potenFally  map  and  promote  content  across  different  touch  points.     Remember  to  have  fun!:  InjecFng  fun  and  humor  into  campaigns  will  make  your   brand  seem  more  relatable.  
  8. 8. About Sungard AS •  Sungard  Availability  Services  provides  IT  OperaFons  support  and  integrated   disaster  recovery,  managed  IT  services,  IT  consulFng  and  business  conFnuity   management  so[ware  soluFons.   •  More  than  half  of  customers  are  small  and  medium  enterprises.   •  Sungard  AS  serves  more  than  70%  of  Fortune  100  companies.     •  Targets  financial  services,  manufacturing,  retail,  healthcare  and  business  services.  
  9. 9. About The Content •  Sungard  AS  partnered  with  Bulldog  SoluFons  to  create  a  holiday-­‐themed,  three-­‐ video  series.     •  Injected  humor  into  pain  points  and  industry  trends  that  soluFons  address  by   aligning  it  with  holiday  struggles.  (i.e.  family  dinners)     •  Videos  were  promoted  via  email,  social,  PR  and  paid  media.  
  10. 10. The Payoffs Of Multitouch Campaigns •  Over 3,000 leads generated in 3 days. •  Email click and click-to-open rates: 2X to 3X the average •  CTAs to download white paper at end of videos saw 87.4% click-through rate. •  Integrated calls-to-action for white papers at the end of each video saw an 87.4% click-through rate.
  11. 11. Best Creative, Multitouch Campaign
  12. 12. Integrated Campaigns: Embrace Multiple Formats Think  of  your  target  customer:  Considering  your  buyer’s  wants  and  needs,  pain   points  as  well  as  the  outlets  they  use  to  research  trends  and  potenFal  soluFons  can   help  create  a  content  foundaFon.     Consider  the  value  of  each  format:  Infographics,  E-­‐books,  white  papers  and  moFon   graphics  all  serve  their  own  purposes  and  each  have  unique  benefits.  Think  of  how   they  can  work  together  effecFvely.     Be  prescripDve:  Don’t  just  talk  about  the  trend  and  why  it  ma$ers;  offer  tacFcal   insights  to  help  your  buyers  know  where  —  and  how  —  to  get  started!  
  13. 13. About Cox Media •  Cox Media Group, Inc. delivers engaging ad solutions across channels, the Cox Media professionals team helps craft personalized marketing solutions that reach targeted audiences on-air, online or on-the-go. •  Owns Cox Target Media, which operates Valpak and •  Operations include 14 broadcast TV stations and one local cable channel, 57 radio stations, 8 daily newspapers and more than 100 digital services •  Operates in more than 20 media markets, reaching 52 million Americans weekly.
  14. 14. About The Content •  Partnered with Content4Demand to build a foundational content library of 33 assets. •  The 2014 Success Kit campaign comprised 5 assets in a variety of formats designed to appeal to their SMB customers.
  15. 15. The Payoffs Of Integrated Campaigns •  Generated interest from more than 2,000 potential leads. •  More than 500 downloads. •  Major contributor for Q1 lead and demand gen performance; putting Cox Media more than 9% ahead of last year.
  16. 16. Best Creative, Integrated Campaign
  17. 17. Multitouch Campaigns: Mix And Match Content Formats Create  a  variety  of  content  formats  based  on  the  buyer’s  journey.       Consider  visual  content  such  as  infographics  for  top  of  the  funnel  markeFng,  and   white  papers  to  idenFfy  more  ready-­‐to-­‐buy  prospects.     Use  a  central  theme  but  consider  a  variety  best  pracFces  and  topics.  
  18. 18. About Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions •  World's  largest  provider  of  integrated  in-­‐store  soluFons.     •  Installed  in  60%  of  the  top  25  global  retailers.     •  Trusted  with  store  soluFons  by  the  majority  of  large  retailers.     •  More  installed  units  than  the  largest  three  compeFtors  combined  (RBR  London,  June  2013).     •  More  shipments  than  the  largest  two  compeFtors  combined  (RBR  London,  June  2013).     •  Awarded  2012  Global  Self-­‐Checkout  Systems  Product  Leader  (Frost  &  Sullivan).  
  19. 19. About The Content •  Created  a  series  of  assets  focused  on   omnichannel  retailing   •  Infographic:  A  Day  In  The  Life  Of  The   Modern  Shopper  (Outlines  key  trends   and  browsing  and  buying  behaviors  of   “modern  shoppers”)   •  Checklist:  Helping  retailers  get  started   on  the  modernizaFon  journey   •  ExecuFve  Brief:  The  Secret  Sauce  Of   Modern  Omnichannel  Retail  (10   “ingredients  to  deliver  a  consistent   customer  experience)       •  E-­‐book:  Roadmap  To  An  Omnichannel   Aware  POS  Update  
  20. 20. The Payoffs Of Multitouch Campaigns •  Total opens: 19,558 •  Total Clicks: 1,120 •  Total Leads Generated: 309 •  One of RTP's best performing social campaigns, generating a significant number of leads for Toshiba.
  21. 21. Best Creative, Multitouch Campaign
  22. 22. Best Dressed Category: Key Considerations For Visual Content ExecuDves  don’t  have  enough  Dme  in  the  day:  Yes,  even  when  it  comes  to  reading   your  20-­‐page  white  paper.       It’s  more  difficult  to  stand  out:  Because  execuFves  are  so  Fme-­‐starved  and  receive   so  many  email  “pitches”  throughout  the  day,  marketers  need  to  embrace  new,   highly  visual  content  formats.     Think  short,  concise  and  easy  to  digest:  Videos,  assessments,  ROI  calculators  and   other  content  formats  help  get  to  the  point  without  taking  up  to  much  Fme.  
  23. 23. About OpenText •  OpenText  provides  Enterprise  InformaFon  Management  (EIM)  soluFons   designed  to  help  businesses  to  grow  faster,  lower  operaFonal  costs,  and  reduce   informaFon  governance  and  security  risks  by  improving  business  insight,  impact   and  process  speed.   •  Serves  a  variety  of  industries,  including  financial  services,  energy,  insurance,   health  care  and  life  sciences.     •  SoluFons  include  customer  experience  management,  informaFon  exchange,   business  process  management  and  enterprise  content  management.    
  24. 24. About The Content •  The  “Make  A  Statement”  campaign  was  created  to  promote  the  StreamServe  soluFon,   which  helps  businesses  personalize  and  brand  customer  communicaFons  such  as  bills   and  statements.    The  campaign  included:  
  25. 25. The Payoffs Of Being “Best Dressed” •  Implemented in 6 languages •  Produced more than $3 million in pipeline to date •  Helped improve regional sales-marketing alignment •  Improved inter-regional marketing cooperation •  Set standard for integrated campaigns
  26. 26. Best Dressed Campaign
  27. 27. The Impact Of Influencer Content Why does it matter?: You’re providing executives access to the thought leaders they value and look to for insights and best practices. Why does it make an impact?: Companies able to collect feedback from top influencers are seen as thought leaders that bring the community together. (Consider Lee Odden’s examples.) How do you maximize results?: Make it easy for people to digest and find the topic and/or influencer they want. Also make it easy to share, so you can make the piece seem more exclusive and prestigious.
  28. 28. About LivePerson •  LivePerson offers online engagement engagement and service solutions. •  Solutions include chat, voice, targeted content and video, all of which enable rich, personalized experiences across channels. •  Targets both B2B and B2C organizations. •  Recently acquired NexGraph team enhance the data and intelligence platform at the core of its LiveEngage platform. •  Clients include Virgin Atlantic, Crate & Barrel, Intuit and HP Snapfish.
  29. 29. About The Content •  To affirm its position in the digital space, LivePerson collected feedback from 10 influencers in B2B and B2C marketing. •  Participants included Jim Lenskold, Lee Odden, Larry Freed, Jeanne Bliss, and others. •  LivePerson interviewed the thought leaders on 10 different topics (including social, mobile, omnichannel, search) in a Q&A format.
  30. 30. •  “It was our most successful E-book of 2013!” •  “It produced the most downloads of any thought leadership asset in 2013.” •  Avg. Open Rate: 11% •  Highest click-through rate: 17% •  Total Downloads (over 6 month period): 800 •  MQLs from Campaign: 270 •  One of the “11 Must Read eBooks to Get Content Marketing Smart for 2014” by TopRank, December 2013. •  2095 total blog views for a six guest blog series. The Payoffs of Influencer Content
  31. 31. Best Influencer Content
  32. 32. Encourage Social Sharing Make content as focused as possible: When planning sections for a white paper or E-book, try to think of a few final takeaways or best practices for each section, so readers can easily sift through. Know the power of call-outs: Key statistics or powerful quotes can be highlighted in asset call-outs, making certain points stand out more to readers and encourage them to read on. Make it easy to share: Thanks to the powers of social media, content has the potential to go viral. “Click-to-tweet” call-outs can help make it happen.
  33. 33. About LinkedIn Sales Solutions •  LinkedIn Sales Solutions helps B2B organizations implement social selling strategies to improve relationships and boost sales. •  LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps sales professionals generate more leads while reducing the role of cold calling. •  Helps sales professionals connect with 300 million up-to-date professional profiles. •  Offers the tools and information to help companies build relationships and trust with prospects and customers.
  34. 34. About The Content •  Although “social selling” is a hot term, many businesses don’t understand what it means and how they can apply it to their organizations. •  LinkedIn Sales Solutions created this tactical piece to show how sales professionals can drive revenue with social selling. •  Outlined best practices from thought leader Koka Sexton. •  Tips from Koka are outlined in call-outs and feature LinkedIn and Twitter share buttons with pre-created posts.
  35. 35. The Payoffs Of Social Amplification •  Shared on Twitter 8,086 times and 54 times on LinkedIn. •  Drove over 400 downloads of the E-book in just one month of promotion on Demand Gen Report.
  36. 36. Best Social Amplification
  37. 37. Social Media: Your Amplification Tool Of Choice Craft your strategy: How often do your target buyers tap into social media? Which networks do they frequent? This can help you determine where to focus your amplification efforts. Take cues from YouTube stars: Viral superstars have used video as the hub of their superstardom. Think of how video can play an impact in your marketing strategy, and help get your company’s message out! Promote social on other channels: Think of how insights and themes from social posts can extend to other outlets, including emails and even your company web site.
  38. 38. About VoltDelta •  VoltDelta is a global provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprises. •  Part of Volt Information Sciences, VoltDelta has data centers in the U.S., UK and Germany to cost-effectively support multinational organizations. •  Solutions include Automatic Contact Distribution, Integrated Voice Response, automated outbound telephony-based campaigns and a speech- enabled survey solution.
  39. 39. About The Content •  The “Art and Science of Customer Experience” white paper was part of a larger 2013 campaign designed to reposition company and elevate overall presence. •  Promoted in email campaigns (sponsored and event follow-up), banners and advertisements. •  Implemented social campaign with YouTube video of VoltDelta employees. •  Focused on the Art and Science of Customer Experience. •  The “Art and Science of Customer Experience” concept extends across social, video, the web site and blog.
  40. 40. The Payoffs Of Social Amplification •  37.4% open rate for event follow-up emails. •  8.9% download rate for event follow-up emails.
  41. 41. Best Social Amplification
  42. 42. Harness The Power Of The Crowd Embrace your customers and prospects: Use feedback as the foundation of an event or campaign. Tap feedback: Your customers and prospects will provide you with valuable feedback into your business and even give you ideas for future marketing campaigns! Include a call to action: Once customers participate in social conversations or refer to interactive content, offer a compelling and relevant call to action that will encourage them to learn more.
  43. 43. About VMware •  VMware  offers  core  server  virtualizaFon  soluFons  to  more  than  500,000   customers  worldwide,  including  100%  of  the  Fortune  100.     •  Recently  recognized  by  Gartner  as  a  “Visionary”  in  the  group’s  Data  Center   Networking  Magic  Quadrant.       •  Saw  YOY  revenue  growth  of  14%  to  $1.36  billion  in  Q1  2014  earnings  results.     •  Clients  include  NYSE  Euronext,  Revlon  and  DucaF.  
  44. 44. About The Content •  Vmware sought new, innovative ways to engage beyond traditional webcasts, emails and events. Hosted live Google+ Hangout to showcase VMware’s expertise in virtual desktop infrastructure. •  Viewers submitted questions and comments via Google+, Twitter and Facebook; panelists addressed feedback in real time. •  Distributed videos, including the live event and video clips, via social channels and left content un-gated for new prospects. Added CTA to access resource for calculating the ROI of VDI.
  45. 45. The Payoffs Of Social Amplification •  ROI of more than 1,600% •  More than 5,100 live and recorded video views •  16 questions received during presentation •  70+ positive mentions on FB and Twitter •  CTAs generate more than 400 new contacts •  8% conversion rates
  46. 46. Best Social Amplification
  47. 47. Tapping Into New Tactics: Consider Emerging Content Formats Always remember the power of the crowd: Surveys are an effective way to understand industry trends and most importantly, prospect pain points. Take a modular approach to content: Apply survey results in creative ways. Consider flipbooks, which enable you to embed videos, social sharing and other content types in a traditional E-book / white paper format. Share results and encourage feedback: Look to other outlets, such as media publications and social networks, to share results and start conversations.
  48. 48. About Oracle •  Offers solutions to retailers to help them create more compelling, seamless and relevant experience across channels. •  Solutions include: Analytics, Merchandising and Supply Chain. •  Clients include Kohl’s, Neiman Marcus and C. Wonder. •  Recent acquisitions include Eloqua, BlueKai and Compendium.
  49. 49. About The Content •  Tapped into the Retail TouchPoints audience to understand retailers’ omnichannel investments. •  Garnered 125 respondents to create a comprehensive survey report. •  Shared real-world examples, including TOMS, Saks Fifth Avenue and Best Buy. Video highlighted success stories from Oracle clients. •  Created an interactive video summarizing the survey results, and promoted the survey on the RTP web site, PR and social.
  50. 50. The Payoffs Of Interactive Content •  67 shares on Twitter from the RTP web site
  51. 51. Best Interactive Content
  52. 52. Keep It Interactive Consider new media: There are a variety of new apps and solutions that help make traditional marketing channels, such as email more compelling. Get to the point: If you’re trying to drive attendance to a live or digital event, outline the key points: Why the event matters, what attendees will learn, and when it will be held. Get the click: A call to action can encourage prospective event attendees to learn more or even register. Consider additional information you’d like to share and the most valuable way to share it. For example, want to prove the value of the event? Include a video montage of feedback from past attendees.
  53. 53. About SAVO •  SAVO offers sales enablement solutions, encouraging businesses to harness the power of sales process, social collaboration, mobility and analytics. •  SAVO technology and consulting services are designed to help companies align marketing, sales and operations. •  Partners include, Richardson, Corporate Visions, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. •  Recently received $10 million in growth capital from XT Capital’s Venture Finance Group.
  54. 54. About The Content •  Wanted to develop communication strategy to drive attendance to its annual Sales Enablement Summit. •  Needed to rise above email noise to reach analysts, customers and industry thought leaders who may be interested in attending the event. •  Used digital post card app, Inspire, to create tailored message sent via email and accessed via microsite. •  Used Inspire to deliver interactive, personalized videos that outlined the overall value of the show.
  55. 55. The Payoffs Of Interactive Content •  Inspire postcard sent to 145,000+ potential attendees in February 2014: •  14% open rate; 7% click-through to postcard •  14% of postcard viewers clicked to Summit site •  Increased Summit attendees from 450 in 2013 to more than 500 in 2014.
  56. 56. Best Interactive Content
  57. 57. Integrated  Demand  Gen  Campaign Align  thought  leadership  with  industry  trends.     Target  specific  buyer  personas  with  relevant  content.     Make  content  easily  accessible  to  buyers.     Deliver  content  in  a  variety  of  formats.     Engage  prospects  in  a  conversaFon.     OpFmize  for  social  amplificaFon.     Addresses  disFnct  buyer  stages.  
  58. 58. About IBM •  All  familiar  with  IBM,  more  than  a  century  making  the  world  a  smarter  place.     •  Nearly  $100  billion  in  sales  in  2013   •  431,212  employees   •  Probably  familiar  with  their  Smarter  Planet  campaigns.  
  59. 59. An Inside Look At IBM’s Approach Today  we  are  recognizing  them  for  their  Smarter   Commerce  iniFaFve   •  Campaign  “challenged”  industry  execuFves   industry  to  not  only  acknowledge  the  influence   of  empowered  customers  in  today’s  connected   world,  but  to  “rethink”  how  they  are  leveraging   every  opportunity  to  place  them  at  the  center   of  their  business.     •  Campaign  centered  around  an  interacFve   microsite  featuring  content  for  each  our  12  line   of  business  buyers.     •  Storytelling  through  video,  eBooks,  case   studies,  white  papers  and  reports  tailored  to   what  each  of  our  12  LOB  audiences  care  about   in  one  central  place,  so  it’s  easy  to  find  relevant   informaFon.  
  60. 60. The Payoffs Of Integrated Demand Generation Since launch in late April, 2013, the interactive platform has yielded: •  over 38,000 impressions •  100,000 page views •  Over 13,000 responses •  high quality leads that have rapidly progressed through the pipeline and generated significant wins for the business.
  61. 61. Best Integrated Demand Gen Campaign
  62. 62. High Impact ROI Gauge  interest  through  campaign  responses—open  rate,  click  throughs,  etc.       Track  the  impact  your  content  campaigns  are  having   .   Use  the  intelligence  gathered  to  idenFfy  future  content  opportuniFes.  
  63. 63. About Bonitasoft •  One of the fastest-growing providers of business process management (BPM) solutions. •  Recently named by KMWorld as one of 2014’s top “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management.”
  64. 64. Driving ROI With Targeted Content in Business Process Management •  Addressed the complex and technical standardization of software using the “BPMN 2.0” standard for graphic modeling (industry guideline doc was 508 pages long). •  Created the 25-page “Ultimate Guide to BPMN2” providing examples and graphics to help non-technical users better understand BMPN 2.0.
  65. 65. The Payoffs of High Impact ROI Content •  890 downloads / registrations (gated content) •  Best-performing email lead nurture content with 19% click through rate (open to click) •  Cost-to-pipeline ratio of programs using this content = 27 ($1 of marketing cost has led to $27 in pipeline). This is 33% better than similar programs which are not using this content piece. •  54 sales opportunities created •  15 sales opportunities won to date (others still in process)
  66. 66. Best High Impact ROI
  67. 67. High Impact From Influencers Provide  pracFcal  Fps       UFlize  insights  from  market  leaders     PosiFon  your  internal  execs  as  experts  
  68. 68. About LinkedIn Marketing Solutions The Influence of LinkedIn •  277 million users •  187 million unique visitors per month •  50% of the Fortune 100 use LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  69. 69. About The Content •  Created the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn •  Featured Ask The Expert profiles •  Case study profiles •  25 Social Media Experts You Need To Know
  70. 70. The Payoffs Of High Impact ROI •  10K Downloads in less than 30 days •  More than 1/3 were Marketing Qualified Leads •  Corresponding webinar drove over 3K registrants •  Additional repurposed pieces drove thousands of views and social shares •  Now available in 3 different languages and still going strong.
  71. 71. Best High Impact ROI
  72. 72. Metrics-Based Content: Embrace Your Inner Math Nerd Understand  the  metrics  that  maUer:  What  metrics  ma$er  to  your  target  market   and  audience?  How  do  these  metrics  help  businesses  quanFfy  success?  Use  these   quesFons  as  the  hub  of  your  content.       State  it  simply:  Although  numbers  someFmes  “do  the  talking,”  throwing  metrics   around  can  someFmes  be  confusing.  Try  to  add  context  or  explanaFons  to  your   content  so  it  isn’t  as  daunFng.       Offer  best  pracDces:  Share  how  your  buyers  can  leverage  data  to  improve  overall   profitability.  
  73. 73. Learn From Optum •  Optum  helps  increase  access  to  affordable,  high-­‐quality  care;  improve  efficiency  in   the  delivery  of  health  care  services;  and  facilitate  fast,  easy  access  to  informaFon   that  supports  decision-­‐making  across  the  health  care  system.     •  Has  a  global  team  of  65,000  team  members.       •  Works  with  a  set  of  clients  across  140  countries,  including    those  who  diagnose   and  treat  paFents  to  those  who  pay  for  care,  deliver  health  services,  and  those   who  supply  the  cures.  
  74. 74. About The Content •  Optum  launched  a  nurturing   campaign  with  an  E-­‐book  at  the   center,  which  walks  organizaFons   through  the  steps  they  need  to  take   to  become  data-­‐driven  health  care   providers.   •  Used  Moneyball  as  a  metaphor  to   illustrate  the  power  of  analyFcs  in   health  care.   •  Target  markets  for  the  piece  included   hospitals,  health  systems  and  large   physicians  groups.   •  Target  execuFves  included  Chief   Medical  Officers;  CEOs;  CTOs;  CIOs;   VPs;  and  ExecuFve-­‐level  Directors.  
  75. 75. The Payoffs Of Metrics-Based Campaigns •  Between 18,000 and 19,000 contacts are now in various stages of the lead nurture track. •  E-book engagement in the first month has included 199 downloads via email direct response, with a 12% open rate and 7% click-to-open rate. •  Advertising and events triggered 250 downloads.
  76. 76. Best Metrics-Based Content
  77. 77. Empower Your Sales Force Identify key challenges for prospects in your industry. Tailor content to market opportunities and/or solutions Empower sales teams with content and resources that speak to challenges and solutions. Provide multiple formats
  78. 78. About Equifax •  Creates  and  delivers  unparalleled  customized  insights  that  enrich  both  the  performance  of   businesses  and  the  lives  of  consumers  through  the  comprehensive  and  differenFated  data   it  manages,    the  experFse  in  advanced  analyFcs  it  provides,    the  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐industry   soluFons  it  develops,  and  the  leading-­‐edge  proprietary  technology  through  which  the   soluFons  are  delivered.     •  Generates  158  billion  credit  score  updates  per  month  and  60,000  updates  per  second.       •  Has  operaFons  in  the  U.S.  and  18  other  countries.       •  Named  a  Top  20  company  to  work  for  by  the  Atlanta  Journal-­‐ConsFtuFon;  ranked  24  in   Bloomberg/BusinessWeek  top  50;  48  in  InfoWeek  500.  
  79. 79. •  Created  infographic  and  E-­‐book  as  part   of  a  refined  value  proposiFon  aligned   with  the  business’  evoluFon.     •  IdenFfied  three  pillars  focused  on   “Precise  B2B  Insights.”   •  Wanted  to  empower  sales  teams  to  tell   value  story  “from  the  outside-­‐in   perspecFve.”     •  The  new  sales  enablement  tools  were   presented  during  the  annual  group   kick-­‐off  meeFng  by  the  SVP  of  Data  and   AnalyFcs.   About The Content
  80. 80. The Payoffs Of Metrics-Based Content •  Well received by business leaders and sales reps •  Has helped elevate and change customer conversations from data quantity to quality •  Enabling more in-depth consultative engagement with customers and prospects
  81. 81. Best Metrics-Based Content
  82. 82. High Impact ROI Spot  informaFon  gaps  within  your  market.     Provide  industry  benchmarks.     Use  content  to  gain  a  compeFFve  advantage.  
  83. 83. About Autotask •  Leading SaaS provider to IT industry •  End-to-end business management platform featuring all essential systems: CRM, service desk, projects, timesheets and invoicing •  Serving 5,000+ accounts worldwide •  Seven languages and 70+ countries
  84. 84. Maximizing The Mileage Created “Metrics That Matter” campaign around proprietary survey data. Maximized their mileage by survey data in a modular fashion to help create: eBook •  Infographic •  Brainshark •  Flipbooks •  Webinar •  10 Blog Posts •  Social Posts
  85. 85. The Payoffs of High Impact ROI •  Influenced 35% of revenue in first month of the campaign. •  Drove 20% of all inquiries for two consecutive months. •  Influenced 10% of total revenue for the year. •  Payback in under 6 months.
  86. 86. Best High Impact ROI
  87. 87. Buyer Focused Content Make it educational. Involve key players within the industry. Help establish industry best practices. Make the content practical and easy to apply. Collect input from existing clients.
  88. 88. About •  Broader mission to deliver educational content to the talent acquisition industry. •  Celebrate and elevate leaders among client base. •  Supported the content launch through multiple channels.
  89. 89. Learn From LinkedIn Talent Solutions •  The playbook established a framework to enable recruitment, marketing and communications teams to develop, promote and measure a winning employer brand or "talent brand” •  Through brainstorming with internal SMEs and talking with clients, built a 5-step framework that was used in multiple countries, from the US, Canada and Brazil through much of Europe to India, Australia and Asia-Pacific. •  Multiple blog posts over several months on our own blog, the Talent Blog. •  Bylines in 2 key trade publications •  Webinars in the US and Canada, Brazil, Netherlands, France, UK, Australia, and India •  Social promotion via channels including Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare (including targeted status updates and House Ads on LinkedIn, and organic and Promoted Tweets on Twitter) •  Sessions at industry evens, attended by 2500+ industry professionals. •  Hundreds of hard copies distributed to clients at events in multiple countries around the world.
  90. 90. The Payoffs of Buyer Focused Content •  14,000 downloads in 10 months. •  $1.1M in bookings attributed directly to the Playbook. •  A further $500K+ driven by related webinars and other activity.
  91. 91. Best Buyer Focused Content
  92. 92. Buyer Focused Content Simplify complexity Provide multiple touch points Target buyers and influencers Tie into key industry themes and events
  93. 93. About Optum360 •  New venture from Dignity Health and Opum to meet the growing demand for greater transparency, simplicity, and value in health care billing. •  Dedicated to transforming the registration, documentation, billing and payment system so it works better for hospitals, health systems and other care providers, and delivers a better patient experience. •  With a workforce of more than 3,000 employees from Dignity Health and Optum, Optum360’s revenue cycle management services meet the large-scale needs of of major hospitals and health systems, and enable new care delivery and risk-sharing models, such as Accountable Care Organizations.
  94. 94. About The Content
  95. 95. The Payback of Buyer Focused Content •  Achieved 4 qualified sales opportunities. •  Equating to $2.8 million in active sales pipeline.
  96. 96. Best Buyer-Focused Content
  97. 97. Buyer Focused Content Provide thought leadership on complex issues. Become a trusted partner. Make content informative, yet easy to digest. Provide a streamlined experience.
  98. 98. About ADP •  ADP serves as a trusted partner for clients and prospects. •  Each year ADP handles more than three million government notices and documents and moves $1.3 trillion in payments to the Internal Revenue Service. •  ADP managed open benefits enrollment for 15 million employees and their dependents for the 2014 plan year.
  99. 99. Buyer Focused Content •  Developed a fully integrated campaign around hot topics issues of Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Health Care Reform (HCR)this message. •  Included thought leadership, lead generation, lead nurturing, sales campaigns and proposal/close tools. •  The integration of this message provided the backbone for a streamlined client experience throughout their buying process, from recognition of need to selection of ADP as their provider. •  From a content generation standpoint, we developed assets that would help explain the requirements of the law in a way that allowed our audience to easily digest the regulatory details, help identify the impact to themselves as employers and take action.
  100. 100. •  Unique visitors the Health Care Reform landing page: 80,074 viewing on average 114,787 pages. •  Delivered 12 webcasts with over 11,000 registrants from April 2013-Present with an average 62% attendee rate. •  Facilitated 32 live seminars to over 2700 registrants across the U.S. •  Nurtured over 24,000 contacts with an Email performance that exceeds best in class industry standards with a 39.5% open rate vs. best in class 22.4% and 10.4% CTR vs. best in class 4.2%. •  Influenced over $20M in closed revenue. The Payoffs Of Buyer Focused Content
  101. 101. Best Creative Campaign Theme
  102. 102. Web Content Strategy Consider  your  site  to  be  the  hub  of  your  brand.     Design  your  web  site  to  be  visually  appealing,  yet  well-­‐organized  and  easy  to  navigate.       Make  sure  your  site  can  be  accessible  and  easy  to  read  across  mulFple  devices,  including  smartphones   and  tablets.       Offer  content  that  spans  a  variety  of  topics  and  formats.       Include  elements  like  fun  facts  and  interacFve  slide  shows  to  put  a  more  personal  spin  on  your  company.     Use  social  media  as  a  mechanism  to  have  valuable  conversaFons  and  promote  new/relevant  content.    
  103. 103. About NanoLumens, Inc. •  Consider  your  site  to  be  the  hub  of  your  brand.   •  Design  your  web  site  to  be  visually  appealing,  yet  well-­‐organized  and  easy  to  navigate.       •  Make  sure  your  site  can  be  accessible  and  easy  to  read  across  mulFple  devices,  including  smartphones   and  tablets.     •  Offer  content  that  spans  a  variety  of  topics  and  formats.       •  Include  elements  like  fun  facts  and  interacFve  slide  shows  to  put  a  more  personal  spin  on  your  company.     •  Use  social  media  as  a  mechanism  to  have  valuable  conversaFons  and  promote  new/relevant  content.    
  104. 104. About The Content •  Went  through  a  web  site  redesign   in  an  effort  to  be$er  promote   content  and  thought  leadership.     •  Put  new  focus  on  client  educaFon.   •  Added  a  variety  of  new  resources,   including:  FAQ  videos,   infographics  and  white  papers.     •  Ramping  up  social  media  presence   and  focusing  more  on  client  and   prospect  engagement;  building   one-­‐to-­‐one  conversaFons  and   gevng  quesFons  answered.  
  105. 105. The Payoffs Of Creative Content •  Web site visits increased by 14% •  20% increase in unique visitors •  Load times decreased by 35%
  106. 106. Best Web Content Strategy