How To Use Buyer Personas To Create Content That Matters To Buyers


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How To Use Buyer Personas To Create Content That Matters To Buyers

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY! #C2C14! How To Use Buyer Personas! Creating Content That Matters!
  2. 2. #C2C14! Introduction! Tony Zambito! §  Former VP Sales and VP Marketing! §  At the origins of the persona movement! §  Creator of Buyer Persona Framework! §  Real world applications with Fortune 100 and SME!
  3. 3. #C2C14! Life Used To Be Simple!
  4. 4. #C2C14! Business Used To Be Simple!
  5. 5. #C2C14! Information Used To Be Simple!
  6. 6. #C2C14! Choices Used To Be Simple!
  7. 7. #C2C14! Then This Happened!
  8. 8. #C2C14! And This Happened Too!
  9. 9. #C2C14! Causing Marketers To Think!
  10. 10. #C2C14! Which Have Led To This!
  11. 11. #C2C14! Why We Are Here Today!
  12. 12. #C2C14! Buyer Personas Help Us ! §  Buyer Personas are archetypal representations based on research with real people and customers! §  Not to be confused with buyer profiling or a buyer profile! §  Profiling helps with firmographics, demographics, and sales intelligence! §  Buyer personas help us with understanding what matters, why content matters, what goals matter, and why choices matters! Sandy  Clarke   VP,  Customer  Experience  
  13. 13. #C2C14! Moving Beyond The How ! 1970  -­‐  2008   2008  -­‐  2013   Sales  Funnel   Buyer’s  Journey  
  14. 14. #C2C14! Context-Based Scenarios = Why! 2013  -­‐  Present   Context-­‐Based  Scenarios   1970  -­‐  2002   2003  -­‐  2013   Sales   Funnel   Buyer’s   Journey   Sandy  Clarke   VP,  Customer  Experience   Scenario:  New  SHff  CompeHHon     Sandy  and  her  team  are  confronted   by  their  primary  compeHtor   introducing  a  new  service,  which   has  the  potenHal  to  be  a  game   changer.    They  know  they  must   respond  but  do  not  want  to  be  too   hasty.    The  right  response  will   become………….  
  15. 15. #C2C14! Scenarios Tell Us Stories! §  What goals are important to Sandy and what she is trying to accomplish! §  What set of attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions influence Sandy’s thinking and decisions! §  What choices are important to Sandy and why! §  What scenarios are confronting Sandy! §  Who does she interact with and why! §  What does Sandy need to know and why are they important to her decisions ! Sandy  Clarke   VP,  Customer   Experience  
  16. 16. #C2C14! Scenario-Based Buyer Personas! Sandy  Clarke   VP,  Customer   Experience     • Goals   • Mental  Models   • Scenarios   • Interac1ons   • Experiences   • Knowledge  Needs   • Choices    
  17. 17. #C2C14! Buyer Stories Matter! Sandy  Clarke   VP,  Customer   Experience   Sandy  is  a  Vice  President,  Customer   Experience  for  IronWorks,  Inc.    She  has   been  in  her  field  for  17  years  and  is   highly  acHve  in  two  associaHons.    New   services  from  compeHtors  have   prompted  a  need  to  respond  with  new   CX  strategies.     Future  Goals     Sandy  is  working  on  accomplishing  an   overhaul  of  support  and  services  for   IronWorks  customers.    Her  specific   goals  on  a  professional  and  personal   level  include:   • Up  level  customer  experiences   • ……………………………   Buyer  Persona-­‐Based  Stories  
  18. 18. #C2C14! Avoid Mathematical Profiling!! Sandy  Clarke   VP,  Customer   Experience   Role   FuncHon   IniHaHves   Criteria   Products   Success  Factors     Profile   Persona   Awareness   Research   ConsideraHon   EvaluaHon   Decision   Implement   Buyer’s  Journey     2  VerHcals   4  Profiles   6  Stages   4  Pieces  Content     =  nearly  200   pieces  of   content!!     Stop  the   insanity!  
  19. 19. #C2C14! Scenario-Based Content Planning! §  Map content to the specific goals, scenarios, and stories of Sandy! §  Produce information, videos, and other media, which mirror Sandy’s scenario! §  Create micro-scenarios and micro-stories by which Sandy can engage.! §  Connect micro-scenarios and micro-stories to potential outcomes involving you and Sandy together ! Sandy  Clarke   VP,  Customer   Experience  
  20. 20. #C2C14! Emotions Through Scenarios! Take  your  customer  experience   to  the  next  level   Engage  your   customers  where   they  interact   DifferenHate   your  customer   experiences  
  21. 21. #C2C14! What Is The Real Story?! Remember  These?  
  22. 22. #C2C14! Personas Illuminate Realities! ArHst  and   photographer   Michael  Paul  Smith  
  23. 23. #C2C14! Context Matters! If  Content  Is  King,   Context  Is  Everything  
  24. 24. #C2C14! Thank You!! Tony  Zambito   @tonyzambito