Advanced Content Measurement: The Brave New World of Engagement Scoring


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Your prospect downloaded that white paper or eBook, but did she even read it? KnowledgeVision CEO Michael Kolowich introduces the new world of Engagement Scoring: content that measures and reports back how engaged each prospect is with your content. Lead scoring will never be the same again!

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Advanced Content Measurement: The Brave New World of Engagement Scoring

  1. 1. PRESENTED BYContent TelemetryThe Brave New World of Engagement Scoring#B2BContentEventMichael KolowichCEO, 254-1221@MichaelKolowich
  2. 2. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventTelemetry???!!   Telemetry: the highlyautomatedcommunicationsprocess by whichmeasurements aremade at remote orinaccessible pointsand transmitted toreceiving equipmentfor monitoring.@MichaelKolowich
  3. 3. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventIn other words…!   What if ourcontent couldreport back tous aboutindividualreaders andviewers?@MichaelKolowich
  4. 4. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventWhat we’ll be talking abouttoday…!   Beyond lead scoring to engagement scoring!   How to design content with engagement-scoringtelemetry!   Examples: Putting engagement scoring to work@MichaelKolowich
  5. 5. #B2BContentEventOne of the most important sales &marketing trends of the decade…BUSINESS BUYERS ARESELF-EDUCATING77%77% of B2B buyers don’t talk to asalesperson until after they haveconducted independent research.- DemandGen Report, 2011@MichaelKolowich
  6. 6. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEvent…is leading to rapid adoption ofmarketing automation technology-Adobe Quarterly DigitalIntelligence Briefing, 201171% of U.S. companies areeither using or plan to usemarketing automation.MARKETING AUTOMATIONADOPTIONUsing MarketingAutomation (38%)Plan to Use(33%)@MichaelKolowich
  7. 7. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventMarketing automation, in turn, drivesan insatiable appetite for content“If marketing automationis the rocket, thencontent is the fuel.”Russell SparkmanFusionSpark Media@MichaelKolowich
  8. 8. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventContent creators are under stress tocreate more content that engagesSource: MarketingProfs,Content Marketing Institute, 201279%@MichaelKolowich
  9. 9. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventWhat is engagement?!   Moving visitors from passive to active consumption!   Kinds of active consumption:!   Traditional B2C social signals: LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT!   B2B buyers:!   DWELL TIME!   TELL ME MORE (DRILL-DOWN)!   REVIEW/REVISIT!   SAVE/BOOKMARK!   REQUEST!   FIND RELATED MATERIAL@MichaelKolowich
  10. 10. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventKey question!   How do you tellwhether and howa prospect hasengaged withyour content?- 10 - - 10 -
  11. 11. #B2BContentEventTwo levels of measurement- 11 -!   Aggregate engagement !   Specific individualengagementHow’s my content doing in general? Is this particular prospect engaged?
  12. 12. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventThe measurement challenge!   With most content types, you can onlymeasure whether someone downloaded it,clicked it, or started watching it.!   You usually can’t tell whether an individualactually read, watched, or absorbed it!   Therefore, it’s difficult to distinguish casual“tire kickers” from more highly engagedinformation-seekers…except acrossmultiple interactions.!   This can delay the identification of hotleads.!   It also withholds vital information from yourlead-scoring method@MichaelKolowich
  13. 13. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventExample: which viewer of this video wouldyou prioritize as a lead?¨  Viewer #1:¤  Watched all 54 minutes, without skippingforward¤  Reviewed a section of the video,spending a total of over an hour with it¤  Clicked through on 2 reference links¤  Shared it with 2 other peopleCase example:Jon Miller’s “Marketo onMarketing” talk at2012 Marketo UserSummit(54-minute video)¨  Viewer #2:¤  Watched less than one minute¤  Didn’t click on any reference links¤  Didn’t share it@MichaelKolowich
  14. 14. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventWiring content for engagement:the multimedia online presentationJust-in-timefootnotes andcalls-to-action@MichaelKolowich
  15. 15. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventWiring content for engagement:the multimedia online presentationNavigationdevices@MichaelKolowich
  16. 16. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventWhen content is wired for interactivity,clickstream can be captured…!   Who watched!   When they watched!   How long they watched!   How deep they got!   What reference links they clicked!   What handouts they downloaded!   Where they’re fromEngagement Score0-10@MichaelKolowich
  17. 17. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEvent…and turned into insight…“Marketo on Marketing”(runtime: 54 minutes)“KnowledgeVision Demo”(runtime: 5 minutes)@MichaelKolowich @MichaelKolowich
  18. 18. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEvent…tied to particular leads…@MichaelKolowich
  19. 19. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEvent…and even worked into your lead-scoring schema…@MichaelKolowich
  20. 20. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEvent…and into your sales automationsystem@MichaelKolowich
  21. 21. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventNowTHAT’Stelemetry!@MichaelKolowich
  22. 22. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventSetting up Action Triggers@MichaelKolowich
  23. 23. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventIDG Enterprise: EngagementMeasurement at Work•  Editorially-generatedpresentation content•  Distributed to IDG’sdatabase•  Monitor viewer behaviorfor engagementintensity and topics•  Deliver hot leads tosponsor, based onengagement•  Associate engagementspecifics with leads@MichaelKolowich
  24. 24. #B2BContentEventAn increased focus on individual engagement,telemetry to CRM/marketing automation! Vidyard ! Brightcove@MichaelKolowich
  25. 25. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventSomething for us allto wish for…+@MichaelKolowich
  26. 26. #B2BContentEvent#B2BContentEventSummary!   Self-educating B2B buyers are driving a trend towardmarketing automation adoption, augmented by contentmarketing programs that attempt to engage!   Most current B2B content types don’t yet allow formeasurement of engagement on an individual prospectlevel! New content types are emerging that are well-suited toboth encourage and measure engagement!   Key: using them, connecting them to marketing automation,and measuring the correlation to conversion to “close theloop”@MichaelKolowich
  27. 27. PRESENTED BYContent TelemetryThe Brave New World of Engagement Scoring#B2BContentEventMichael KolowichCEO, 254-1221@MichaelKolowich