ICU WORKBENCH - The Art of Where


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An overview of our core analytical platform - the ICU WORKBENCH.

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ICU WORKBENCH - The Art of Where

  1. 1. PRODUCT OVERVIEW The Art of Where The World’s leading Location Analysis solution ICU Workbench is a Location Analysis solution that delivers fast, accurate analysis of raw geo-temporal data attributed to a target or group of targets collected through various forms of Location-Based Surveillance activities such as GPS tracking or cellular location monitoring. The ICU Workbench rapidly produces high quality results while saving an Analyst up to a day a week in effort. Answering the where, when, how often and who else of surveillance.
  2. 2. COPYRIGHT @ 2014 G2 RESEARCH INC., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Without ICU Workbench Using Location-based surveillance only for real-time awareness and GPS points for simplistic plotting of stops. Analyzing location points only in support of other investigative data that has been uncovered Analyzing location data in small duration segments — resulting in non-continuous reporting Unable to fully process long duration (multi-month) tracks due to time and complexity involved With ICU Workbench Easily process all location data to find out where they go, how often, for how long, who they meet, how they get there, where they go next Rapid processing of all location data to drive investigative activity Easily append one tracking segment to the prior segment(s) and deliver continuous reporting identifying all patterns — completed in minutes Rapid, accurate processing of many, multi-month tracking missions with detailed reporting and visual representation delivered in minutes CHANGING THE LOCATION TRACKING PARADIGM Maximize the Value of Your Tracking Mission Activity “ICU Workbench saves me forty days of effort per year but more importantly, we can begin to do things we’ve never known to be possible with the data we have.” Federal Criminal Intelligence Analyst, North America Visualization versus Analysis Regardless of the source of data, the ability to place the points onto a map for review is available across several applications. Visualization of data is far different than an analysis of it. Analysts or Investigators using visualizations are still required to manually analyze those products to arrive at critical intelligence. Most often, due to the time required to do so, their efforts are focused on stops at locations and not the Pattern of Life for a person of interest. Those who leverage the ICU Workbench significantly reduce the effort to identify key intelligence while also gaining new insights. Mapping Technology Visualization ICU Workbench View location/route on a map X X Duration of a visit to a destination X X Frequency of visits to a destination - X Stops made before and after a visit to a destination - X Finding meetings across groups - X Predicting future travel and destinations - X Months to Minutes Users routinely recover eight to twelve hours per week by using the ICU Workbench. By automating the analysis of the raw data, the ICU Workbench empowers the user to work instead with an intelligence product. By proposing to the Analyst actionable intelligence within the data, the analytical efforts and reporting are significantly advanced while dramatically reducing the time to arrive at that intelligence.
  3. 3. COPYRIGHT @ 2014 G2 RESEARCH INC., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Analytical Features The ICU Workbench is the only solution which analyzes geo-temporal data and provides a number of features which provide significant advantages beyond the visualization of the data. Gain New Insights. ICU Workbench streamlines the location data analysis process allowing a user to focus on higher value analysis. The ease and speed of the tool allow an analyst to process the complete set of data without the worry of time constraints. The analysis of the complete data helps ensure that nothing is missed and reveals new intelligence that can otherwise be overlooked. Detailed Examination of Travel. Every destination that the ICU Workbench finds can be interrogated to see the details surrounding the visits including the time and day, as well as the destination the target was at before and after each visit. Additionally, the frequency of visits to each destination is recorded. After importing new data, simply exporting a map of the day’s travel along with a Daily Itinerary Report and Daily Highlights Report can reduce hours of effort into a couple of clicks. Data Comparison & Fusion. Disparate sources of data can be viewed at the same time. Whether to compare multiple persons for the same period of time, or to view multiple sets of data for a single target, the ICU Workbench allows the user to compare different data and compress them into a single track resulting in a single report for all movements. Multi-Target Analysis. Networks of targets can be found using the ICU Workbench’s Multi-Target correlation capabilities. This ‘one-to- many’ analysis includes insight into who may be meeting with the person of interest, and where they are meeting. Distributable Analysis Results. All of our reports can be saved in multiple formats, including KML, PDF, Word and Excel for distribution to analysis consumers. Target Home and Work Location. The analysis engine will automatically identify a target’s Home and Work locations. This provides immediate insight into the target’s lifestyle. The engine has correctly assigned Home and Work locations from tracks of convicted criminals that have non-typical travel patterns and lifestyles (Narcotics Distribution, Human Trafficking, etc...) Level of Interest. The ICU analysis engine automatically assigns a Level of Interest (LOI) to all the elements it finds in a track including Destinations, Visits, Routes, Trips and Driving Events. These assignments are based on a proprietary statistical model. All engine assigned LOI’s can be overridden by the Analyst. The LOI attribute is useful in generating investigative alerts and in filtering out lower interest data from the map display and data panels, thereby providing focus and clarity on the most important target activities.
  4. 4. COPYRIGHT @ 2014 G2 RESEARCH INC., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Proven Results ICU Workbench is a proven intelligence and investigative asset that has been used to support counter-terrorism operations, investigate organized crime, and analyze serious criminal activity in five countries on three continents. Intelligence Analysts rely on ICU Workbench to provide accurate results in prosecuting criminals, support mission planning and network association analysis. ICU Workbench is a proven technology, operational throughout five Western world governments at the Federal level. Uniformity Across Teams Rarely do two people produce the same reports when looking at the same data. The ICU Workbench provides a uniform approach to the analysis of geo-temporal data. Without the requirement of dedicated GIS training, the ICU Workbench ensures that the intelligence products from a team of Intelligence Analysts or Investigators are not only consistent but are based upon the analysis of all data available for consumption. Vital Add-On Components ICU MultiView. Persons of interest generate a varied array of data to be analyzed. Disparate sources of data can be viewed at the same time. Whether to compare multiple persons for the same period of time, or to view multiple sets of data for a single target, the ICU Workbench allows the user to compare different data and compress them into a single track resulting in a singular reporting tool to demonstrate movement. ICU Predictions. Today’s predictive policing landscape largely focuses on heat maps for past criminal activity. Our predictive tool looks at the historical patterns of a specific individual and identifies locations the target is likely to visit at any given time. “By far the most beneficial feature has been the multi-track report that has allowed us to identify common residences and targets previously unknown. These have directly led to the creation of high priority targets and initiation of new and larger conspiracy cases.” Narcotics Task Force, USA ICU TrackNet. Comparing geo-temporal data spanning weeks or months against multiple individuals could take months of effort. The ICU TrackNet solution quickly correlates multiple data sources and identifies potential meetings and/or dead drop locations. This is a ‘many-to-many’ comparison and helps identify connections across groups of individuals. Technology • Supports multiple mapping solutions including ESRI ArcGIS, Google Earth, and others • Multiple deployment models including Web and Desktop • Based on standard Microsoft technologies TOLL FREE 1 (888) 744-3191 E T +001 (902) 407-3191