Case Study - Peel Regional Police


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A brief overview of the impacts the ICU Workbench has for one of the largest municipalities in Canada.

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Case Study - Peel Regional Police

  1. 1. Case Study Copyright @ 2013 G2 Research Inc., All Rights Reserved Outcomes: 1. Significantly save time through automation 2. Quickly find pattern of life and anomalies to the pattern 3. Obtain greater result from the data with less effort Peel Regional Police, Ontario, Canada Automation Yields Efficiency and Productivity An Investment in Intelligence-Led Policing The Peel Regional Police serves a community of 1.2 million residents in Ontario, Canada and is the third largest municipal police service in Canada. The use of location data has been an effective tool in delivering quality service to the community. Analysis of location data has largely remained a significant manual effort. Although the manual process has yielded important investigative insight, a system of automation will ultimately deliver a robust application of integration and collaboration. To significantly automate the labour intensive and manual processes that had been linked to the collation and analysis of surveillance-based location data, Peel Regional Police acquired the ICU Workbench. Using its interactive engine, the application has automated the data importation process, as a result significantly improving the workflow process and eliminating the need to review each line of raw data to identify key destinations and the frequency of visits to these destinations. This automation process enhances the capacity to consistently reveal recurring patterns as well as to quickly identify anomalies in the data for further analysis. The analysis of these destinations is now more dynamic and interactive as Crime Analysts can easily visualize “before and after” visits of each destination from the source data. The ICU Workbench application has enabled Peel Regional Police to successfully automate a manual process, improving its capacity in analyzing surveillance data and harnessing the potential for greater use of the application to support the intelligence process. It has tremendously reduced the laborious and mundane tasks of manually processing surveillance data by automating and integrating the process of collating and analyzing location-based data gathered from surveillance operations. TOLL FREE 1 (888) 744-3191 E T +001 (902) 407-3191 City of Toronto TORONTO PEARSON INTERNATIONALAIRPORT Region of York County of Simcoe County of Dufferin County of Wellington Region of Halton City of Hamilton Town of Caledon Region of Peel City of Brampton City of Mississauga Lake Ontario G2 Research has developed the world’s leading technology for analyzing geo-temporal data from any source — covert trackers, mobile phone Call Detail Records, vehicle navigation systems and cellular “Ping” data to name a few. Generated from our cars, our phones, and our navigation systems it is ubiquitous. Going beyond the visualizing of data, our analysis technology stands alone in finding key answers for investigations, including a suspect’s “pattern-of-life”, predicting their future travel, identifying visitation patterns, and finding common locations (meetings) between a host of assets. Our competitors simply allow a user to visualize the data, whereas our technology instantly finds the answers.