China Media Monitor (Issue 4)


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A fortnightly newsletter covering developments in the Chinese media industry. The newsletter is free and is also available for download at is a leading website providing information and analysis on the global media industry.

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China Media Monitor (Issue 4)

  1. 1. China Media Monitor | Fortnightly newsletter on the China Media industry | Issue No. 4, Published 1st June 2009 | Published by Heernet Ventures Limited ( | News CCTV-IMG Sports Management receives regulatory approval China Communications Services Corp plans to acquire 3 companies for CNY115 million China Telecom Corporation introduces mobile payment service Shanghai Media Group launches Enjoyoung Media Co. Ltd mInfo forms partnership with China Telecom Harlequin Enterprises Ltd launches digital comics Telefonica de Espana plans to acquire additional 1.3% stake in China Unicom Chinese media industry generates revenue of CNY166.72 billion in 2008 CSL 1010 launches Expresso mobile service SmarTone-Vodafone launches home broadband and phone service M2B forms partnership with 3 Hong Kong launches visual voicemail service TripAdvisor enters agreement with, and Data Share price performance Chinese media market coverage Heernet Ventures publishes this newsletter as part of its research coverage of the Chinese media industry. You can access more research on the Chinese media industry from our research website at If you are a media company or financial investor seeking growth opportunities in the Chinese media industry, we can assist you to ensure that you are successful in identifying and executing the best opportunities. With dedicated teams in both Europe and Asia, we are well placed to provide ‘on the ground’ assistance and support. We can help you understand the structure of the Chinese media industry and the key challenges that exist for foreign investors. We can also assist with deep analysis of key industry segments and assist you in both identifying and negotiating with suitable, local companies. For an initial discussion, contact Harjinder Singh-Heer on +44 (0) 208 180 7223 or by email on © Heernet Ventures Limited 2009. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. News CCTV-IMG Sports Management receives regulatory approval mInfo forms partnership with China Telecom Date 29 May, 2009 Date 26 May, 2009 CCTV-IMG Sports Management has received approval to mInfo, a mobile search service provider, has entered into a begin operations in China. The company will broadcast and strategic partnership with China Telecom, a manage the China Open tennis tournament in Beijing in telecommunications operator. According to the terms of the October and Chengdu Open tennis tournament in Chengdu partnership, China Telecom will offer mInfo’s complete in November. CCTV-IMG Sports Management Co is a joint search services to its CDMA/CDMA2000 and PHS wireless venture between IMG Worldwide Inc, a sports management subscribers. mInfo search services offer online content company, and China Central Television (CCTV), a through SMS, WAP and instant messenger under the mInfo television broadcaster, formed in August 2008. and Guanxi brands. China Communications Services Corp plans to acquire 3 companies for CNY115 million Harlequin Enterprises Ltd launches digital comics Date 28 May, 2009 Date 25 May, 2009 China Communications Services Corp, a subsidiary of China Harlequin Enterprises Ltd, a romantic novel publisher, has Telecom Corp Ltd, has announced that it plans to acquire 3 launched a digital version of its novels in cooperation with companies for CNY115 million. The 3 companies operate SoftBank Creative Corp, a Japanese digital content provider. in logistics services, technology, system integration and The digital novels can be accessed on mobile phones and are applications, and telecom infrastructure services. It will currently offered in Japan. acquire the 3 companies for CNY64.14 million, CNY33.89 million and CNY16.51 million. China Communications Telefonica de Espana plans to acquire additional Services Corp Ltd provides telecom infrastructure and other 1.3% stake in China Unicom services. Date 25 May, 2009 Telefonica de Espana, a Spanish telecom operator, is China Telecom Corporation Ltd introduces mobile planning to acquire an additional 1.3% stake in China payment service Unicom, a telecommunications operator in China, for Date 28 May, 2009 US$1.16 billion. Following the acquisition Telefonica de China Telecom Corporation Ltd has launched a 3G mobile Espana will have a 5.5% stake in China Unicom. payment service under the eSurfing brand. The mobile payment service helps China Telecom subscribers to make online payments for mobile subscriptions and public Chinese media industry generates revenue of CNY166.72 billion in 2008 utilities. Date 22 May 2009 According to the State Administration of Radio Film and Shanghai Media Group launches Enjoyoung Media Television, China’s media industry generated revenues of Date 27 May, 2009 CNY166.72 billion in 2008, an annual increase of 20.49%. Shanghai Media Group, a diversified media company, has The penetration rate for radio and television increased to launched Enjoyoung Media Co. Ltd, a fashion media 96%. Total revenue included CNY135 billion from the subsidiary. Enjoyoung Media Co. Ltd offers content for radio and television industry and CNY8.43 billion from the broadcast on Channel Young, a fashion channel operated by film industry. Advertising revenue from the radio and Shanghai Media Group. The subsidiary provides content television sectors was CNY70.17 billion, an annual increase through Internet and mobile broadcasting. of 16.85%. © Heernet Ventures Limited 2009. All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. CSL 1010 launches Expresso mobile service (, and, which will Date 21 May, 2009 launch pay-per-click advertisements on, a Chinese website operated by TripAdvisor. Reviews on CSL 1010, a mobile operator based in Hong Kong, has TripAdvisor will also be available on the review sections of launched Expresso, a mobile service with a monthly charge those 3 websites. and operate in the of HKD55. Expresso offers content from Reuters, South reservation of hotels and air tickets while China Morning Post, Bloomberg, Time Out Hong Kong mainly operates in outbound tourism. (What’s on), BBC News, the New York Times and Australia Network News. The service also offers a MyNet feature, which provides connectivity to Facebook, MSN Messenger, Perfect World invests CNY15 million in Chengdu Gmail and Hotmail. Yewang Technology Development Company Date 20 May, 2009 SmarTone-Vodafone launches home broadband Perfect World, an online game developer, has announced a and phone service CNY15 million investment in Chengdu Yewang Technology Date 21 May, 2009 Development Company in an effort to increase its online SmarTone-Vodafone has launched a home broadband and community business. Chengdu Yewang Technology phone service. The service will provide broadband speeds Development Company, based in Chengdu, develops and of between 2Mbps and 7.2Mbps and will be delivered operates web–based games. through an HSPA network for a monthly charge of HKD148, with a contract period of 24 months. Users can consolidate the SmarTone-Vodafone services into a single China Youth Media Inc launches sports channel account and manage it online. Date 19 May, 2009 China Youth Media, Inc., a marketing and media company, has launched Koobee Fight, an online sports channel on its M2B forms partnership with Koobee Campus Network. Koobee Fight targets college Date 21 May, 2009 students and broadcasts international fighting content M2B World Asia Pacific, a broadband services provider, has including professional mixed martial arts and top rank entered into a strategic partnership with boxing. China Youth Media, Inc. mainly offers youth According to the partnership, Baidu will provide online content. advertisement assistance to M2B for its WOWtv video website, to which Baidu’s search engine users will have access. M2B is a subsidiary of US-based AMARU. Baidu Inc forms partnership with Best Tone Information Service Corp Date 19 May 2009 3 Hong Kong launches visual voicemail service Baidu Inc, a search engine, has entered into a partnership Date 21 May, 2009 with Best Tone Information Service Corp Ltd to offer 3 Hong Kong, a mobile operator and subsidiary of wireless search services to China Telecom’s 3G users. Hutchison Telecommunications Ltd, has launched the first According to the agreement, Best Tone will offer Baidu’s visual voicemail service in Hong Kong. The service is search services on its service platform. Best Tone based on technology offered by Comverse, which provides Information Service Corp Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary visual voicemail solutions such as ringback tones and call of China Telecom Corp Ltd. completion worldwide. TripAdvisor enters agreement with, and Date 21 May, 2009 TripAdvisor, a US-based travel website, has entered into a strategic agreement with 3 Chinese travel websites © Heernet Ventures Limited 2009. All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Artificial Life Inc enters agreement with China Telecom IDGVC Partners and Infiniti Capital invest US$20 Date 18 May 2009 million in One Net Entertainment Ltd Artificial Life, Inc, a web-based value-added services Date 18 May, 2009 provider, has entered into an agreement with China Telecom IDGVC Partners and Infiniti Capital have each invested through which Artificial Life will provide online US$10 million in One Net Entertainment, a Chinese mobile applications, games, entertainment and mobile broadband gaming developer, through Leo Technology Ltd, its parent services for China Telecom’s 3G network subscribers. company. One Net Entertainment develops mobile and Artificial Life develops, hosts and maintains China online games through its and Telecom’s 3G WAP portal. websites. IDGVC has invested US$10 million in the form of convertible notes and Infiniti Capital has made an equity investment of US$10 million. China Unicom launches trial version of 3G services Date 18 May 2009 China Unicom has announced the launch of a trial version of CTM launches Wi-Fi broadband service for a W-CDMA 3G network. The trial network is currently residents offered in 55 cities and will be available in 284 cities by the Date 16 May, 2009 end of September. The 3G network offers high speed Companhia de Telecomunicacoes de Macau Ltd. (CTM), a wireless data downloads, video calling and mobile TV to telecom operator, has launched a Wi-Fi broadband service China Unicom’s subscribers. for residents. It offers a wireless broadband service at home and at CTM Wi-Fi hotspots in Macau. The service provides unlimited broadband usage with a download speed of 12MB for a monthly charge of MOP330. For access to information and analysis on the global media industry, visit The website offers free profiles of over 1,000 media companies worldwide and regularly updated industry research and data. G2Mi also carries information on a wide range of detailed industry reports on key growth segments of the global media industry. For information on G2Mi (including advertising opportunities): Please call +44 (0) 208 180 7223. To subscribe to this newsletter for free, please register at © Heernet Ventures Limited 2009. All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. China Media Monitor Share Price data Company name Reuters Bloomberg Currency Current % Change Code Code price 1 mth 6 mth 12 mth Diversified Media Sing Tao News Corporation Limited 1105.HK 1105:HK HK$ 0.43 28.36 30.30 -61.95 TOM Group 2383.HK 2383:HK HK$ 0.45 18.42 69.81 -9.09 Broadcasting Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary 000917.SZ 000917:CH CNY 16.34 1.24 56.21 -15.42 Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings 2008.HK 2008:HKG HK$ 1.20 20.00 79.10 -6.25 Shaanxi Broadcast & TV Network 600831.SS 600831:SHH CNY 8.05 18.38 63.26 -9.44 Publishing Ming Pao Enterprise Corp Ltd 0685.HK 685:HK HK$ 1.16 9.43 -2.52 -41.12 Next Media Limited 0282.HK 282:HKG HK$ 1.28 33.33 34.74 -61.68 Internet Baidu BIDU.O BIDU:US US$ 258.20 16.73 80.88 -25.15 Alibaba 1688.HK 1688:HK HK$ 15.18 73.49 253.02 6.90 i-Cable Communications 1097.HK 1097:HK HK$ 0.83 43.10 27.69 -30.25 Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd SNDA.O SNDA:US US$ 55.00 19.28 142.93 69.96 Sina Corporation SINA.O SINA:US US$ 28.79 5.73 -4.26 -44.04 Inc. SOHU.O SOHU:US US$ 58.54 18.60 19.93 -29.75 Tencent Holdings Limited 0700.HK 700:HK HK$ 86.40 29.05 103.29 26.87 Online Gaming China Mass Media International Advertising Corporation CMM.P CMM:US US$ 3.50 37.25 62.79 -82.50 Giant Interactive group Inc GA.N GA:US US$ 7.54 -11.50 19.12 -44.52 Kingsoft Corporation Limited 3888.HK 3888:HK HK$ 5.12 47.55 130.63 26.42 NetDragon Websoft Inc. 0777.HK 777:HK HK$ 5.35 3.88 103.42 -51.97 Outdoor Advertising Clear Media 0100.HK 100:HK HK$ 3.05 34.36 52.50 -56.43 VisionChina Media VISN.O VISN:US US$ 6.01 -4.15 3.62 -69.92 © Heernet Ventures Limited 2009. All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. China Media Monitor Deal Sheet A summary of key deals and joint ventures over the last 2 months. Date Sub Sector Investor Investee Terms Details International Ltd provides online travel services, Home Inns & Hotels HK$50 million offering accommodation, airline tickets and package tours in May-09 Online Media (China) Management Inc. (additional 9.52% China. Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc. develops and (China) stake) manages economy hotels in China under the Home Inn brand. China Mobile is a telecommunication operator that offers fixed, Far EasTone HK$4.1 billion April-09 Telecoms China Mobile (China) wireless and broadband services in China. Far EasTone Telecoms (12% stake) Telecommunications is a Taiwan-based telecom operator. Pearson PLC is an international media company engaged in education, business and consumer publishing in the United Pearson PLC (United Wall Street English US$145 million April-09 Publishing Kingdom. Wall Street English is a Chinese subsidiary of Wall Kingdom) (China) (100% stake) Street Institute and operates 39 English language training centres in 7 Chinese cities. China Broadband, Ltd. provides cable broadband services and AdNet Media publishes digital and analogue programme guides in the April-09 Broadband China Broadband, Inc. Technologies Co. n.d Shangdong province of China. AdNet Media Technologies Co. Ltd. Ltd. is a Beijing-based provider of advertising content to Internet cafes. © Heernet Ventures Limited 2009. All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. China Media Monitor Published by: Heernet ventures limited London UK Tel: +44 (0) 208 180 7223 Fax: +44 (0) 870 762 3014 Web:, © Heernet ventures limited 2009. All Rights Reserved. All corporate logos, images and brands are copyright of the respective companies. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF USE Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information in this publication is correct at the time of publication. Heernet ventures limited and its directors do not accept any liability for any errors or omissions within this publication. Unless specified, the views expressed in this publication are purely those of the author. The content of this publication does not in any way constitute investment advice or investment recommendations. Heernet Ventures limited does not provide investment advice or investment advisory services and is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK or any other financial services regulator in any other country. The content of this publication cannot be reproduced without the written permission of the author. © Heernet Ventures Limited 2009. All Rights Reserved