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Weddings in Puerto Rico


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Destination Weddings in Puerto Rico guide

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Weddings in Puerto Rico

  1. 1. YourSpecialDayinParadise PuertoRico CaribeHiltonHotel,SanJuan Destination WeddingGuide
  2. 2. ¡Quevivanlosnovios! That’showwetoastthebrideandgroomontheirspecialdayinPuertoRico. Our cosmopolitan Caribbean island lends a new twist to the phrase “Something Old, Something New”. Puerto Rico is a 520 year old island and whether you envision your destinationweddingasromanticandcharmingoropulentandluxurious,PuertoRicohas everything you could wish for; from our centuries-old forts, intimate antique churches, majestic mountains, blue-green oceans lapping at pristine beaches to five-star resorts with celebrity chefs. You can even get married in a spectacular subterranean cavern or sayyourvowswhileskydiving! Your wedding party has a host of activities to choose from – world-class golf for the groomsmen, pampering spas for the bridesmaids, horseback riding and zip-lining for theyoungatheart, sightseeing,museumsorjustlounging. Few islands in the Caribbean are as accessible – no U.S. passport required for U.S citizens-orasromanticasPuertoRicoforyourspecialdayinparadise. Visit to begin your happy ever after with the wedding of your dreamsinPuertoRico,theAll-StarIsland!
  3. 3. Puerto Rico is a stunning backdrop for your once-in-a-lifetime destinationweddingorhoneymoon. This tropical island has a rich history that combines Taino indian, Spanish colonial, African, and American culture. Old San Juan is a small, romantic town of blue cobble- stone streets and brightly painted buildings where you find two of the oldest churches intheAmericas. Throughout the island, you will find architectual gems, centuries-old lighthouses and natural wonders where you can capture your special memories on your wedding day or yourunforgettablehoneymoon. Lettheromancebegin!
  4. 4. LaConchaResort,Condado
  5. 5. Funthingsforyouandyourweddingpartytodoin PuertoRico • SunsetcruiseoncrystalclearCaribbeanwaters. • NightkayakingonaBioBay. • ElYunqueRainforesthike. • RumtastingatBacardiRumFactory. • FoodieTourinOldSanJuan. • Golftournamentforthegroomsmen. • Spadayforthebridesmaids. • Luxuryshoppingspree. • Oceankayaking,paddleboarding,snorkelingorscuba. • Salsadancingclassesforthebridalparty. • Horsebackridinginthemountains. • Zipliningadventure • Continueyourluckystreakatthecasino...youalreadyhitthejackpot! ToroVerdeZipline
  6. 6. Horsedrawncarriage,Ponce
  7. 7. Readytosay“IDo”? Now that he’s put a ring on it, imagine yourdreamweddinginPuertoRico. Will you be barefoot on the beach or wearing Blahniks in a castle? Do you envisionclassicalmusicinanintimate setting or salsa dancing ‘til dawn for 300? Here’s a sample of the unique destinations and venues Puerto Rico offerswhenit’stimetosay “IDo”... SpanishColonialVenues AntiguoCasinodePuertoRico 787-641-7722 AntiguoCasinodePonce 787-259-2240/2242 CasaGonzálezCuyar 787-439-3528 CasadeEspaña 787-722-3611 CastillodeSanCristobal& SanFelipedelMorroForts 787-729-6777 CastilloSerrallés,Ponce 787-259-1774 HotelElConvento 787-723-9020 LaPrincesa PuertoRicoTourismCompany 787-721-2400x2021 HotelElConvento,OldSanJuan HotelElConvento,OldSanJuan
  8. 8. HaciendaSiestaAlegre,RioGrande
  9. 9. Contemporary BeachWeddings CaribeHiltonHotel 787-721-0303 CourtyardbyMarriottIslaVerde BeachResort 787-791-0404 ElConquistadorResort, AWaldorfAstoriaResort 787-863-1000 ElSanJuanResort&Casino 787-791-1000 EmbassySuites DoradodelMarBeach&GolfResort 787-278-7009 GranMeliáPuertoRicoGolfResort coco-beach/gran-melia-puerto-rico-golf- resort 787-809-1770 HiltonPonceGolf&CasinoResort 787-259-7676 LaConchaARenaissanceResort 787-721-7500 RincónBeachResort 787-589-9000 RincónoftheSeas 787-823-8111 SanJuanMarriottResort&Stellaris Casino pr-san-juan-marriott-resort-and-stel- laris-casino 787-722-7000 TheRitz-CarltonSanJuan SanJuan 787-253-1700 WyndhamRioMarBeach Resort&Spa 787-888-6000 LaConchaResort,Condado
  10. 10. Venueswithaview TheCondadoPlazaHilton 787-721-1000 SheratonPuertoRicoHotel&Casino 1-877-796-8515 SheratonOldSanJuan 787-721-5100 LaCavadeTerroiratHaciendaCarabali 787-889-4954 SanJuanWater&BeachClubHotel 787-728-3666 VerdanzaHotel 787-253-9000 SunBay,Vieques
  11. 11. CountryWeddings HaciendaDonCarmelo 787-858-1378 HaciendaSiestaAlegre 787-887-7500 HaciendaElJibarito 787-896-7754(Mercadeoparaactividades) HaciendaCarabali 787-889-4954 TropicalIntimateWeddings BlueHorizonBoutiqueResort,Vieques 787-741-3318 CopamarinaBeachResort&Spa 787-821-0622 ClubSeabourne,Culebra 787-742-3169 HixIslandHouse,Vieques 787-741-2302 ParadorVillasdelMarHau 787-872-2045 RoyalIsabela 787-609-5888 VillaMontañaBeachResort 787-872-9554 SunBay,Vieques
  12. 12. TropicalSophisticatedWeddings CondadoVanderbiltHotel 787-721-5500 DoradoBeach–ARitz-CarltonReserve 787-626-1100 MuseodeArtedePonce 787-840-1510,ext.395or254 MuseodeArtedePuertoRico 787-977-6277 St.RegisBahiaBeachResort 787-809-8000 WRetreat&Spa,Vieques 787-741-4100
  13. 13. WeddingCoordinatorsendorsedby PuertoRicoTourismCompany AllEventsPuertoRico (939)697-8056 ChezelleDezinesWeddings (787)919-0532 CreatingWeddingsGroup (787)225-4008 DePuntaenBlanco (787)903-2990 EventusbyZahira (787)460-6020 InStyleEvents (787)223-9000 MillyCenteno (787)717-1808 MaríaLugo (787)548-5561 PaoPei (787)249-1271 TheEventbyMerylin (787)475-1306 TropicalWeddings (787)671-1690 WedAffair,DestinationWeddingSpecialists (787)775-9500 WeddingsinVieques (787)741-8000
  14. 14. HowtoArrangeforYourDestinationWeddinginPuertoRico It is easy, and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company can help! If you have all your documentation in order,youcanhaveyourmarriagelicenseinadayortwo. Andthemarriagecertificatewillbeavail- ablewithintendaysoffiling! First, call toll-free 1-800-866-7827 from the United States or Puerto Rico or 1-800-981-7575 from LatinAmericabetween8:00a.m.to12:00midnight,EasternStandardTime. A representative from the Puerto Rico Tourism Company will help you coordinate an appointment with the Demographic Registrar’s Office, the office that issues marriage licenses in Puerto Rico. Boththebrideandthegroommustbepresentatthatappointment. Lighthouse,CaboRojo AtMeetPuertoRico,theisland’sconventionbureau,thereisalso a team of professionals who can help with the wedding event. For more information call 1-800-875-4765 or send an email: and they will be more than happy to help.
  15. 15. HotelElConvento,OldSanJuan • MedicalCertificate Each of you must provide a medical certificate that shows you have complied with tests required for marriage in your place of residence. Beawarethatthiscertificationisonlyvalidforten(10)daysfromthedateofissuance.Aftertendays,youwouldhavetogetanewcertificate inordertogetmarried. • ResidencyRequirements There are no residency requirements in order to be married in Puerto Rico but non-residents must submit an affi- davit or sworn statement that the sole purpose of their visit is to get married. Non-U.S. citizens must include in this affida- vit that they will not be staying in Puerto Rico longer than established in the visa or federal entrance permit to US territory. If the affidavit is not written by a lawyer, it must be accompanied by the certificate of the County Clerk of the state to certify that she/he is qualifiedtonotarizedocumentsinyourstateandhavetheembossedseal.Ifitisissuedinaforeigncountry,itmustbeaccompaniedbythe Apostilleseal. • PhotoID TherearenopassportsrequiredforUScitizensinPuertoRico,howeverthe brideandgroomshouldhaveavalidphotoID,whichcan beapassport,state-issuedID,avisa,orgreencard. • BirthCertificate Inordertorecordyourofficialname,besuretobringcopiesofboth birthcertificates. DocumentationRequired BeforeyouarriveinPuertoRico,besuretohaveallthesedocumentswhichyouwillsubmitattheDemographicRegistry.
  16. 16. • Otherdocuments Ifyouaredivorcedorwidowed,acopyofthecorrespondingofficialdocumentsisnecessary. • InternalRevenueStamp PurchaseanInternalRevenuestampattheDemographicRegistryoffice. Thiswillbeaffixedtothelicensetoauthenticatethedocument. OncetheproperdocumentsaresubmittedattheDemographicRegistryandrevisedforcompliancebytheregistrar,themarriagecertificatewill beissuedandsigned.It’sveryimportantyoubringthelicensetotheweddingceremony! The officiant at the wedding must deliver the certificate, marriage license and all other documents to the Demographic Registry of the municipality where the ceremony took place no more than 10 days after the marriage. Within two weeks of filing, the couple will be issued the marriagecertificate. Keepinmindthataweddingcoordinatorcanmakeallthesearrangements. “Our specialty? Sunset weddings. Puerto Rico has the best sunsets in the world.” DaphneBarbeito WedAffair St.RegisBahiaBeach,RioGrande
  17. 17. Vieques HowDoIReceiveMyMarriageCertificate? Generally,withintendaysoftheofficianthavingsubmittedallthedocumentsrequired,yourmarriage certificatewillbeavailable. Belowareseveraloptionstogetyourmarriagecertificate. Choosetheonethatiseasiestforyou. 1. under Certificados. Instructions are available in English and Spanish. There is a small fee payable withacreditcard. 2. Writeanauthorizationlettergivingpermissiontoanindividual(yourweddingplanner,theofficiant) topickupthemarriagecertificateandmailittoyou.AcopyofbothofyourphotoIDsmustaccompa- nythisletter. 3. Orderyourmarriagecertificatethrough Thereisafeeforthisservice.
  18. 18. St.RegisBahiaBeach,RioGrande
  19. 19. FrequentlyAskedQuestions • IsiteasytogetmarriedinPuertoRico? Tying the knot in Puerto Rico is now easier than ever! You’ll be issued a marriage license within hours of your visit to the Demographic Registry, the island’s marriage license bureau. After the wedding ceremony you can request acopyofthemarriagecertificateonline. • CanIgetalltheservicesformyweddingthatIcouldgetbackhome? Roselyn Sanchez, Jennifer López and Shania Twain had their big day in Puerto Rico. We have professional wedding planners, outstanding caterers, world-class photographers, great florists and internationally known dressdesigners. Searchweddingwire.comoraSpanishwebsite, Manyoftheisland’swedding plannershavetheirownwebsites. • CanIbringmyownofficiant? Yes, but a locally licensed officiant must be present as a witness to the wedding ceremony in order for the marriagetobelegalunderPuertoRicolaw. • Arereligiousceremoniesrequired? No,butifyoudecidetohaveone,thenacivilceremonywithajudgeisnotnecessary. • DoIneedtoseeaphysicianwhoisaresidentpracticionerinPuertoRicoforthemedicalcertification? No, as long as you meet the required medical tests for marriage where you reside, you don’t have to see a local physician. However, the certificate you provide is only valid for ten (10) days from issuance and must include the doctor’slicensenumber. • CanIgetmarriedonthebeachinPuertoRico? Yes...By law, all beaches in Puerto Rico are public but if you want to have any kind of set-up with exclusive use of that area, you need a permit from the Department of Natural Resources. Your hotel or wedding planner has the experiencetoobtainthosepermits. Afeeischargedbasedonthesizeoftheevent.ElConquistador,Fajardo
  20. 20. forhiscollaborationwiththestunning photographsofweddingcouples. 1-800-866-7827 seepuertorico @PRTourismCo