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Customer journey mapping


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Our general approach to customer journey mapping.

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Customer journey mapping

  1. 1. FUTURELABFUTURELAB Customer Journey Mapping The starting point for any Customer Experience programme 18/05/2018
  2. 2. The start of your Customer Experience program Operational reality always seems reasonable from the internal point of view. But from the perspective of the customer it could look very different. Conflicting messages, inconsistent promises and extra hoops to jump through can result in confusion and ultimately loss of customer. This is why Customer Journey is Step 1 in any Customer Experience programme. This handy framework describing all events and interactions that customers experience with your company answers 3 key objectives: 1. Understanding your customer reality better 2. Aligning your people around a single framework for CX 3. Developing an action plan and giving momentum to for structural CX improvements in your company.
  3. 3. FUTURELABFUTURELAB 3. • Have a kick-off meeting to plan the project, assign the roles, get to know the team and align expectations. • Collect and analyse existing customer data • Conduct desk research in the industry and similar industries • Conduct additional customer research and make field visits if necessary • Run stakeholder interviews • Create the first thesis of the Customer Journey: • Customer mind set and expectations • Choice drivers • Advocacy drivers, etc. • Persona “flavours” • Check the Thesis with the stakeholders and the team • Enrich the Journey thesis with operational elements: • KPIs and Standards • Staff behaviour • Data & technology requirements, etc. • Conduct alignment sessions with: • Key stakeholders • Customer facing staff • Customers • Finalise the thesis • Conduct a full day Workshop for the whole team in order to present the final result, answer questions, get everyone’s sign off, and agree that as of now this is the operational CX framework. • Conduct a roadmapping workshop with key stakeholders and team members in order to plan projects to get from current state to future state • Set up individual projects and project teams • Set up governance & action tracking • Provide tactical coaching and helpdesk where required Project plan. Team composition. Extra research data (if needed). Customer Journey thesis Aligned Customer Journey; CJ Framework visualisation Action plan & Roadmap Go into Deep Dive Map the Customer Journey Alignment Getting from AS IS to TO BE Steps Activities Deliverables Week 1-2 Weeks 3-6 Weeks 6-8 Weeks 8-10 Your Journey Mapping Process:
  4. 4. FUTURELABFUTURELAB What you get as a result: 1. A Customer Journey Framework, which describes: • Your customers’ thoughts and feelings at every step: before, during and after the relationship • Their expectations and ways in which you should meet them • Minimum standards for CX at each step, and further requirements for the advocacy level • Suggested KPIs to measure the performance 2. An interpretation of the journey for your key Customer Personae 3. A Roadmap from the current situation to the desired state of things: • AS IS state • TO BE state • Gap analysis Private – Corporate Senior – Junior Expert – Novice, etc. find and fix weaknesses align your business improve resource allocation manage value drivers
  5. 5. FUTURELABFUTURELAB Customer Journey Framework: 18/05/2018 5 ING (now Nationale Nederlanden) Vodafone Group Touring Roadside Assistance Bridgestone B2B2C EXAMPLE Why us? We have done Customer Journey mappings both the long & thorough, and the short & sharp ways. We know that the difference between the two is not the quality of content being produced, or how well it reflects the reality; but the level of detalisation, visualisation, and to which extent it can carry your CX forward. Also, we just enjoy this kind of work.
  6. 6. FUTURELABFUTURELAB ENTERING THE AIRPLANE is not the enjoyable part of the experience, it is one of the “hoops to jump”. Passengers want to get over this step as quickly as possible, getting rid of their carry-on luggage, getting to their seat and making themselves comfortable for the moment. They may feel anxious and uncomfortable because of close confined space in the plane, the bulkiness of luggage, and the proximity of the others. As some of their fellow travellers struggle, this may lead to irritation for being “held up”. That’s why our job is to make this step as smooth and easy for the passengers as possible. In the ideal world, they will never remember it as a step. State of mind before and during the Step: Anxious, tired, stressed. Desired state of mind after the Step: Relaxed, comfortable, resting. Minimum standards • Display a cheerful disposition. Make eye contact, smile and welcome every passenger on board. • Make sure the airplane’s hospitality software is set to welcome mode (music, temperature, airflow, …) • Make sure that seat information is clearly visible on printed and mobile passes • Greet business class and premium customers by their name. Have entertainment materials and welcome drinks at hand. Advocacy moments • Make genuine friendly comments or even jokes with passengers when you feel this is appropriate. • When (most) passengers are comfortable, let the crew member who most enjoys interacting with children <3 years old approach parents with babies to offer our Flying Baby gift packs. Present this in a playful and empathic manner, all while keeping an appropriate distance to ensure your attentions are welcome. KPIs: • Time of boarding • Touchpoint NPS Customer Journey Step: Detalisation 6. Touchpoints Airplane interior Mobile Pass Airplane staff Printed Pass Please note that the above is fictional data which has been created for presentation purposes only. Actual persona descriptions as well as the presentation template use are always tailored to the needs of the brand. EXAMPLE STEP X: ENTERING THE AIRPLANE
  7. 7. FUTURELAB FUTURELAB Let’s talk customer – contact us for a call or a cup of coffee: Stefan Kolle Managing Director +32 473 88 89 96 We make Customer-Centricity happen. Profitably. Marina Natanova Head of Research +32 473 88 89 96 Interested? Inspired? Curious? Questions?
  8. 8. We make Customer Centricity happen. Profitably. Industry expertise A structured approach for automotive firms to embed the customer perspective in every aspect of their business, from customer journey development to POS training Automotive A structured approach for telecommunication firms to embed the customer perspective in every aspect of their business. Telecommunications A skilled multi-language team for EMEA clients B2B and B2C Credentials To make the world a more customer-friendly place (for fun & profit) Our Purpose We make customer experience happen. Profitably.Our Promise Who are we? What do we do? A structured approach for B2B firms to loyalize customers, improve share of wallet, and save accounts at risk. NPS, customer journey, and other key tools. Business to Business We are Customer Experience Architects. Futurelab is the European customer experience (CX) consultancy. For more than 15 years we help our clients understand the needs of their customers, develop better customer experience, and draw profit from customers’ loyalty and word of mouth. We call ourselves “Customer Experience Architects” because we help you dream, design, launch and implement your CX program – just like an architect helps a client to dream, design and create a new building. We listen to your needs, evaluate your current situation, and plan projects with your team, managing your agencies and vendors towards the desired result. But we don't stop just there: like any good architect, we stay with you overseeing the implementation process, making sure that projects are on track, the necessary processes are created, and your people learn necessary skill sets. This is why our services fit your needs – from customer strategy development and NPS ® pilots to all-company customer centricity trainings. Our focus is on identifying quick wins and drive the ROI of any project. Through our offices in Germany and Belgium, as well as our associates in many other countries, we are always close to you. Own offices Antwerp, Stuttgart Network partners Copenhagen, Prague Representations Valencia, Moscow