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Customer experience maturity assessment CXMA

The CMXA, our Customer experience maturity assessment helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current CX management, and helps the organisation establish an aligned roadmap to reach the next level.

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Customer experience maturity assessment CXMA

  1. 1. FUTURELABFUTURELABFUTURELAB Customer Experience Maturity Assessment Taking your Customer Experience to the next level
  2. 2. FUTURELABFUTURELABFUTURELAB “We have gone through a rebranding and launched a new value proposition. Now every team has a different view on how to bring that value proposition to life. Where to focus, how to work together?” CX Manager, mobile operator “We are on our way, but have lost momentum. There are too many options out there, we don’t know where to prioritise”. Head of Strategy, Major Global B2B producer for the logistics industry “Every department has its own interpretation of customer experience. Most also seem to think we are doing really well in CX – while I doubt that we do. Help me analyse the situation” CMO, Top 5 Country of German Car Brand “We have been doing a lot of work in the past years, including a complete reset of our CX approach – but now we are not sure how to take things to the next level. We are great at running a 10 Miles, but we need to get ready for the Marathon” CMO, mobile operator group Do these look familiar?
  3. 3. FUTURELABFUTURELABFUTURELAB How good is your business at… …realising the value of Customer Experience? …listening to the Voice of the Customer and act on it? …managing Customer Experience across all touchpoints and channels? …empowering and motivating employees to be customer centric? …running the information systems that support your CX? …yielding profits by being customer centric? In just a few days, our Customer Experience Maturity Assessment measures the performance of CX in your company and lays out the way for immediate improvement.
  4. 4. FUTURELABFUTURELABFUTURELAB Focus your actions. Align your people. In two weeks, our Customer Experience Maturity Assessment (CXMA) enables you to measure and benchmark the performance of CX in your company, align all departments around a common ambition, and define your prioritised CX roadmap. You will find out which activities are bringing you closer to customers and which barriers you are still facing. Our experts will compare you with the best in the industry, identify gaps in your capability and show you how to take your CX to the next level… fast. The result is an aligned roadmap to take the organisation to its next level of customer centricity.
  5. 5. FUTURELABFUTURELABFUTURELAB Your Assessment Process 3. Analysis & benchmarking 2. Survey1. Immersion First we interview 10 key stakeholders to uncover internal perspectives, preferences and progress with customer-centricity. This creates clarity and understanding of goals and expectations. We also analyse existing customer data: NPS / CSAT, etc. to get the customer view on the situation. We run an online assessment with 20-30 stakeholders to gain a view of how the organisation sees itself, including different views between departments, and key strengths and weaknesses. The survey is anonymous at employee level, but detailed at department level. We review your existing data: satisfaction scores, Net Promoter scores, customer research, competitive position in the field of CX, market data, etc. We also conduct global best practice research to spotlight your customer centricity strengths and reveal opportunities. 4. Planning & Alignment We present the outcomes of our review and the assessment in the Alignment Workshop, where all departments get together. We agree with your team on “where are we now” and together plan the “where do we want to be in 3 years”. These goals will be summarised in a roadmap with both long term improvement projects and a substantial number of quick wins.
  6. 6. FUTURELABFUTURELABFUTURELAB Your Deliverables: 6. • Gain customer insights • Develop a customer strategy • Define the desired CX • Customer Driven Processes • Align IT & Data Management • International vs. local vision • Sr. Leadership Focus • Employee Encouragement • Customer skills & mind-set • Listen to VoCustomer • Follow up on VoCustomer • Translate CX into money 4 key domains assessed Clear results output Differentiated Next steps Aligned Roadmap Key Topics:
  7. 7. FUTURELAB FUTURELAB Let’s talk customer – contact us for a call or a cup of coffee: Stefan Kolle Managing Director +32 473 88 89 96 We make Customer-Centricity happen. Profitably. Marina Natanova Head of Research +32 473 88 89 96 Interested? Inspired? Curious? Questions?
  8. 8. We make Customer Centricity happen. Profitably. Industry expertise A structured approach for automotive firms to embed the customer perspective in every aspect of their business, from customer journey development to POS training Automotive A structured approach for telecommunication firms to embed the customer perspective in every aspect of their business. Telecommunications A skilled multi-language team for EMEA clients B2B and B2C Credentials To make the world a more customer-friendly place (for fun & profit) Our Purpose We make customer experience happen. Profitably.Our Promise Who are we? What do we do? A structured approach for B2B firms to loyalize customers, improve share of wallet, and save accounts at risk. NPS, customer journey, and other key tools. Business to Business We are Customer Experience Architects. Futurelab is the European customer experience (CX) consultancy. For more than 15 years we help our clients understand the needs of their customers, develop better customer experience, and draw profit from customers’ loyalty and word of mouth. We call ourselves “Customer Experience Architects” because we help you dream, design, launch and implement your CX program – just like an architect helps a client to dream, design and create a new building. We listen to your needs, evaluate your current situation, and plan projects with your team, managing your agencies and vendors towards the desired result. But we don't stop just there: like any good architect, we stay with you overseeing the implementation process, making sure that projects are on track, the necessary processes are created, and your people learn necessary skill sets. This is why our services fit your needs – from customer strategy development and NPS ® pilots to all-company customer centricity trainings. Our focus is on identifying quick wins and drive the ROI of any project. Through our offices in Germany and Belgium, as well as our associates in many other countries, we are always close to you. Own offices Antwerp, Stuttgart Network partners Copenhagen, Prague Representations Valencia, Moscow