Harnessing your Customer Truth - From Value Propositions to Sales Propositions - Part 1


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Here we focus on the definition of what a Total Value Proposition is and what it is not.

The difference between companies that are thriving and those struggling to survive is how well they harness and align their value to customers. There is a widening gap between what companies offer and sell and what customers actually value and are willing to pay for.
You can start to close this gap by truly understanding what your customers value, looking at your products or services and how you interact with customers – this determines your single ‘customer truth’.

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Harnessing your Customer Truth - From Value Propositions to Sales Propositions - Part 1

  1. 1. From Value Propositions to Sales Propositionsthe first of four extracts from a white paper of the same nameHarnessing Your Customer TruthPart 1
  2. 2. www.futurecurve.comWhy don’t your customers value what you offer?Organisations face four key issues that stop themgiving customers what they value: They misunderstand what a value proposition is They only partially comprehend how customersperceive value They often use an outdated value proposition Sales teams are forced to create sales propositionsin a vacuum
  3. 3. www.futurecurve.comA value proposition is not what you thinkIn many organisations, a value proposition is seen as one of the following: New name for a marketing story or statement Unique selling point Positioning statement List of benefits Product or service Magic sales ‘silver bullet’A value proposition is none of these things in isolation – some of these will comefrom your value proposition
  4. 4. www.futurecurve.comDefinition of a true value propositionThe total value proposition is the sum ofthe offerings and experiencesdelivered to your customers, during alltheir interactions with your organisation
  5. 5. www.futurecurve.comValue goes beyond the rationalWe know, from more than a decade offocusing on customer research and valueproposition development, that thebehaviours and emotions of customersfundamentally impact how they interactwith, and buy from, your organisation.This is equally true in both B2B and B2Corganisations.
  6. 6. www.futurecurve.comTen years ago: one generic value proposition to the majority ofcustomers who were in the middleRelationshipTransaction“We’ll give you a little advice, helpand service in exchange for slightlybetter margins.”Adapted from and thanks to Neil Rackham
  7. 7. www.futurecurve.comToday: customers want one of two generic value propositions“We’ll offer youcheap andconvenientproducts, but don’texpect extras.”“We’ll use our expertise to bring youinsights, solve your problems andco-create custom solutions withyou, for which we’ll charge you apremium.”You must decide which end to play RelationshipTransactionAdapted from and thanks to Neil Rackham
  8. 8. Contact usThis is Part One of an extract from the FuturecurveWhite Paper, ‘Harnessing Your Customer Truth: FromValue Propositions to Sales Propositions’Click this link to download the whole white paperPlease say hello @futurecurveAnd visit our website: www.futurecurve.come. cindybarnes@futurecurve.comt. +44 (0)1628 487 708