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Habiba Haider, David Harris, GE, GE Power Generation Services Ecommerce Journey


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This interactive discussion will utilize GE’s Power Generation Services historical Ecommerce journey and real-world case study challenges to promote a conversation around the issue of driving adoption of Ecommerce solutions in B2B environments where traditional buying habits and/or company and government requirements can often serve as limiting factors to adoption.

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Habiba Haider, David Harris, GE, GE Power Generation Services Ecommerce Journey

  1. 1. GE Power Generation Services Habiba Haider David Harris GE Power Generation Services Ecommerce Journey
  2. 2. AGENDA • Overview of the Power Generation Services eCommerce journey • Changing platforms: Why the change? • Wins and challenges today • Roadmap for the future
  3. 3. Power Generation Services: Maintaining the assets that supply half of the world’s energy • GE Power Generation: $43 Billion business • $9 Billion in Services • More than 6,000,000 part shipped per year • 20 repair centers worldwide • Supporting 1,500 field engineers
  4. 4. Title or Job Number | XX Month 201X See tutorial regarding confidentiality disclosures. 4 PGS Ecommerce Features • Provides Customers visibility to their active Quotes & Orders, to check status • Customers can Orders parts. • Ability for Customers to search for Parts, Provides availability, limited Pricing and tech info • Create Lists – Mass upload drawing numbers on Excel for Price & Delivery • Live Chat • Ability for Sales to set access limits for external users – i.e. cannot see capital parts pricing Quick facts • Launched May 2013 replacing decade old legacy GE Parts Edge • Hybris Platform • 681 Customers 1833 GE Internal Users • External users mainly price check… orders, distributors (mainly industrial) • Internal users - heavily used for price & availability • Currently Gets Pricing, Quote & Order Status from ERP
  5. 5. The Homegrown Fast-Start that Couldn’t Keep Up Saw the need, decided we could do it ourselves – Launched in 2001 • Introduced customers to electronic quote/order entry • Distributor empowerment – they could place orders themselves • GE account managers would process on customer’s behalf • Solely North-America focus
  6. 6. • New vision just beginning to take hold • Educating large organization and large customer base • Confronting challenges in: - Content management - Refreshes - Targeting with relevant offers - Measuring performance - Optimizing site Embraced single ecommerce platform for common face to customer in 2011 Usability & Accessibility ArchitecturePlatform User Experience Community ES WebPresence 21st Century User Experience Collaboration Social Media Knowledge Expert Services ES Standard Toolkit Multiple Technologies Third Party Software Scalable Real-time ERP Integration Real-time CRM Integration Flexible & Extensible Streamlined Targeted Relevant Anytime Anywhere Any Device Personalization Regionalized View SSO Enabled Content One Digital ES Face to the Customer
  7. 7. How Hybris Is Helping Internal & External Customers Already See Improved User Experiences • Data quality improvements • Self Service Tool • Productivity, 24/7 team • Real time chat Commercial Challenges Operational Challenges IT/Technical Challenges Customer Feedback Advanced Admin functionality… easy updates via configuration Obsolete Technology (content management, Web site refreshes) Customer- specific visuals, catalogs /products, prices Improved Customer Service Real time ERP Integration Upsell and Cross sell Intuitive/User Interface Data Quality Issues ✔ ✔ ✔ ❑ ✔ ✔ ✔ ❑ ❑
  8. 8. 8 GE Title or job number 11/14/2014 Guided by Complete Customer Vision A roadmap to make Power & Water Store best-in-class Strengthen analytics framework: SFDC and Marketo integration, usage and trend reporting, emergent work requests • Buying habits • Unmet needs • Regional differences • Expectations • Segmentation • Stakeholders Understand the customer Delight by understanding: • SEO/SEM strategy & online catalog • Rewards • Promos based on searches • Training Ensure market awareness Present where search STARTS: • One-click checkout • Shopping cart promotions • Simplify frequent buys Simplify purchasing Lean process & loyalty rewards: • Tech to speed fulfillment • Easy records access • Ship, fulfillment options • Tracking docs Streamline fulfillment Meet or beat expectations: • Mobile use • Tools based on personas (I.e. ordering vs approvals) • Leverage social media Multi-channel access Offer relevant tools:
  9. 9. A new tool alone does not get us to peak performance Adoption Slow with Some Customer Segments • Prefer one-to-one personal interaction and relationship • Don’t know about online alternatives and challenged breaking through Limited Internal Awareness Site Analytics • Finding ways to learn from interactions and adjust • Opportunities to sell more
  10. 10. Business-Building Strategy Price for Volume Lead Generation Order & Fulfillment Insights Revenue Service Productivity • Optimize process to drive quotes and orders online • Educate, promote & train • Online discounts drive sense of urgency to purchase • Targeted promotions drive volume • Identify parts opportunities • Daily notification of abandoned quotes & carts • Best-in-class parts fulfillment insights become competitive differentiator - Track orders - Proactive status updates • Customer and acct. mgmt. team focus BenefitAudience • Global distributors • PGS and industrial • N. America (initially) • Underserved Tx market • Sales Managers, APM • Transactional focus • N. America initially Program Distributor Channel Shift ✔ ✔ ✔ Revenue (incremental) ✔ Revenue (incremental) ✔ Service Productivity ✔ Customers: • All • Tx market GE: • Global APMs Not sure we want to say this publicly Not sure we want to point out TX target strategy publicly
  11. 11. 11 GE Title or job number 11/14/2014 Success Is on the Horizon Ecommerce is the real-time expression of our purchase and fulfillment experience, fostering and helping to solidify relationships.