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FutureTDM Symposium_DEMOS


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Here in this slides all the demo presentations that we highlighted during the Symposium can be found.

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FutureTDM Symposium_DEMOS

  1. 1. OpenDataMonitor Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action GARRI-3-2014 Scientific Information in the Digital Age: Text and Data Mining (TDM) Project number: 665940 Flash presentations/ Demos FutureTDM Reducing Barriers and Increasing Uptake of Text and Data Mining for Research Environments using a Collaborative Knowledge and Open Information Approach FutureTDM Symposium, Salzburg June 13th, 2017
  2. 2. Flash Presentations / Demos Presenters ▪ Stefan Kasberger (ContentMine) ▪ Donat Agosti (PLAZI) ▪ Petr Knoth (CORE) ▪ Ralf Klinkenberg (RapidMiner) ▪ Maria Gavriilidou (clarin:el) ▪ Alessio Palmero Aprosio (ALCIDE) 2FutureTDM
  3. 3. Flash Presentations / Demos Stefan Kasberger (ContentMine) 3FutureTDM
  4. 4. TDM Use-Case Tutorial Demoing the three text data mining tutorials from ContentMine ▪ TDM for Pandemics with Zika ▪ Systematic Literature Review ▪ P-Cracking: finding statistical measures 4FutureTDM
  5. 5. Flash Presentations / Demos Donat Agosti (PLAZI) 5FutureTDM
  6. 6. Plazi Liberating and disseminating biodiversity data from scientific publications ▪ Issue: ▪ continually growing corpus of 500 Million pages of scientific literature covering the description of the world’s living diversity. E.g. > 17,000 new species description published every year ▪ Only incomplete data on publications, even less included facts ▪ Challenge: Provide real time, and promote access to ongoing as well as legacy publications ▪ Solutions: ▪ 1. Provide and maintain a TDM workflow to find articles, extract and disseminate facts (Plazi workflow) ▪ 2. Promote journal production workflows to create semantically enhanced publications upfront (e.g. TaxPub/JATS based Pensoft workflow) 6FutureTDM Treatment Bank Data mine, text extraction & markup store & access Biodiversity Literature Repository Persistent, resolvable identifers minted for: • Articles: DOI (if no DOI exists) • Treatments: httpURI • Illustrations: DOI
  7. 7. 7 6 M RDF triples 110,000 illustrations 850,000 bibliographic references 196,311 taxonomic treatments 20,202 articles 74 journals (2016) PLAZI TDM RESULTS AND DISSEMINATION Source (accessed June 11, 2017):
  8. 8. Flash Presentations / Demos Petr Knoth (CORE) 8FutureTDM
  9. 9. OpenDataMonitor Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action GARRI-3-2014 Scientific Information in the Digital Age: Text and Data Mining (TDM) Project number: 665940 Flash presentations/ Demos CORE - Bringing science to all … FutureTDM Symposium, Salzburg June 13th, 2017
  10. 10. CORE – Millions of research papers ready to text mine 10FutureTDM
  11. 11. CORE – Millions of research papers ready to text mine 11FutureTDM
  12. 12. Flash Presentations / Demos Ralf Klinkenberg (RapidMiner) 12FutureTDM
  13. 13. RapidMiner – Unified Open Source Data Science Platform 13FutureTDM DATA MASHUP ENGINE MODERN, AGILE ENTERPRISE PLATFORM Ingestion Blending Cleansing Best Practice Recommendations Unified Workflows Intelligent Utilization In Hadoop In-Memory on Desktop or Server In Database Web Services Process Scheduler Web Apps PRESCRIPTIVE DECISION ENGINE Diagnostic Relationships Predictive Insights Prescriptive Actions Business Processes & Applications OPERATIONA- LIZATION ENGINE High-Velocity Scoring Honest Validation Process Integration Automation Services WISDOM OF CROWDS ADVISOR EFFORTLESS WORKFLOW DESIGNER FEDERATED ANALYTICS DRIVER Marketplace Innovations & Extensions Any Data Source Data at Rest and Data in Motion
  14. 14. RapidMiner – Open Source Data Science Platform 14FutureTDM Lightning Fast: Visual interface for rapidly building complete analytic workflows Powerful: Rich library of algorithms and functions to build the strongest possible model for any use case Open & Extensible: Open source innovation keeps pace with changing business needs Unified Platform: Seamlessly integrates structured and unstructured data from all types of sources as well as machine learning algorithms by RapidMiner, R, Python, H2O, Hadoop, Spark, PySpark, SparkR, SparkRM, etc. in a single visual platform and allows easy deployment on-Server, in-Hadoop, in- Cloud, as web services, in web apps, via Java API, etc.
  15. 15. Flash Presentations / Demos Maria Gavriilidou (clarin:el) 15FutureTDM
  16. 16. CLARIN and CLARIN:EL CLARIN integrates ▪ Language Datasets: digital content of any medium (text, sound, image, video), raw and annotated, lexica, ontologies, grammars etc. ▪ Language Technology tools: lemmatizers, taggers, term extractors, sentiment annotators, summarizers, etc. in a federation of trusted repositories • available to researchers ▪ through national networks of organizations in each country (today: 21 member-countries, 42 certified centers) CLARIN:EL ( • the Greek Language Resources, Tools/ Services Infrastructure • for documenting, sharing and processing language data 16FutureTDM
  17. 17. more information @CLARIN_el 309819 17 FutureTDM
  18. 18. Flash Presentations / Demos Alessio Palmero Aprosio (ALCIDE) 18FutureTDM
  19. 19. ALCIDE Online platform to perform temporal, geographical, and linguistic analysis of historical documents. ▪ Extract information ▪ State of the art Human Language Technologies ▪ Tint (for Italian) ▪ Stanford CoreNLP (for English) ▪ Visualise data ▪ Intuitive and understandable data representation 19FutureTDM
  20. 20. Flash Presentations / Demos Find out more! Join us in the Demo Session Thank you! 20FutureTDM