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Future Shapers Consulting Company Profile 2018


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Content writing services for changemaker and rainmaker

Published in: Business
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Future Shapers Consulting Company Profile 2018

  1. 1. FUTURE SHAPERS C O N S U L T I N G Content writing services for changemaker and rainmaker
  2. 2. ABOUT US Founded in March 2017, Future Shapers Consulting is a content writing company that aspires to produce contents that matter. We place ‘people’ and ‘value’ first in our content creation, driven by the purpose to shape a future that works for all of us by putting people first and empowering them. BACKGROUND We want to understand what is unique about your organisation and how we can take your brand to the next level. When you thrive, we progress. Together, we seek to create a positive impact in people's lives, bridging the vision of organisations with the needs of the people. OUR PROMISES
  3. 3. Book writing & publishing2 Corporate content solutions1 OUR  SERVICES Ghostwriting for executives3 Blog4
  4. 4. CORPORATE CONTENT SOLUTIONS SCOPE OF WORK Corporate profile Website content Marketing material Corporate video script Product catalogue We firmly believe that first impression matters. When your business brochure lands in the hands of potential clients, when a potential client stumble upon your company website, how do you want them to feel? We understand that great contents increase exposure and credibility for your business, which is why we offer you our proficiency, accuracy, creativity, and above all, our personal dedication to quality. WHAT WE DO
  5. 5. BOOK WRITING & PUBLISHING OUR PROCESS Positioning > Outlining > Interview > Transcription > Editing > Book Design > Publishing With the rising trend in entrepreneurship and gig economy, publishing a book is a great way to establish your credibility and exposure in your target market. However, publishing a book the traditional way is painful and time-consuming. We’ve created a new process to turn your idea into a book, that only requires you to spend about 30 hours talking to us and takes about 7 months. Not only that, the book is entirely your ideas, your words and in your voice. WHAT WE DO
  6. 6. GHOSTWRITING FOR EXECUTIVES OUR PROCESS Strategise > Research > Interview > Create > Distribute We believe your company's message is amplified when it comes from the founder, the CEO, the entrepreneur. By regularly distributing valuable content online, you become a go-to source of knowledge in your industry, stay top-of-mind and build trust in your target market, attracting a loyal following in the process. We look at trending topics and customer pain points, and then bring questions to the table we believe will spark some of your best insights. We then turn your responses into quality content pieces, reinforcing the narratives you want to be known for in your industry. WHAT WE DO
  7. 7. BLOGS SCOPE OF WORK We offer monthly blog package on retainer basis If you are not communicating regularly with your customers, you are being left behind! We work with you to craft brilliant blog posts that educate, inspire and engage your audience on a regular basis. Aligned with your marketing strategy, blog posts can offer insightful tips, invite feedback and above all else, portray your subject in the best possible light. We produce high-quality blog posts to convey trust and confidence that will turn hits into loyal followers and customers. WHAT WE DO
  8. 8. PORTFOLIO WEBSITE CONTENT Rooma Asia, Globalknox S/B, Life Eternity Group Berhad, Jiann Lih Safety Products GHOSTWRITING FOR EXECUTIVES Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian 2017 Finalist Award Entries - Dato' Ray Tan, Ken Ng BOOK The Art of Owning Your Story (Mar 2018), Leadership Playbook (June 2018) BLOG Ken Ng (Founder, Globalknox) CORPORATE PROFILE Dual Rank S/B, WXY Group, Ocean Wealth Horizon
  9. 9. FOUNDER Medium top writer, content contributor at 'Positively Positive', '#Besomebody', and 'GEM Megazine'. Author of 'The Art of Owning Your Story' Organiser of 'Haus of Stories', a community that promotes storytelling as a tool to connect, inspire and empower Passionate about creating personal growth contents to inspire young millennials Was an auditor at PwC and started a cafe consultancy company before embarking on the journey to create contents CONNECT ISABELLE THYE Facebook Linkedin Website