20 Advanced Health Mobile Apps


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20 Advanced Health Mobile Apps

  1. 1. 20 Advanced Health Mobile Apps
  2. 2. Digifit is free to download and use to track your workouts - runs, rides, spin andother cardio exercises. It maps your outdoor runs and rides, gives you time,distance, speed and more. Digifit also records your weight and blood pressure for atrue sense of overall health.www.fpov.com
  3. 3. Fitter provides you the easiest way to calculate your weight, bmi, bmr, body fat% and much more... Daily calculated results are displayed in a progress taballowing you to see areas that need the most attention.www.fpov.com
  4. 4. Record your workout while walking the mall, count steps at work/home,run/walk in the neighborhood, park, track, in the gym on a treadmill/elliptical. Juststart iTreadmill and drop your iPhone/iPod Touch into your pocket.www.fpov.com
  5. 5. iMuscle is a sophisticated workout aid that can be taken anywhere. Use it toidentify a body part or individual muscle by zooming into a 3-Dimensional humanbody with the musculature exposed.www.fpov.com
  6. 6. www.fpov.comRunKeeper uses GPS to track your fitness activities, including distance, time,pace, calories, heart rate, and path traveled on a map. Whether youre running,cycling or are training for another fitness activity, RunKeepers heart ratemonitoring lets you to track your fitness performance at a new level.ImageSource:http://apps.su/program/5372/runkeeper.htmlhttp://runkeeper.com/heart-rate-monitoring
  7. 7. WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth wirelesstechnology improves the training experience ofAndroid RunKeeper app users by adding heart ratemonitoring. This enables you to train with heart rateand get more out of RunKeeper activities.Wahoo Fitness Run Pack -Combining all that youneed to run, the run pack features the Wahoo Keyand the Wahoo Fitness soft heart rate belt in aconvenient bundle that will work with the iPhoneRunKeeper App.RunKeeper - Accessorieswww.fpov.com
  8. 8. Gazelle is the first GPS application specifically designed for ease-of-use whileworking out. It has a single large button (the entire screen) and is optimized foreasy-to-read stats.www.fpov.com
  9. 9. iBP is a blood pressure tracking and analysis tool. iBP uses color icons to indicatewhen your blood pressure values are normal, high, or hypertension. The graphsdisplay lows, highs, averages, and trend lines using statistical analysis.www.fpov.com
  10. 10. iHealth BPM- First ever Blood Pressure (BP) Monitoring System. It includes adiary for tracking BP measurements taken by the iHealth BP dock. Its elegant userinterface and vivid testing process makes keeping an eye on vital signs moreenjoyable than ever before.www.fpov.com
  11. 11. www.fpov.comEpDetect will monitor the movement of the person while the phone is in theirpocket or worn on a belt. The software will differentiate the movements associatedwith epilepsy from normal movement.Imagesource:http://chomp.com/a/FYOk/epdetect-epileptic-seizures-
  12. 12. www.fpov.comMyAsthma is a discreet and powerful tool that could help you understand yourasthma and keep it well controlled. You’ll receive useful information, tips andreminders that could help you control and manage your asthma.Imagesource: http://www.androidzoom.com/android_applications/health_and_fitness/myasthma_bvwty.htmlpenguin1
  13. 13. Orca Health is proud to announce EyeDecide. The Decide Medical App Serieshelps you, the patient, understand your medical condition and the treatmentsnecessary for a healthy recovery.www.fpov.com
  14. 14. www.fpov.comManage diabetes better by tracking blood glucose, medication and other values.OnTrack is an application to help diabetics manage their diabetes by trackingvarious items such as blood glucose, food, medication, blood pressure (BP), pulse,exercise and weight.Imagesource:http://android-apps.com/applications/health-applications/ontrack-diabetes/
  15. 15. BGluMon – Blood Glucose Monitor is advanced and easy-to-use tool to watch foryour blood glucose concentration on a daily basis and included tools for recording,editing, exporting data, calculating and drawing statistics and reports.www.fpov.com
  16. 16. Glucose Buddy is a data storage utility for people with diabetes. Users canmanually enter glucose numbers, carbohydrate consumption, insulin dosages, andactivities.www.fpov.com
  17. 17. Sprout is the highest-rated pregnancy app for moms and moms-to-be.• Helpful information about you and your baby• Stunning color images and 3D models• Weight tracker, kick counter, contraction timer• Personal MyBaby and Doctor Says sectionswww.fpov.com
  18. 18. Are you confused by ingredient lists, nutrition labels, health claims, andmarketing hype? Want to lose weight by eating real food? Scan and choose healthygroceries with Fooducate app.www.fpov.comwww.fpov.com
  19. 19. Youre not drinking enough water. This Waterlogged app can help you drinkmore water and spend less than 60 seconds a day tracking it. To start, simply snapa photo of your favorite water bottles to use when you record your water intake.www.fpov.com
  20. 20. AirStrip is a robust remote patient monitoring solution for clinicians. AirStripconnects you to your patients anywhere you have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Nomatter where you are, AirStrip can greatly reduce and even eliminate time delay inthe clinical assessment and treatment of patients.www.fpov.com
  21. 21. Sleep and wake better with LARK, a revolutionary silent alarm clock andpersonal sleep coach. Developed with the world’s leading sleep experts, LARK workswith its LARK Up app to evaluate your sleep data, empower you to improve, andwake you (and only you) silently with a vibrating alarm.www.fpov.com
  22. 22. SelfHelp - Addiction Recovery- This app will weed out the negative footprintleft from your addiction. With a clear consciousness, you will be able to focus onexactly what you really want without being dragged down. Imagine a life withoutengaging in behaviors you regret.www.fpov.com
  23. 23. Teaching Technologyto the Non-Technology Leader.Technology never stops evolving and we never stop following it. Led byinternational technology speaker Scott Klososky, we’re a teamrelentlessly focused on capturing and translating ways organizations canuse technology to win markets, adapt cultures, and remain ahead of thecurve for years to come. From public and private workshop tracks to full-scale organizational technology assessments and digital outreachblueprint strategies, we’ve got enterprise technology growth covered.Take a closer look at:www.fpov.com(405) 359-3910info@fpov.comvision you can use