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3D Printing Debunked


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A quick-fire mini presentation looking at 3D printing in 2013, what are the facts and the science fiction?

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3D Printing Debunked

  1. 1. 3D Printing Debunked
  2. 2. 3D Printing Definition• The process of ‘printing’ a3D solid object of from adigital model• ‘additive manufacturing’rather than traditional‘subtractive process’
  3. 3. Myth 1: Its new3D printing technology emerged in early eighties and waspatented in 1986 by Charles Hull.
  4. 4. Myth 2: They self-replicate• 3D printers need ‘vitamins’;metal drivers, electronics,rods or motors to work thatcan’t (yet) be made on 3Dprinters• The ‘Reprap’ project is anexample of this
  5. 5. Myth 3: It’s just for ‘computer geeks’• Consumer-friendlysoftware• Scanning & customisation• Prices starting from £500for a 3D printer
  6. 6. Myth 4: 3D printed guns, a dangerto society• Blueprints freely availableonline for download currently• 3D printed gun carried throughan airport• ‘The Liberator’, it is made of 16parts for assembly• Legislation gathering pace toaddress security concerns
  7. 7. Myth 5: 3D printed food to endfamine• NASA scientists developing 3D-printed‘food’ as answer to “food shortage,inflation, starvation”• Simulated food made from powdered‘organic molecules’ from insects andalgae• Likely to be used in space programs thethe future, still in development
  8. 8. 3D printing: creative possibility
  9. 9. Ta