Patchwork February 2013 MAV


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Patchwork February 2013 MAV

  1. 1. @patchworkhq
  2. 2. Patchwork FutureGov change management approach, specialising in the use of digital technology to deliver local public services differently Design | Technology | Change Patchwork is a multi-agency networking website, allowing front line staff to quickly and easily establish a virtual team to provide joined-up services to an individual
  3. 3. Other FutureGov projects:
  4. 4. Introducing Patchwork VIDEO
  5. 5. The Question How can we free up people involved in safeguarding to prioritise their time with clients, join up services around children and families and surface patterns for earlier intervention sooner?
  6. 6. A new kind of enterprise ITRef: Prof Sue White, University of Birmingham
  7. 7. to Lee  Bryant,  Headshi0  networks…
  8. 8. Where we started from – September 2009
  9. 9. Initial hypothesisA light-weight web app thatdraws existing data from eachagency’s system, as well as thechild and family, and presents itin a useful way.
  10. 10. Co-design
  11. 11. Human networks matter Other     Rela3ve Agency   GP/   health   visitor   Neighbour   Detec3ve   Sergeant     Mother Peers   Child   Social   Worker   Youth   Worker   Teacher
  12. 12. Relationships are elusive “Most social work teams (60%) are operating with a 20%–30% vacancy rate and 12% turnover which means relationships aren’t consistent” Association of Directors of Childrens Services and Society of Local Authority Chief Executives
  13. 13. Simplicity is valuable “We used to know there was an issue by how thick the file was” “You should see my Desktop on my PC, there’s files everywhere. If I don’t have the file in front of me it doesn‘t exist” “I don’t pine for paper files” “They asked me how I would improve ICS, I said just make it a big giant field. Everyone laughed, but I was serious” “I feel that we are trying to represent “I’d like to see my the content of a child’s life in a notes like layers in computer format. People are not like Photoshop” that and it makes me upset”
  14. 14. The user priorities
  15. 15. The design 1
  16. 16. Multi-agency, multi-area
  17. 17. Feedback from Patchwork Users“It doesn’t take any trouble to pick up thephone (once you know who to call)”“It saves us so much time”“Where we see a health need, there could be agreater social need down the road”“It will sit quite nicely below our thresholds atthe moment”
  18. 18. Government grade secure infrastructure
  19. 19. Patchwork as a Munro Exemplar “Whilst it will always be necessary to have systems for storing documents, recording events and decisions and gather data, it is important that the use of technology does not become reduced to these important but rather static functions. There is growing evidence of smaller scale, pilot design projects. It would be useful to illustrate this with an exemplar…” The Munro Review of Child Protection Progress Report: Moving towards a child centred system
  20. 20. Where nextFamilies functionality: connecting individualsin households and supporting familyintervention programmesAnalytics: identifying need and changingcircumstances intervening early, mapping andmanaging connectionsDesign for more and more use cases: M&CHand a wide range of multi-agency applications
  21. 21. Dominic @dominiccampbell