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Saltland knowledge exchange review


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Saltland knowledge exchange review

  1. 1. The Saltland Knowledge Exchange Dr Nick Edwards Senior Research Scientist, SARDI Scientist Leader, Saltland Knowledge Exchange
  2. 2. What is the Saltland Knowledge Exchange? The extension arm for Saltland Systems outputs of the Future Farm Industries CRC (Nearly) the last ‘man’ standing in saltland extension in Australia man Making the saltland solutions we have accessible to landholders directly & via ‘next users’ Consists of: “Saltland Skills” training in saline agriculture S ltl d L Saltland Learning N t i Network k Conferences & workshops Ongoing management of NDSP website and incorporation of content into Saltland Genie “Saltland Genie™” website ( Delivery of new R & D from other Saltland Systems projects (e.g. SaltCap, SaltDecide, Enhance, Understorey, Oldman Saltbush Breeding, Salt Tolerant Cereals) 2
  3. 3. Saltland Skills training “Salinity Concepts” & “Salinity Management” course Pilot run in South Australia in Oct 08 – targeted NRM staff and Landmark agronomists Western Australian pilot run in Sept 09 – targeted catchment support advisors and Saltland Pastures Association members Further ‘courses’ in parts of WA in coming months Delivery with on-line pre-course modules i conjunction with E T i D li ith li d l in j ti ith EverTrain - (pre-course refresher in own time/on-line assessment/everyone starts on ‘same page’) Future: Webinars from small number of experts to reduce reliance on their ongoing input; also available on-line as revision Support embedded in Saltland Genie website (for ongoing access/updates/information) 3
  4. 4. Saltland Learning Network Support for a few existing sites to extend SaltCap outside of WA (validate & ‘calibrate’ where saltland species grow) Esp. f Tall Wheat Grass, Puccinellia, Balansa Clover, Woolly for G C Clover, Sea Barley Grass and Saltbush Use e s g (SGS o o e ) s es that a eady have so e s e existing (SGSL or other) sites a already a e some site characterisation Some extra site characterisation S Support for measurements in 2010 & 2011 tf t i Site identified near Coomandook (has TWG, Pucci, various Saltbush p , p , y , ) species, Samphire, Sea Barley Grass, …) Demonstration of solutions for saltland where uptake currently poor 4
  5. 5. Conference, workshops, etc Resurrect something like the “Productive Use and Rehabilitation of Saline Lands” (PUR$L) conference/workshop series? ( ) p or Saltland Pastures Competition? Producer/practitioner focus (not aimed at scientists) or explore more on-line interactivity (podcasts, webinars, etc)? 5
  6. 6. Maintenance and management of M i t d t f 6
  7. 7. Interactive website aimed at landholders AND YOUR ADVISORS to help make the most of salt affected land salt-affected 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. Key FFI CRC Outputs Output 4.4 – National Saltland Service Centre – providing a path to adoption Saltland Genie website information delivery Saltland Skill t i i S ltl d Skills training course(s) i saline agriculture ( ) in li i lt Delivery of new R & D from other Saltland Systems projects Managing a Saltland Reference Group Very strong website Updating and adding to content Strong training WA; interest from SA, Vic, NSW, Tasmania? SaltCap sites (almost) – at last Realign project outputs? (number of producers, number of hectares, profitability) 9