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Hackdays, Hackathons and Challenges - updated with notes


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How hackdays are a vital part in creating an open data ecology

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Hackdays, Hackathons and Challenges - updated with notes

  1. 1. Hackdays, hackathons and ChallengesJulian Tait - @julianlstar
  2. 2. "Open data is changing the world - people andbusinesses, governments and cities are puttingincreasing amounts of their data online free forreuse using open standards. Just as the originalWeb of documents changed the way we live so toowill the Web of Linked Data. Manchester can be inthe vanguard of a new breed of 21st century city -cities which make their data freely availableproviding a base for innovation and the creation ofnew kinds of social and economic value." Prof. Nigel Shadbolt - Open Data Institute Co-instigator of
  3. 3. OpenData Cities Rochdale 206,500 Bolton Bury 262,400 183,300 Oldham 217,273 Wigan 305,500 Salford 218,000 Tameside Manchester 215,500 483,800 Trafford 211,800 Stockport 281,000An OpenData initiative forall of Greater Manchester
  4. 4. Where is everybody? OpenData Cities
  5. 5. Why are hackdays important • Raise profile of organisation • Increase impact • Create a conversation around the data • Create internal organisational leverage • Combat market failure • Pump prime data reuse • Opportunity to dip toes into water • Incentivise emergent practice
  6. 6. Value your developers -understand motivations • Reward • Status amongst peers • Opportunities to showcase work • Chance to network and hang out • Potential job opportunities • Chance to help out • Opportunity to create a product/business
  7. 7. Understand your ownorganisational motivations Is it to try and solve a particular issue? Is it to highlight the data that you are releasing? Commit to the project You are asking people to devote time, so resource the event - Catering - Access to data - Access to the organisation - Publicity
  8. 8. Being honest when it comes to IP Some events, mainly corporate ones that use commercially valuable data or processes, expect participants to share IP and or have restrictive exploitation rights. For events that use this model: • Terms and conditions need to be explicitly stated • The terms need to be fair • Care needs to be taken to balance T & Cs with opportunity and reward • Care needs to be taken as to the appropriateness of format • Doesn’t sit well with ‘open’ ethos
  9. 9. OpenData Manchester
  10. 10. ReittiGPS, 1st Prize (everyday solutions) RouteClock , 1st Prize (GUI inventions) Seutuseikkailu ,1st Prize (concepts)Markus Halttunen / Essentia Solutions Janne Käki Tuomas Husu & team AudioReitit , 2nd Prize Rate a Ride (GUI inventions) 2nd Prize (concepts) Juho Kostiainen Teemu LaineTässä.fi 2nd Prize (everyday solutions) Markus Tallgren & team / Addfore Technologies Andropas, Honorary Mention Aki Lehtinen Kyyti, Honorary Mention Ilkka Pirttimaa
  11. 11. Consortium of the CitySDK projectThe consortium consists of 22 partners in 9 European states. Inaddition to experienced SMEs, large ICT and media companiesand research partners the consortium includes eight cities, fivebeing Capital cities or Capital regions. The total population livingwithin the authority of piloting project partners’ organisations isover 31 million. Helsinki Manchester Amsterdam Rome Istanbul Barcelona Lisbon Lamia Transport Innovation Challenge - March 2013
  12. 12. Move*Manchester – An innovationchallenge to create smarter travelin GM • Prize fund and support £35,000 • Three day coding event • Public and private partners • Variety of prizes and incentives • Wrap around product development • Pizzas and coke
  13. 13. Top Tips for a successful event(not definitive) - Forward planning - Define what you would like to achieve - Engage the developer community early - Identify the channels that they use to communicate - Show organisational commitment - Partner with a respected digital business - Identify incentives - Engage local press - Identify and release relevant data with context - Attend the event - Publicise and support the results
  14. 14. Art and data
  15. 15. Art and data
  16. 16. Thank