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Engaging research centers in Africa on land use


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Presentation by Cheikh Mbow, Future Earth Science Committee member and Senior Scientist from the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), given at the 2nd Global Land Project Open Science Meeting in March 2014. The presentation considers the importance of building sustainable cooperation and capacity in African settings.

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Engaging research centers in Africa on land use

  1. 1. Engaging research centers in Africa on land use issues in support of Future Earth Cheikh Mbow, ICRAF, FE SC Member Berlin, 19 March 2014 Flash talk session, Global Land Project conference
  2. 2. Key Research Challenges related to land use in Africa • An increase in agricultural land, and a corresponding decrease in forest cover; • A sharp increase in heavily degraded lands from a combination of drivers; • A competition in the uses of land resources • Lack of critical links between various land management objectives
  3. 3. Managing the straddles between food and cash • Markets oriented or hunger sensitive land use systems – managing the game-changers food to cash, intensive to extensive etc.) • Improve and secure food production while preserving environmental sustainability • Clarify decisions spheres, participation, land planning, etc., in the context of decentralization
  4. 4. Harmonize land related information collection • LULC monitoring Framework, Indicators • An Ecosystem-Land Use System Information Base • Information support hub for decision making • Mainstreaming, capacity developement • Scale of the information (what scale for decision making?) and scaling-up good practices
  5. 5. Spheres interconnection of Research for development in Land use systems • A represents the space in which productive systems occur • B represents the space in which sustainability should be pursued Regulations, Rules, Integr ation, Research cannot have impact if these bubbles are not connected
  6. 6. Engaging Research Centers on main Challenges of Future Earth