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Derk Loorbach: Sustainability transitions research


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On 18 May, Karen O'Brien, Derk Loorbach and Steve Waddell participated in a discussion called "What is 'Transformation' and why is understanding its qualities important?" Follow their conversation to learn about how academics view and study the concept of "transformation."

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Derk Loorbach: Sustainability transitions research

  1. 1. mission twitter: @drk75 Dutch Research Institute For Transitions Guiding and accelerating sustainability transitions Institute of Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands Academic education, research, consultancy and activism 30 employees Founded in 2004
  2. 2. twitter: @drk75 Sustainability Transitions Research Research perspectives Socio-ecological Socio-technical Socio-institutional Non-linearity Multi-level Co-evolution Emergence Regimes Niches Health care Education Labor market Finance Energy Mobility Water Waste Forestry Fisheries Agriculture Biodiversity Governance approaches Analytical Experimental Evaluative Power Agency Discourse Visions Experimentation Learning Social innovation Experiments Programs Monitoring Transition arenas Niche experiments Action research Scenarios Governance Social learning Institutions Actors
  3. 3. twitter: @drk75 Transitions? A process of structural, non-linear systemic change in dominant culture, structure and practices that takes place over a period of decades (Rotmans et al, 2001, Grin et al, 2010) culture: shared values, paradigms, worldviews, discourses structure: institutions, economic structures, physical infrastructures practices: routines, behavior, action, lifestyles Explains persistency and lock-in as well as disruptive systemic change
  4. 4. twitter: @drk75 Dynamics of transitions (Loorbach, 2014)
  5. 5. twitter: @drk75 Transition management: ‘activist’ research • Sustainability transitions are uncertain and unmanageable • Achieving rapid desirable transitions is urgent and possible • Society needs to reinvent itself through experimentation • Researchers can help facilitate these processes Scaling and mainstreaming transformative innovations Institutionalisation, prohibiting, regulating Phasing-out, breaking-down Adjusting and learning Monitoring, evaluating and learning Institutional and structural changes, new networks/ coalitions Breakthrough actions, projects and initiatives, new organisations Problem structuring, shared sense of urgency, guiding visions Time 1950 2000 2020 2040 Guiding values and future images System analysi s 1 2 4