ARC [College] - Building Alumni Affairs Infrastructure


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Presentation on Building Alumni Affairs Infrastructure. Presented at Alumni Relations Conference held at ISB, Mohali [India] on 29th March, 2014.


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  • Sharing examples of few visions/missions
  • Example of BITS Pilani Alumni Offices
  • This model is one wherein an alum is responsible for the institutional office and manages the alumni association as well. 2-3 people full time.
  • DrVeeky to share about model between BITSAA and AAD (Finances, Accountablity)
  • Sample model between alumni office and alumni association which can be used. Very clear role & calendar of activities needs to be defined.
  • Can ask for questions (If any)
  • ARC [College] - Building Alumni Affairs Infrastructure

    1. 1. #arcindia Building & Managing Alumni Affairs Infrastructure Session Delivery: Dr Veeky Baths, Mr. Deepit Gupta
    2. 2. #arcindia Current Scenario of Alumni Relations in India Alumni Associations running independently No/limited HR & Budget at the institutional office Institutions look at alumni for fundraising only
    3. 3. #arcindia • Provides direct link between alumni and their alma mater • Engage alumni with their alma mater and with each other • Promote alumni participation in development of the institution • Increase brand recall through showcasing alumni Why set up an alumni office? Synergy with CAS/TPO CommunicationData Life Long Learning
    4. 4. #arcindia Alumni Office – The Essentials Institutional Office Vision, Mission & Principles HR (Student & Faculty) Budget Calendar of activities Data
    5. 5. #arcindia InstitutionalOffice Vision/Mission HR(Student&Faculty Team) Calendarofactivities Budget Alumni Affairs Foundation
    6. 6. #arcindia What’s your alumni office vision/mission? Vision
    7. 7. #arcindia Stanford Mission The Stanford Alumni Association seeks to reach, serve and engage all Stanford alumni and students; to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the University and its graduates; and to provide the University with goodwill and support. IIM Bangalore Mission The IIMB Alumni Association aims to link the alumni to the institution, develop synergistic plans to support the institution and achieve its vision, and to enable the institute to add value to all its stakeholders. BITS Vision Maximize the potential of BITS-ians and BITS Pilani UIET Vision To inspire and engage alumni in a mutually beneficial lifelong relationship for constant growth & development of UIET and its alumni network. Examples of Vision/Mission
    8. 8. #arcindia HR for Alumni Office An ideal model of employing HR for the alumni office (with limited resources) includes forming a faculty team to support various projects of the office along with a student team for running daily operations. Part Time Full Time Student Volunteers
    9. 9. #arcindia HR for Alumni Office BITS Pilani AAD – P AAD – G AAD – H AAD – D CHAIRMAN, AAD Faculty In Charge Faculty In Charge Faculty In ChargeFaculty In Charge Office Assistant Office Assistant Office Assistant Office Assistant Student Assistants Student Assistants Student Assistants Student Assistants Student Volunteers Student Volunteers Student Volunteers Student Volunteers
    10. 10. Activity
    11. 11. #arcindia Divide yourselves into groups of 3 Share your story with fellow delegates -How is your alumni office structured? - What is currently lacking in the structure? - Focus Areas for a better Organizational Structure Activity
    12. 12. #arcindia Budget Areas of investment • Setting up of an office at the institution • HR Expenses • Events • Travel Expenses • Hospitality of visiting Alumni/HR/Student Team • Investment in Social Media
    13. 13. #arcindia Calendar of Activities Semester – I Semester - II Jan to April • Awards Invitation and screening August • Convocation April • Director’s Tea Party • Batch Snaps • Souvenir & yearbook distribution September to December • Alumni Affairs Division (AAD) Registrations October • Announcement of Awards November • Director’s Tea Party Through the semesters – On-Campus Talks BITS Pilani – Goa Campus Calendar
    14. 14. #arcindia The Essentials • Data Gathering Project • Reach out to Alumni Regularly • Alumni Events (Focused at all Stakeholders). • Career advancement of students through mentorship, projects, internships and jobs • Growth & development of the alma mater through fundraising campaigns & events Calendar of Activities
    15. 15. #arcindia • Building connections with recent graduates can and will lead to a lifetime of engagement • It is easier to cultivate engaged students than to try and develop alumni relations once they have already graduated. “When we know more, we will know better how to do more” Data
    16. 16. #arcindia What can Data teach us? Targeting: • Who, where, what? Timing: • When ? Medium: • How?
    17. 17. #arcindia Enquiry Channels E-mail Telephone Student Welfare Division Convocation data Yearbook Website BITS Pilani – Capturing of Data
    18. 18. #arcindia Office & Alumni Associations • Synergy between the institutional alumni office and Alumni Association needs to be strong • Case studies: – IIM Bangalore – BITS Pilani
    19. 19. #arcindia Office & Alumni Associations
    20. 20. #arcindia BITSAA International Board of Directors Batch Ambassadors Council Chapter Leadership Council 2 Vice – Chairmen CEO, BITSAA (Coordinator/Secretary) Chairman, BITSAA Chapter Leaders Chairman, BITSAA Batch Leaders Board of Advisors Retiring Board members of BITSAA International Office & Alumni Associations
    21. 21. #arcindia Alumni Office Alumni Association Role Data gathering Build alumni movement (promoting membership) Communicating to alumni Organize events for interests of alumni Engaging alumni CAS Social events Giving back to institution Network enhancement through chapters Structure Board of Governors Office & Alumni Associations
    22. 22. #arcindia Last few pointers from our side: - Don’t expect results so soon (Like 1 or 2 years) - Treat alumni like your family (Biggest key to success).
    23. 23. #arcindia Thank You!