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Facebook and Communicating with Teens and Young Adults is part of Fuse’s ongoing Youth Culture Insights Series to educate those who wish to speak more effectively to teens and young adults. The series includes information on media behavior, social
media, design, web strategy, the future concerns of millennials, and other relevant topics for marketers trying to reach this demographic. For more white papers in this series, go to http://www.facebook.com/FuseLLC.

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Fuse 1 facebook

  1. 1. YOUTH CULTURE INSIGHTS SERIESNOTE Fuse has developed an ongoing Youth Culture Insights Series to Myth educate those who wish to speak Facebook is free, hundreds of millions of people are using it and teens and young adults LOVE it — more effectively to teens and young so why not tap into it as a marketing tool? This is the rationale often found at the core of a Facebook adults. The series includes marketing campaign even by many sophisticated organizations. While the rationale is factually correct, information on media behavior, social the decision to establish a presence on Facebook requires a much more robust plan than simply media, design, web strategy, the turning on a page and appointing a manager to post information. Yes, accounts are free and yes, much future concerns of millennials, and of youth culture is obsessed with it, but the decision to market on Facebook should not be entered into other relevant topics for marketers lightly despite its low barrier to entry. trying to reach this demographic. TruthABOUT Founded in 1995, Fuse is a leading youth culture marketing agency that Building an effective Facebook presence requires a well-planned strategy, devoted resources andFUSE connects brands with teens and consistent attention. A vital ingredient of every Facebook strategy is understanding the social nature of the Facebook community. This aspect shapes all communications between individuals and requires young adults. Fuse provides brand that brands relate to teens and young adults on their terms. Brands on Facebook should be casual, strategy, event marketing, PR, interesting, and fun (whether that is in the DNA of the brand or not.) It also means Facebook is not to design, social media, and digital be used as a blatant sales tool. Young people using Facebook want to be entertained and informed services to brands and companies with interesting and timely content. The light and casual nature of the medium must guide the that include Mountain Dew, messaging strategy and content of any brands posts. Gatorade, Harley-Davidson, P&G, Gillette, Nike, and others. Another key understanding that brands need to have is that youth culture doesn’t use Facebook the same way they use the web. In many cases a young consumer’s first digital point of contact with a brand will be the brand’s website. But a website must cater to numerous audiences, so it can be challenging to portray a brand’s essence amidst all the other required information. When that same consumer visits the brand’s Facebook page, they should be provided more insights and detail about FIND US ONLINE fusemarketing.com the brand, not a reintroduction to it. A Facebook page can exist soley to express a brand’s personality and attributes. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK facebook.com/FuseLLC Implications for Brands FOLLOW US ON TWITTER twitter.com/fuse_marketing Before starting or modifying a Facebook strategy, it’s crucial to have a content approach, a well-defined voice, and the commitment to relate to youth culture in this environment on their own terms. We can offer two pieces of advice supported by successful Facebook efforts: 1)select a person EMAIL US AT info@fusemarketing.com to develop and manage the brand’s Facebook page based on their personality, digital communication skills and their understanding of the medium - not just availability, convenience, title or department; 2) never lose sight of the fact that youth culture is impacted most effectively by visuals, so liberally use photos and video that communicate the brand’s essence. MAIN OFFICE VT P.O. Box 4509 Burlington, VT / 05406 SATELLITE OFFICE NY 12 Desbrosses Street New York, NY / 10013