If you can see it, you can change it


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A lightning tour through hackable energy monitoring technology.

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If you can see it, you can change it

  1. 1. If you can see it, you can change it Visualising Energy James Smith AMEE
  2. 2. Introduction James Smith Development Manager for AMEE History: C++ development The Carbon Diet Green Thing
  3. 3. Energy Yesterday Scarce Strong link to energy use Domestic Agricultural You have to carry your energy around! http://www.flickr.com/photos/wheatfields/112388712/
  4. 4. Energy Today Ubiquitous ...but Invisible Don't have to lug electricity around Closest is filling tank with petrol Direct Debits Even less visibility How much am I even using? Forget about it! http://www.flickr.com/photos/atlih/2261065726/
  5. 5. But, there's a problem Exponential growth Ever-increasing energy needs Energy Monoculture Peak X Climate Change We need to get back in contact with our energy http://www.flickr.com/photos/xcbiker/740500486/
  6. 6. Making energy visible again Need to find ways to make the invisible, visible Make energy a visible, tangible thing Without lugging wood around! http://www.flickr.com/photos/kevinmiller/773233665/
  7. 7. Openness Too important for closed solutions! Open Data Open Standards Open Source DIY approach http://www.flickr.com/photos/mag3737/1914076277/
  8. 8. Exposing Energy Three steps Measure Communicate Visualise = Understanding http://www.flickr.com/photos/moria/393087509/
  9. 9. Measurement First stage Electricity Easy of access Easy to measure Gas, Oil Harder, but progress being made Petrol, Diesel Big integration http://www.flickr.com/photos/ppdigital/2327889692/
  10. 10. CurrentCost Realtime Display Simple to install Data output XML data over serial port http://www.currentcost.com
  11. 11. Wi-Eye From Eco-Eye Data logger USB connection Binary data file 4-second history http://www.eco-eye.com
  12. 12. Smart Meters More accurate Less open Energy company normally owns data First Utility Data export Long term, ideal solution http://www.firstutility.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/freefoto/2961431969/
  13. 13. National Grid Data feeds Demand Frequency http://www.nationalgrid.com/uk/Electricity/Data/Realtime/Frequency/Freq60.htm
  14. 14. Homebrew Custom sensors Arduino boards Co-opted APIs Twitter Examples Andy Stanford-Clarke The Energy Crowd Homecamp http://www.homecamp.org.uk
  15. 15. Communication Data is good Accessible data is better Make energy data linkable & shareable Privacy & security concerns Co-opted APIs Twitter http://www.flickr.com/photos/mimirnm/1664474078/
  16. 16. Pachube Web API for sensor data Publishing Sharing Subscribing No restrictions on data type Temperature Energy Cat doors (?) http://www.pachube.com
  17. 17. AMEE Open API for energy data Warehousing Stores energy data Structured Context Analytics Carbon calculations built in Standard calculation methodologies Network Sharing energy data http://www.amee.com
  18. 18. AMEE API (Storage) Request: POST /profiles/4737069901D3/home/energy/quantity HTTP/1.1 Accept: application/xml Content­Type: application/x­www­form­urlencoded startDate=2009­03­19T16%3A51%3A00%2B00%3A00&energyConsumption=10& energyConsumptionUnit=kWh&dataItemUid=66056991EE23& energyConsumptionPerUnit=month Response: HTTP/1.1 201 CREATED Location: http://{server}/profiles/4737069901D3/home/energy/ quantity/F7C0580D088A Content­Type: text/plain http://my.amee.com/developers
  19. 19. AMEE API (Retrieval) Many output formats XML JSON Atom Especially good for time-series feeds http://my.amee.com/developers
  20. 20. Visualisation Provides feedback Active Simple User-friendly Passive Subconscious http://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_beaver/3486761520/
  21. 21. The Carbon Diet Data entry Manual Some automation Provide accurate carbon feedback Use social networking techniques to encourage awareness http://www.carbondiet.org
  22. 22. Realtime Electricity Usage Currentcost Ruby daemon AMEE 1-minute resolution Atom feed Web display Desktop Mobile http://my.amee.com/demo/1
  23. 23. Virtual Reality AMEE Carbon Goggles Show CO2 footprint of objects in Second Life http://carbongoggles.org
  24. 24. Augmented Reality Pachube feeds in AR Show data feeds overlaid on real world Camera phones http://blog.pachube.com/2009/06/pachube-augmented-reality-demo-with.html
  25. 25. Demand Response Can I Turn It On? Electricity demand Grid frequency If frequency is high: Excess capacity on grid And vice versa Includes an API... http://www.caniturniton.com
  26. 26. The Tealight Uses caniturniton.com API Green: OK to make tea :) Red: Don't make tea :( http://chrisadams.me.uk/2009/04/24/tea-arduino-and-dynamic-demand/
  27. 27. Boodlage Audio feedback Boodler soundscape generator Subconscious feedback Data Demo: Tone linked to grid frequency Useful: A “storm” breaks when you use too much energy http://github.com/Floppy/boodlage http://www.flickr.com/photos/khalid-almasoud/241924810/
  28. 28. AMEE Energy Identity Central location your for Meters energy data Cards Under your control Share with whoever you want Energy companies Websites Displays Displays Web Visualise and monitor live, all around you http://www.amee.com
  29. 29. The Future Openness will set you free Allows unimaginable applications Too important to be left to big business … so get out there and create! http://www.flickr.com/photos/gmacorig/177302248/
  30. 30. James Smith james@amee.com http://www.amee.com http://www.floppy.org.uk http://twitter.com/floppy