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Community Centric Communication Agency for Game Developers and Publishers

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  • Seti pr presentation

    1. 1. To partner with us
    2. 2. about us who we are ‘ Seti has been founded by industry veterans as Turkey’s biggest gaming know-how center. We use our knowledge and experience to create product and services.
    3. 3. about us what we do : MEDIA Seti Media operates several media products all exclusive to Gaming Market. We are well known for high content quality and innovation in our mediums.  PUBLIC / CM RELATIONS Using our 15 years of Business Development and Media experience, Seti created a special set of PR services fully dedicated to game market. Z B CONSULTANCY Seti partners with biggest technology and telecomunication companies in their gaming projects. We are also excelled at content and project management EVENT/VENUE MANAGEMENT We organized the very first gaming and esports events and since then we are the organizers of most of the gaming events in Turkey..
    4. 4.  We do PR… Seti PR… Dedicated for gaming! [ I
    5. 5. setıpr what kind of an agency? Pouring the years of market experience in Seti PR. A non-traditional creative communications agency dedicated to our passion: Games!
    6. 6. Why a dıfferentapproach we’re aware of your problems - T   Communıty problems Brand awareness Parental sıtuatıons Low roı Hacking, swearing, cheati ng are the undeniable problems of our communities and we know it. Let’s call those churned ones. Longer life for acquisitons! Product&Services PR is just the half of the job. Don’t you want make the gamers excited about your next title? Let’s fortify your corporate image for B2C+B2B. Do you think we should communicate only with the gamers or media? Think again. Creating a correct perception is the key for parents. Let them allow us to play! Low costs, maximum coverage. Our proven, creative, methods and marketing plans guarantee it! Let’s create brand ambassadors and start incentives.
    7. 7. "Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Online Communities, I Learned from Jurassic Park” Valerie Massey Senior Director of Communications CCP
    8. 8.  Wıld forest… But we know the way around…
    9. 9. aboutturkey a market on the rise   36M Internet Population PLAYING ONLINE %40 3 @online 31h/month # ARPPU 21€ (MMO) i 6 220M € Market Size %18 Growth Rate
    10. 10. Concretejungle Turkish players S Loyal Love to drag along friends Quick learners • • • Potential whales avoid F2P Room for monetization Moves along with masses • • • W • • • Hard to monetize Easily gets bored Usual trolls • • • O Hackers, cheaters Bad tempered Can cause mass MAU losses T
    11. 11. “ TRY TEASE JOIN Quality traffic means a higher ARPU
    12. 12. II e We deliver personalized service Tailored for budgets and market expectations 
    13. 13. setıpr our vision K É Û Communıty centrıc approach In addition to traditional PR services, we work with your community management teams as well. Creating stories for every segments of PR, plus gaining the hearts of new players and staying in touch with existing ones. Long term exposure Short pulses are not for us. We believe in growing your reputation solid for your company and products&services. creatıve methods wıth real targets Let us breath in your company culture then we become one of you. Let’s stay real but everything is in our reach.
    14. 14. howwedoıt about our services Step1 Tailored RoadMaps Step 3 B2B+B2C Brand Awareness Media Relations Ideas Step2 Community&Special Interest Ambassadors Marketing Build Ups Event Management Social Media Consultancy Higher Registration>MAU Conversion Engaged Audience
    15. 15. howwedoıt PR happens everywhere Communities Quality Engagement Specialized Social Media ~30 Mil Exposure Gaming Communities ~5 Mil Gaming Media ~2 Mil Quantity Mass Media ~70 Mil Medias Casual
    16. 16. Perceptıonsegments PUBLIC is not only the target audience but also means the parents and politics as well… ORGANIC PERCEPTION GROWTH s a medıa the channels bureucrats the ones putting restrictions Gamers Your potential ambassadors b J parents the ones we need permission B2b partners the ones caring about your image LET’S CREATE WAYS OF REACH
    17. 17. “ The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. Robertson Davies
    18. 18. events E-sports x Only PR agency with a venue ready and E-sports history V 9
    19. 19. venue The Game for Big Kids @ @ Central Location / Zincirlikuyu District @ Located in a five star hotel @ 1500sqm / Full Bar & Kitchen @ Simultaneous Screening on 30+ HD Screens @ 8 Full HD Projections / 30 Full HD TV’s @ Sound Isolated Rooms for Competing Teams VIP rooms for Press and Business Partners @ Extended Branding Options (inc. Digital) Highest Level Tech Substructure @ @ @ World’s Biggest and Most Luxurious Gaming Club Metro Fiber / 20Mbits/s Upload Speed
    20. 20. esports 13 years of experience Progaming Events CPL 2001-2004 WCG 2001-2007 ESWC 2003-2004 ACON 2005-2006 Asus WGT 2006 - 2007 ESL 2008 – 2013 Gaming Events Gamex 2007 Asus G Series Launch Abit Fragfest Sony Killzone & Infamous Launch Sapphire Summer Games TeknoSA Cebit Game Festival Intel Cebit Gaming Booth HP Gamefest 2013
    21. 21.  Thıs’s how we do ıt! Strongest bond between Community Management and PR  We’re the missing link in communications
    22. 22. ourreferences who enjoyed our company
    23. 23. CASESTUDIES Wargaming Turkey Launch Party What client needed Wargaming told us to fortify their “rockstar image” for Turkish gaming press. What we dıd We planned and executed a cool press lounge and a rocking party with participation of press&community. Results Over 150 press member participation, tons of coverage
    24. 24. CASESTUDIES Tiglon-Square Enix Hitman: Absolution Launch What client needed The company needed the awareness of mainstream TV and newspapers before the press meeting. What we dıd We thought a street viral would work. We combined the awareness with the press event. Results “Search for 47” event hit the prime time news. GI media participation was enormous.
    25. 25. CASESTUDIES Crytek Istanbul Office Launch What client needed Crytek needed a high media attendance for the Istanbul office opening. The event should look “formal. What we dıd We chose the Çırağan Palace for the authentic look. Invited the Technology&Industry Minister of Turkey. Results With the participation of the Minister, the coverage of the meeting beat the expentancies.
    26. 26. CASESTUDIES DAO Games City of Steam Press Meeting What client needed The company needed to get in touch with gaming media mostly. They needed the organic relationship. What we dıd We figured “steampunk cosplay party” should do the trick! We used the game’s theme itself! Results A themed cosplay party in a historical place, SI media instantly became the part of community!
    27. 27. contact us we’re based in İSTANBUL, TR LETS TALK ABOUT DETAILS We’re always interested about your feedback. With clear targets and mutually sharing experiences, we will always customize our services to better match your needs.  CONTACT t +90 (537) 653 33 96 t +90 (216) 465 98 50  MAIL/SKYPE skype umithan2  visit us Manolya 22, Goksu Evleri, A.Hisari, IST