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Exploring the design process #wcchi


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What is the best way to handle the design process? Photoshop, design in the browser, handling responsive design all while handling client expectations.

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Exploring the design process #wcchi

  1. 1. Stacy Kvernmo ! @funstacy ! WebDevStudios
  2. 2. ! Looks good but…“ ”
  3. 3. ! Looks good but lets make the logo bigger “ ”
  4. 4. it needs to pop “ ”
  5. 5. Clients don't know how to be good clients
  6. 6. Clients will always ask you to make their logo bigger, prescribe solutions, and ask you to do things that will make you smack your forehead. You can roll your eyes at how much they don’t understand about design or you can roll up your sleeves and begin practicing your craft by helping them clarify what they need. ! - Mike Monteiro, Design is a Job “ ”
  7. 7. Web Design is 95% Typography
  8. 8. Contrastis pretty cool
  9. 9. being subtle is also cool
  10. 10. betterbad
  11. 11. design in the browser
  12. 12. ? design in the browser
  13. 13. Items in these PSD files may appear different in real life !
  14. 14. + many more
  15. 15. Let’s change the phrase “designing in the browser” to “deciding in the browser” - Dan Moll
  16. 16. clients need visuals mood boards!!! element atomic design (and pattern lab)
  17. 17. Smashing Magazine has a great comparison A Few Responsive Web Design Tools
  18. 18. Adobe Edge Reflow CC
  19. 19.
  20. 20. What does this mean for our design process?
  21. 21. QA Checklist ! Run theme through Theme Check plugin Site wide design elements (including formatting defaults: h1-h6, blockquotes, captions, image alignments, galleries) Design Review - check against PSD Test all forms 404 page Search result page Archives page (author, categories, tags, other) Favicon Open Graph Info Login Page? customized? Bug testing Cross browser compatibility test in: IE8 IE9 IE10 IE11 Firefox - Mac Firefox - PC Safari Chrome - Mac Chrome - PC ! Device Testing: Tablet: landscape & portrait (Nexus 7, iPad(s), Kindle, others?) Android (portrait and landscape) iPhone (portrait and landscape) Windows Phone (portrait and landscape)