Idiot proof roulette system winning every time you play


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I rank in over 10.000 Dollars every month playing Roulette

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Idiot proof roulette system winning every time you play

  1. 1. The Benefits RouletteKiller Software has given me from the desk of : Andy Veerhoven 14: 43 PM GMT This page shows some stuff ive bought for myself with the winnings of the Software. I don`t want to be a showoff (even tough im really proud of my success so far) Id rather want to give you a glimpse on the possibilities , such a tiny piece of software could open up for you. With what should a man start to present himself? Right, with his car :) Here you see a pic of my baby. Bought it around 4-5 months ago.. since then i always have a big fat grin on my face when heading for the garage. This porsche 911 has 408 ps, 540 Nm and goes near the 300 km /h (295 to be exact) from zero to 100km/h in 4.5 secs.. Yiiiiiiiha! :) Download Roulette System Here Generated by at 5/10/2010 12:45:43 PM URL:
  2. 2. My restroom.. I had those 2 plasmas (one for xboxing one for Tv) Both where Ebay junk (the left one is a Maqma german brand, right one a Conrac , also german stuff) . While the Maqma has still great colors but got messed up after an update from the satellite software, the Conrac simply imploded one night with a big BLOB. (only voice, no more pics) After the repair i sold it off while i gifted my little brother with the maqma to play his games on. And then after a real great roulette playing night ... see next pic i gifted myself with a Philips 42 PF9731D/10 ! (retails at around 3600 EUR = near the 5000 usd mark . Don`t flame me here, frankly im to lazy to check the dollar course right now ;) This baby is able to make TRUE HD resolutions in 1920 * 1080 Pixels and has the cool Ambilight feature (really great also when playing console games) On the right side you see my workplace.. I use a brand new Alienware ALX System customized for my needs that was close to 5000 EUR (Dell 24 Inch Monitor not included ;) If you look VEERY closely you see the Page on the monitor .. Generated by at 5/10/2010 12:45:43 PM URL:
  3. 3. Lastly a statement of my Swiss Bank account from the 19.0607. You see i collected some bucks.. no millionaire yet but getting there ;) OK DUDE I WANT IN.. TELL ME MORE ABOUT THIS FABULOUS ROULETTE PLAYING SOFTWARE Generated by at 5/10/2010 12:45:43 PM URL: