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Menu and photos

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Fb Presentation

  1. 1. The Funkybaker funk y bak er [fuhng-kee bey-ker] One who makes addictive, blissful, cardinal, delicious, euphoric, fabulous, great, heavenly, indulgent, joyous, knock-out, lascivious, magical, noteworthy, outstanding, phenomenal, rapturous, sinful, tasty, unique, valiant, wonderful, yummy and zany desserts… Cheryl F. English 845.702.5348
  2. 2. Menu Cookies $24/2 dz. Pies $15 Chocolate Chip Apple w/wo crumb topping Oatmeal Rum Raisin Blueberry (seasonal) Peanut Butter Cherry (seasonal) Lemon Shortbread Peach (seasonal) Jam Thumbprints Pecan Sugar Chocolate Pecan 3x the Ginger Sweet Potato Pumpkin (seasonal) Key Lime Brownies $15/dz. Tasty Bread $10 Fudgy Goodness w/wo Nuts Banana Nut Bittersweet Low Fat Apple Cheesecake Cranberry Nut (seasonal) Caramel Pumpkin Streusel (seasonal) Gimme S’mores Zucchini Choco Cherry Chunk Some Like it Hot Cakes 14 Karat - 3 layers of moist carrot cake, loaded with raisins, walnuts & pineapple, 2 creamy cheesecake layers & frosted with cream cheese buttercream $40 Coconut - 2 layer vanilla cake, lemon curd filling, frosted with boiled icing & covered in toasted coconut $30 Black and White - 2 layer dense chocolate cake, cheesecake filling & frosted with chocolate buttercream $40 Butta - 3 layer yellow cake with chocolate buttercream $25 Bundt a la Mavis - Orange/lemon bundt cake with a tart lemon glaze $20 Coquito Lucy - 2 layer Rum cake with Coquito buttercream (Seasonal) $35 A Lil’ Somethin Special $30/2 dz Red Velvet Spheres - Red Velvet cake Custom Cakes start at $120 rolled into balls with cream cheese frosting and dipped in semi-sweet or white chocolate Cookie/Brownie platters Cheesecake Pops - Creamy cheesecake available upon request on a stick that can be enrobed in chocolate or rolled in nuts or graham crackers or... The possiblities are endless, let your imagination go wild!