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CMI Overview

  1. 1. Managing the Business of IT Introduction to CMI “Contributing to the Success of IT for 20 Years” Presenter: Frank Ungarten ©2011 Configuration Management, Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Agenda• CMI Overview – Enterprise solutions – CMI’s specialty skills – Staffing solutions• Saving solutions and value-adds – Delivered service-based pricing – Consumption-based pricing• Potential alignments• Diverse supplier verification• Next steps ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. CMI OverviewOur Focus:• 20 years in business• IT Consulting, Managed Services• Talent Management & StaffingOur Core Areas of Expertise:• Enterprise SW Configuration Management• Full Application Lifecycle Management (inception to deployment)• Quality Software Development• People Alignment/Technology ProcessOur Innovative Services & Approach:• Consulting Services in the Cloud  Pay for what you need  Milestone pricing• Management of vendor evaluations ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. CMI’s Enterprise SolutionsAreas of ESCM Support• Change Control• Release Management• Source Code Management• Build Engineering• Packaging and Deployment• Environment Configuration Complete Positions • Managed services • Program management • Best Practices Advisor • Hosted (Cloud, Tools) • Staff augmentation • Training ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Process Compliant FrameworksCMI has extensive knowledge andbest practices around improvingapplication development productivityand effectiveness.We accelerate organizational maturityat all levels, with proven techniquesthat focus on improving the qualityspeed and cost of softwaredevelopment. ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. ESCM Consulting Cloud Services • Pay based on demand • Transparency • Pay based on delivery • Best practices • Quicker time to market • Software & tool agnostic • 24/7 operations ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Staffing Services• CMI’s staffing division recruits for both permanent and contingent IT labor• Our recruiters average 14 years of experience• Solid database of contacts built over two decades• We recruit for a wide breadth of technical skills and all-levels of experience• Our candidates usually have a strong understanding of SDLC & IT development ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. Internship Cooperative Program • Cooperatively managed resource • Flexible/scalable models • Value-addition with strong ROI – High retention rates – Short-term value – Long-term value • Strong business case for promoting goodwill ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. CMI Valued Customers ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. Differentiators of our ServicesCMI is the thought-leader on Enterprise Software Configuration Management • 20 Years of Enterprise Software Configuration Management • Proven Configuration Management best practices • Tool agnostic service providerExperience managing the shift from a time and material staffing approach to afunctioning supplier-managed service • Flexible staff augmentation solutions for building permanent & consulting teams • Human capital management program • Supplier-managed services/cooperative management • Reduce the burden on your management • Incur less risk • Leverage innovative solutionsPricing structure based on delivered services not time & materials • Define service components that drive cost • Direct the cost of services to the consumers of the serviceFlexible consumption-based models • Support changes in service demand • Improved ROI through service optimization • Drive improved quality and lower costs ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. Engagement: Cisco Systems CMI was engaged to help define a Configuration Management® (CM) environment for a new business unit by recommending a set of tools from numerous ones available. Cisco did not require our CMI Assessed Cisco’s assistance with the applicable corporate implementation of our infrastructure (existing recommendations as all of tools, scripts, etc.) and CM the tools were already practices of other business operational at units. Collaborated with the Cisco had an extensive major stakeholders within infrastructure of tools the organization and which were suitable for developed a formal set of the implementation of the recommendations over a new business units CM period of eight weeks. environment. This was a comprehensive Health Assessment® as it spanned the entire SDLC CMI evaluated the existing including requirements, development, tools and make a testing, CM and production deployment. recommendation. ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. Engagement: General Motors Provided onsite support for Telelogic (IBM) CM/Synergy & Change/Synergy tools Provided onsite support Provided onsite support for in-house developed for PC Deployment Lotus Notes application Services. (VINCR) Assisted in the design and Supported successful implementation of SCM audits to GMs Process, standardizing proprietary SDP-21 this process across the standardized process entire software model. organization. ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  13. 13. Engagement: Authentidate CMI was engaged to automate the build process and release mechanisms. CMI worked effectively with CMI provided onsite support other teams on integration and administration of CVS and release issues. Source Control. CMI provided developers CMI performed daily builds with technical and and produce Windows administrative support for product installers using source code control issues. InstallSheild. ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  14. 14. Engagement: Digital Motorworks CMI conducted a Health Assessment® of the SCM process. CMI migrated and properly Conducting the structured the existing Implementation phase, codebase from CVS over to involved translating the ClearCase high level SCMP. Configured ClearCase UCM, and identified the best UCM solution for clients needs utilizing stream Integrated ClearCase with hierarchy, promotion ClearQuest for defect methodology and composite tracking. baseline strategies. ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  15. 15. Engagement: Digital Motorworks Created reports that provide management with meaningful metrics on the software development efforts, as well as templates and work-aids for the Change Control Board. The stable and well- documented environment Lastly, CMI provided full- was finally transitioned to time onsite the client in a Training ClearCase/ClearQuest Phase which ensures the support to manage the team sees the full day-to-day operations of productivity increases the the SCM environment. new process and tool allow. ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  16. 16. Engagements: Raydon Corporation CMI worked collaboratively Raydon Corporation, the with over 30 Raydon leader in innovative resources covering the simulation training products following focus areas for both and solutions for the United hardware and software: States Armed Services, • Integrated Processes procured consulting services • Configuration Management® Planning from CMI to perform on-site • Configuration Change Management Assessment/Gap analysis of • Configuration Identification current Raydon Configuration • Configuration Control • Configuration Status Accounting Management® (CM) practices • Configuration Verification & Audit against industry best • Configuration Corrective Action practices. • Configuration Release Management and Delivery ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  17. 17. Engagement: Pearson VUE Pearson VUE, the leading provider of global computer- based testing solutions, engaged CMI to perform an onsite Assessment/Gap analysis of its current CM practices against industry best practices. Disciplines assessed CMI worked included: collaboratively with over •Release Management (RM) •Software Testing (QA) 40 Pearson VUE •Configuration Management® (CM) resources to identify •Change Management (CH) how the cross-functional •Software Development (SW) •Requirements Management (RQ) disciplines impact the •Program/Project Management (PM) Release Management •Automation (AM) •Vendor Integration (VM) discipline. ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  18. 18. Engagement: DST DST Communications was considering the conversion of their CM environment from PVCS VersionManager to Subversion within the CollabNet’s SourceForge (now TeamForge) Enterprise. DST engaged CMI to CMI provided specific perform a technical analysis recommendations for the of their environment to implementation of best in make recommendations for class branching and merging the conversion to ensure its using Subversion and success. DST had a very reengineering of their build complex software environment. development environment. ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  19. 19. Examples of Engagements: UBS • Phase I – collaborate with the initial software development group to integrate and optimize the planned version control and build environment defined as This Health Assessment® Subversion, Maven and Nexus. focused on identifying the key • Phase II – collaborate with the initial issues for implementation of a software development group to extend the planned environment by integrating new infrastructure for a pilot TeamForge and Hudson. Integrate and project. CMI is working with optimize these tools with the Phase I UBS on the following consulting build environment defined as Subversion, Maven and Nexus. and implementation support in • Phase IIII – collaborate with the initial a phased approach: software development group to transition all of the supported applications into the new environment. Provide operational support to the development team once migrated to the new environment. ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  20. 20. Engagement: Alcatel-Lucent A long term customer of CMI is Alcatel-Lucent, where we have been providing support for their software configuration management for 11 years. CMI started at Alcatel-Lucent by Alcatel-Lucent was able to save making specific $2M annually through the recommendations to improve implementation of standards their operation, helping to and automation by: implement those recommendations and evolving • Reducing the average to currently provide the software component build operational support for its time from 8 hours to 2 hours, CDMA Wireless Network and Solution (a very complex • Creation of a new CDMA application with several Product Release from 5 days hundred software developers to 10 hours. working concurrently across 5 continents). ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  21. 21. Engagement: Capital One Providing support for Software The benefits of these Configuration Management® for 9 years. recommendations were CMI’s initial Health improved efficiency, reduced Assessment® showed that cost, and higher quality there was no standard through the implementation process, procedures or tools of standards and the supporting change control centralized management of or software configuration software configuration and management. control. Establishment of a processes, procedures and a management Reduction in the average frameworks. Management & software build time from 2 Control of Entry/Exit criteria for hours to 15 minutes delivery of software. through the Management & Control of implementation of Software Dependencies. standards and automation. Automation to speed the software construction process and improve its quality. $2M annual savings in $3M annual savings resulting software licenses resulting from the optimization of from the standardization resources supporting release and optimization of change management and Software control and version control Configuration Management®. tools. ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  22. 22. Engagement: Sony Electronics CMI first defined Sony’s CM Process for the set of activities defined by Sony Electronics. Necessary training and CMI installed and transfer of knowledge. configured PVCS Version Manager and rolled out the new toolset into production. A large part of this engagement was providing automation through PVCS perl trigger scripts to improve efficiency between Remedy and PVCS Version Manager Interface. CMI enhanced the tool configuration through scripts and triggers. ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  23. 23. Engagements: General Dynamics Within the Area Air Defense Command program (AADC) within General Dynamics Advance Information Systems (GDAIS) CMI assessent and optimized the Configuration Management and Data management (CMDM) organization. Conducted a Configuration Management Current State Assessment in order to identify a strategic direction for ongoing configuration management initiatives. Divided current ClearQuest database into separate databases based on CMI documented and functional team integration version controlled each of as well as do field by field the engineering teams evaluation in the CQ processes. database to delete unused fields CMI developed user CMI Implemented training and consistent branching documents for conventions for engineering teams that documents and good includes screen shots build practices. from the tools. ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  24. 24. Why CMI? • Executive alignment • Proven solutions • Access to CMI industry experts • Robust enterprise recruiting engine • Complete resource management • Flexible usage model • Flexible cost model • Proven transition process • Commitment to training • Referenceable client-base ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  25. 25. The CMI Difference Partnership-based approach Commitment to delivery excellence, client satisfaction, and measurable results Demonstrated ability to provide insight and foresight to align technology with business goals and objectives Proven, experienced teams Flexibility and focused areas of expertise Industry Insight Manage Complexity Process Performance Improvement and Innovation ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  26. 26. Initiative AlignmentsExcellence• Global availability• Seamless technology• Best-of-breed teams Corp. ObjectivesTransparency• Streamlined methodology Business Strategy• IT Integration Critical CapabilitiesFinancial Prudence• Team consolidation (CoE) IT Delivery• IT as an investment IT Delivery IT Delivery ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  27. 27. Certifications • WBENC • MWBE ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  28. 28. Next Steps • Potential alignments • Current needs • Current issues • What makes a vendor stand out? • Process for becoming an approved vendor ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  29. 29. Contacts Configuration Management, Inc. 111S. Main St. North East, MD 21901 Tel: 732-450-1100 Fax: 732-441-2765 Frank Ungarten Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Director Tel: 443-877-1064 Ext 136 ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.
  30. 30. Thank You Thank You! “Contributing to the Success of IT Initiatives For 20 Years” ©2011 Configuration Management Inc. (CMI). All Rights Reserved.