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Spanish BIM Initiatives


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Enrique Corral's presentation at the Industry Day celebrated in the context of the buildingSMART International Summit which took place in Barcelona.

Presentación de Enrique Corral, director general de la Fundación Laboral de la Construcción en el Industry Day, dentro del contexto del buildingSMART International BIM Summit, que se celebró en Barcelona.

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Spanish BIM Initiatives

  1. 1. Spanish BIM Iniciatives Enrique CorralÁlvarez Fundación Laboral de la Construcción Barcelona, 06/04/2017 BIM, towards Smart and Sustainable Infrastructures
  2. 2. PRESENTATION The Foundation is a non-profit paritarian organization, created by virtue of the National Collective Agreement in 1992. Its Board is composed of:  26 members on behalf of the trade unions, and  26 members on behalf of the employers’ organizations. 2Barcelona, 06/04/2017 Spanish BIM Iniciatives PRESENTATION
  4. 4. Being the impellers of an innovative and sustainable construction sector, leading its transformation in the fields of:  Employment  Professional qualification  Health and safety VISION 4Barcelona, 06/04/2017 Spanish BIM Iniciatives
  5. 5. Commitment Efficiency Innovation VALUES 5Barcelona, 06/04/2017 Spanish BIM Iniciatives
  6. 6. MAIN FIGURES 180.000 alumnos formados en 2009 64,047 workers trained* in 2016 +800 training courses* in 2016: focus on Trades and OHS 45 training centres across the country 21 OSH practice centres More than 140 own textbooks Quality: ISO 9001:2008 Environment: ISO 14001:2004 H&S: OHSAS 6 More than 1.500 trainers Barcelona, 06/04/2017 Spanish BIM Iniciatives
  7. 7. 7Barcelona, 06/04/2017 Spanish BIM Iniciatives  Spread the use of BIM in the professional field  Collaborate in the strategy to reach a certain level of maturity in BIM implantation  Promote the innovation in the construction industry  To be a reference point for all stakeholders who need information about any aspect related to BIM BIM and FLC goals
  8. 8. 8Barcelona, 06/04/2017 Spanish BIM Iniciatives  Open to the construction industry  Aimed at both, professionals and companies 900 82 29 00 Free Advice Service
  9. 9. 9Barcelona, 06/04/2017 Spanish BIM Iniciatives  Social Media:  Blog: weekly post with news and articles focused on different levels of maturity  Free e-books: BIM Glossary  Information meetings with companies and professionals Neutral dissemination of BIM
  10. 10. 10Barcelona, 06/04/2017 Spanish BIM Iniciatives Learning FLC has designed a training itinerary that covers all phases of a project and is adaptable to individuals and organizations:  MOOCs for introduction and a BIM overview  Training itinerary Video:
  11. 11. 16Barcelona, 06/04/2017 Spanish BIM Iniciatives 11Barcelona, 06/04/2017 Spanish BIM Iniciatives
  12. 12. 12 Thank you so much! Enrique Corral Álvarez