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Food Valley de Joep Koene para #IBtalks18 con el Cluster BioIB.


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El caso de éxito de Food valley en los Países Bajos. Como crear una marca entorno a BioEconomia para un reconocimienot local e internacional.

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Food Valley de Joep Koene para #IBtalks18 con el Cluster BioIB.

  1. 1. Food Valley as an inspirationsfor a biobased economy cluster Joep Koene 7 November 9 november 2018
  2. 2. presentation • Introduction • The FV story • Lessons learnt • Biobased economy at Mallorca
  3. 3. opening remarks • Period 2001-2005 • Every situation is different ! • The efforts of many (charles Crombach, Enterpreneurs like peter Sijmons, Kees de Gooijer, Tamara Mulders, Peter Zuurbier, Jeff Gielen, Marja Gijsen, and many others. • Islands are most succesfull in implementation (DK, NL)
  4. 4. Center of the Valley
  5. 5. Food Valley Region Discussion
  6. 6. Food Valley Region Discussion
  7. 7. Food Valley Region Discussion
  8. 8. Factors of importance • An enthousiastic team • A marketing name • The discussions • The support from the government • The higher goal (4 municipalities) • An advisary committee • The publicity • The first tangible results (IAP programme) • The international PR/visits • It takes time
  9. 9. Biobased economy cluster climate change (flying!) plastic soup
  10. 10. Recovered nylon nets => Processed => source material for carpets
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention Joep Koene 0031-628876091