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Organic Gardening Technology


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Organic Gardening Technology: Covers vertical gardening, roof top gardening, biochar, effective microorganisms, worm composting, rainwater collecting, rain garden, grey water recycling, composting toilets, hydroponics, aquaponics, gardening therapy for the disabled, solar energy

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Organic Gardening Technology

  1. 1. Free Garden Posters
  2. 2. Organic Gardening Technologies Boost your Garden Yields with COMPANION PLANTING Technologies INCREASING Plant Yields by over 400 PERCENT with Organic Tech Free book Catalog: Eco Farming and Organic Gardening Books, DVD’s and Newsletter CITY FARMING, BACKYARD FARMING, and URBAN FARMING Free RAIN WATER HARVESTING Manuals and Much More Free RAIN GARDEN Manuals, Brochures and Information Sheets Free ROOF GARDENS - GREEN ROOFS Manuals Links and Aquaponics Systems Free GARDEN THERAPY Manuals ~ HELPING the DISABLED Straight VEGETABLE OIL Cars, Trucks, Electric Generators, Water Pumps-Irrigation Straight Vegetable Oil Links to Books, Manuals, Articles and Much More Organic Composting with EARTHWORMS and Recycling - WORMS EAT my GARBAGE 3 Reasons PESTICIDES are making Teachers’ Jobs Harder VOLUNTEER to WORK on ORGANIC FARMS in Europe Cheap way to see Europe book: Europe Through the Back Door: The Travel Skills Handbook; by Rick Steves book: Faith Like Potatoes; by Angus Buchan SOLAR ENERGY TRAINING and Development Projects Dean's Coffee Beans Eco Development Projects - Organic and Fair Trade Keep On Keeping On
  3. 3. Plant a Row for the Hungry