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FVC - High Performing Teams


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FVC - High Performing Teams

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FVC - High Performing Teams

  1. 1. FullValueContract Co. Full Value Contract Co Creating moments before success! We are a trusted partner in people development delivering creative programs unique to the demands of an organization. We carefully listen to your needs and co-develop solutions that create high performing community of people.Creating moments before success! All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. FullValueContract Co. Our Core Programs 3-POINTDEVELOPMENT STRATEGY (3-PDS)It has always been the bes t pr act iceof re puta ble org ani zati ons andcompanies to have team building ona regular basis. Its value in bringingout learning and appre ciation forevery member prove s ve ry e sse ntialin rall yi ng a n organization to act asone.Our 3-point development strate gy (3PDS) is our way of provi ding an a ve nue of sust ained development throughout the organization. The first of the 3 is the Adventure-based Team Building wherein the experie nces identify different essential elements in creating high performing teams. The 2 n d point focuses on t he leaders of t he organization. The B asi c Lea de rshi p Pr ogr am (BLP) zeroe s in on te ac hi ng bas ic skills in pl anning, le ading, or gani zi ng and c ontr olli ng . TheAuthentic Leadership Program (ALP) is a j ourney on Self Ma steryfor the management level of the organization. The 3 r d point is ourProfessional Att itude and Val ue s Enhance me nt (PAV E)workshop. This workshop aims to align personal val ues wi thcom pany ’s mi ssi on, vision and core values; encourage hone st,open and trusting communication from everyone to everyone inthe organization.Creating moments before success! All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. FullValueContract Co. Our Special Programs WILDERNESS LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (WLP)The program is a 3 day wi ldernes s ex pe dit i on designed to c hal lengepa rticipant s’ c ha ract er and bestleadership practic es. T he out doorguarant ees a full ex pe rie nce bri ngi ngparticipants out of their comfortzones thus provide l ea rni ngopportunitie s that will make themaware of their own strengths andweaknesses. The objective of the program is to translate or correlate participants’ le aders hi p pr ac ti ces fr om the outdoors to leadership practices in t he work envi ronme nt. Enduring a stressful envi ronme nt, more often than not, brings out the persons raw reactions showing the real self - exposing the best a nd the worst. Proce ssing the expe rience will lead to valuable discoverie s a nd realizations.Creating moments before success! All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. FullValueContract Co. THE FUN OYLMPICS Alternative to sportsfestNo Athletic Skills Required…Our alternative event to the usual company sportsfest A tried and tested way to rally the team spirit of employees is to organize a companywide sports event. The popular usual sports are basketball, volleyball, badminton and bowling. These are the typical games that athletic groups in a company engage in. While we see that there are certain benefits in those fun undertakings, we atFullValueContract believe that cooperative learning foster better camaraderieand boost everyone’s morale. In our team based games, there’s a guarantythat everybody is allowed to participate, no athletic skills needed, age doesn’tmatter and the only requirement is the willingness to support and be part ofyour team.We have a wide range of activities to choose from. This includes physicalactivities to cognitive exercises. Activities can be done in an open field, indoorgym, hotel ballroom or function room, beach resort or simply in the comfortsof your own company compound. Activities are carefully selected to make acomplete experience for everyone.We can plan your sports events from conception to awarding. Leaving therunning, refereeing, awardingand facilitating to us willresult in a 100% participationof everyone.Talk to us, we have done thisbefore. Our past clients keptcoming back for more. Thetruth is, we have beeninventing, modifying andadopting activities to supplyour clients demand.Creating moments before success! All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. FullValueContract Co. FUN UNDER THE SUN Activities for company outingMore than just an obstacle course…Ideas for company outingAnnually, we spend for our employees to have an enjoyable day away from theoffice with officemates. Beach resorts and parks are the most common places.Most of the resorts today offer facilitiesfor fun teambuilding activities; someeven have the elaborate ropes courseset-up. Undoubtedly, engaging in theseactivities should be beneficial if handledproperly by trained and experiencedfacilitators. We at FullValueContract Co.believe that a happy employee is aproductive employee. We promotecooperative learning even in a highly competitive environment. Our formula isto have teams naturally compete in performance with other teams as they tryto accomplish given challenges. Our line-up of activities guarantees maximumparticipation. Unlike the traditional sports activities or obstacle races that onlya handful of employees can play while the others are left on the sideline to watch, our activities do not require athletic skills or athletic fitness. We only ask for 100% willingness to be there for the team. We encourage participants to always find the best role he or she can play to fully support the team. The result has always been amazing, participants experience a sense of accomplishment because they canclaim without a doubt that they are an integral part of the team. Employees goback to work with high moral and a renewed sense of belongingness.Creating moments before success! All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. FullValueContract Co. Our ProcessWe at FullVallueContract effectively integrated outdoor adventure-basedprograms as an engaging non-traditional learning methodology. For more than20 years, we have delivered exciting and effective team-building andleadership workshops to different top corporations in the country. FVCprograms are experiential by nature. Utilizing low and high ropes courses,teams go through simple to complex activities geared at surfacing andoptimizing the capabilities and competencies of the team and each teammember. Engaged in the different activities, participants learn to appreciate, understand, and fully value each other’s talents and uniqueness. The incisive processing by skilled FVC facilitators enable participants to gain valuable insights and learning from each structured learning experience, which they can link and later on apply to work or life situations. The Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) is our foundation in creating programs that are always uniquely suited to address the needs of an organization. ELT is a very powerful and flexible method that we apply to our indoor and outdoor workshops, whether in a new program or to enhance the client company’s training module. With FullValueContract (FVC), creating high-performing teams is fun and a guaranteed memorable experience.Creating moments before success! All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. FullValueContract Co. O u r Te a mAssisting in creating the moments for you are real lifepartners Martin and Gi Semilla:Martin Oliveros Semilla is product of the University of the Philippines where hegot most of his liberal thinking processes. The University gave him theopportunity to develop not only in academic excellence and social awarenessbut leading and being part of a team as well. Martin was in the varsity teamand became captain on his senior years. The mostimportant milestone that led to being anoutdoor/experiential educator was when Martin worked forthe United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR)for 5 years. American volunteers from Pro-Action Associatesshared their knowledge and skills in Adventure-basedCounseling (ABC) to selected teachers and counselors thatwere assigned to the young adult refugee program. Martin’sapprenticeship under Mark O Shea and Bryan Cone andsome lessons from Reno Taini placed him in charge of theropes course facilitation and co-development of the groupcounseling module for the young adult refugees identified as ‘at-risk’. Workingwith the young adults was challenging in the so many ways but later onbecame easy, enjoyable and fulfilling. Part of the program involved hiking, mt.biking, snorkeling, among others which Martin loves to do being anoutdoorsman himself.The commitment to continue being an outdoor/experiential educator cameabout as he with former co-workers decided to form Lubid, Inc. in 1994. Sincethen, Martin has developed hundreds of programs for team building andleadership workshops. Forming FVC is a process of continuously challenginghimself to transition from the “new danger zone” to the “winning zone”. Maria Angelita J.Semilla or Gi Semilla as she is known has been facilitating Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP) since 1991. Gi was trained by Pro Action Associates of the USA through the United States Department of State Refugee Program. She was also English as a Second Language teacher and a counselor at the Refugee Processing Center for 5 years where she got her OAP training. Had the rare opportunity to work at a 5 Diamond Hotel - The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman, where she was able to work and engage with more than 60 different nationalities.Creating moments before success! All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. FullValueContract Co.Being an effective facilitator, Gi is able to find different applications of OAP todifferent groups that she handles. The almost instantaneous realizations andlearning of participants in every workshop she does, fuel her passion, energyand drive to be better than her best every time all the time.She graduated at the Bicol University in 1988 and since then been exposed andtrained in Human Relations. Gi is among the pioneers who introduced andpopularized OAP in the Philippine setting, a co founder of Lubid Inc. Integrityand service are among the principles that made her decide to create a newcompany.Passionate and committed people are attracted to what we do; we havea trusted pool of facilitators and staff to tap in delivering the workshops.Creating moments before success! All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. FullValueContract Co. Our PartnersWe create moments with YOU.AES Masinloc Power Partners Co. LTD. Great Food Solutions (GFS)AIM— Asian Institute of San Miguel CorporationManagement James Hardie Philippines Inc.BJMP Cooperative La Union ClergyBoard of Investments LGU - Mangaldan, PangasinanCOG – Annual National Youth Leadership Camp Monark EquipmentDow Chemical Ltd. PhilBless CorporationEDSA Shrine Rector’s Council TV5 – Alagang Kapatid ProductionsEPZCEM Training Council (Bataan Export Processing Viskase Asia Pacific Corp.Zone) West Contact Services Conta ct us (02) 622.4873 or (02) 697.2249 0917.556.0567 or 0917.569.5822 208 Berkshire Towers, 100 C. Raymundo, Pasig 1607Creating moments before success! All Rights Reserved