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FullSIX FullSIGHTS September 2015


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FullSIX’s team wants to share with you every month a selection of the most relevant content on digital media created to inspire and spread

Published in: Marketing
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FullSIX FullSIGHTS September 2015

  1. 1. sep 15
  2. 2. ? The FullSIX team compiles every month the most impressive digital communication contents Specially thought to inspire and share conclusions
  3. 3. Insights, data and trends; knowledge to be able to question and build Innovation in technology, strategy, media, message and execution Stories and experiences created to connect brands with people Owned spaces where brands interact with their target Conversation and content created and thought to be consumed and shared
  4. 4. #01 BRAND KNOWLEDGE LETS MAKE THEM PART OF OUR COMMS AND HELP US TO REACH THEIR EQUALS TRUST IN ADVERTISING 74% of the Spanish people, believe that family and friends recommendations are the most reliable “advertising”
  5. 5. #02 BRAND KNOWLEDGE RESEARCH ONLINE PURCHASE OFFLINE According the multichannel study about the consumer developed by Savvy, digital media, affects 69% of the purchases of products over a value of 20 Pounds OFFER AN OPTIMIZED PURCHASE EXPERIENCE EVEN IF THE CLIENT IS AT YOUR OFFICE, ON YOUR SITE, OR WITH THEIR MOBILE DEVICE, …
  6. 6. #03 BRAND INNOVATION KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE, THEIR NEEDS AND THEIR PROBLEMS AND OFFER THEM A SOLUTION PEPSI MAX THE FRIEND FINDER One out of three people loses their friends at music festivals, to solve this, Pepsi has developed a drone that helps tracking them
  7. 7. A MEDIA-NEUTRAL APPROACH WILL ALLOW TO FIND NEW SPACES TO PLACE YOUR NEUTROGENA CARAS A magazine that includes samples of make up remover that you can even use to remove the model’s make up #04 BRAND INNOVATION
  8. 8. WORK IN THE SOLUTIONS ON THE SITUATIONS THAT HAPPEN AROUND YOUR PRODUCT CERVEZA ANDES THE FAIREST NIGHT A fake casting to maintain occupied all the good looking men, increasing the chances of the normal ones… #05 BRAND ACTIVATION
  9. 9. TURN A SIMPLE PROMOTION INTO A COMMUNICATION MOTIVE JETBLUE #NYCTAKEOFF The NYC airline creates a mupis campaign where ads are replaced with giant coupons with different prizes, from ice creams to trips #06 BRAND ACTIVATION
  10. 10. #07 BRAND PLATFORM HACK YOUR COMPETITORS. IF YOU ARE NUMBER 2, YOU ARE ALLOWED A LITTLE BIT OF FUN BURGER KING MCWHOPPER Responding to Peace One Day, Burger King asks McDonalds to sign a peace treaty creating McWhopper, a fusion of their two star burgers
  11. 11. YOUR BRAND AND YOUR COMMS MUST BE READY TO SEIZE REAL TIME ZAPPOS #PAYWITHACUPCAKE Google gives cupcakes to all of those that try their new phone app, till Zappos comes with better prizes than those cupcakes… #08 BRAND PLATFORM
  12. 12. PROVE YOUR BRAND POSITIONING TAKING IT INTO CONSUMERS REALITY COCA-COLA HAPPINESS STARTS WITH A SMILE Coca Cola places a man in underground’s trains, and he starts laughing until he infects the rest of the train #09 BRAND DIALOGUE
  13. 13. DRAMATIZE THE SOLUTION THAT YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE OFFERS ENERGY ONLINE DOOR KNOCKING Competitor’s door to door sales people are frightened by the same door in this candid camera action #10 BRAND DIALOGUE
  14. 14. WE USEtechnology in a creative way to develop experiences where brand and consumers interests coincide WE INTEGRATEstrategy, creative and technology in-house to create digital communication campaigns, ecommerce platforms, CRM plans and social media strategies for top advertisers WE AREthe largest independent digital communication group in Europe [+1000 people], and a team of 70+ in Spain LET’S TALKIf you want to know everything we can do for your brand, please contact us Javier Gómez de Quero del Castillo Managing Director +34 91 298 27 30 Bueso Pineda 12, 28043 Madrid WWW.FULLSIX.ES
  15. 15. sep 15