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FullSIX FullSIGHTS September 2014


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FullSIX’s team wants to share with you every month a selection of the most relevant content on digital media created to inspire and spread

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FullSIX FullSIGHTS September 2014

  1. 1. FULL SIGHTS september_14
  2. 2. MONTHLY DIGITAL KNOCKOUTS Fullsix’s team gathers a special selection of content, the most impactful Digital actions , thought to be inspiring and shared
  3. 3. 01 03 Data Digital Tech 04 estudios, estadísticas, infografías,… digital signage, gadgets, instalaciones,… Advertainment advergaming, brand experiences, outdoor,… 02 User Experience interfaces, usabilidad, interacción… 05 06 07 Mobile Storytelling Social Ideas 08 AR, apps, augmented TV, wearable tech... short stories, films, video, animation... contenido, conversación, plataformas… Knowledge libros, conferencias, eventos, publicaciones,… 09 Art diseño, ilustración, foto, motion graphics… 10 Cutting Edge inspiración, cool ideas, nuevos medios… * digital communication is liquid which means that the content of a category might also be relevant in others
  4. 4. 01 Data 76% of the new Consumer Goods products don’t get pass their first year of life due to its lack of relevance for consumers * If you don’t have nothing relevant to say in your Communication ,save the budget
  5. 5. 02 User Experience Guy Cotten - Sortie en Mer A web that replicates the sensations experienced when falling into the sea and the exhaustion produced by trying not to drown and die to sell life vests * Turn your message into an experience and people will like to participate
  6. 6. 03 Digital Tech Smart - The Dancing Traffic Light An animated red doll in traffic lights that dances so that you stop to look at it, instead of crossing when you are not supposed to putting yourself at risk * What few people can experience live, many more can feel it online
  7. 7. 04 Advertainment Shell - #MakeTheFuture Shell creates a football field that generates electricity through the players’ footsteps guaranteeing electric power at night trainings * Turn your brand message in value to your community
  8. 8. 05 Mobile Ahlens - Instagram The biggest Sweedish retailer, combines Social Media, Gaming and discounts in a Promo in Instagram targeted to young audiences * Put your customers in the center but ask for something back
  9. 9. 06 Storytelling Channel 4 - It’s Payback Time An animated short film that gives a face to Cancer and tells the story of how it is being removed to get donations * Have you ever thought about how would Hollywood tell the same story as you’d like to tell?
  10. 10. 07 Social Ideas Budweiser - Bud Light Birthday Bud Light Birthday enables the reception of free coupons of Bud Light among their Facebook fans on their friends’ Birthdays * People buy products but what they really look for is for solutions that ease their lives
  11. 11. 08 Knowledge PJ Pereira - Cannes Lions 2014 Talk in which Pereira & O’Dell’s founder presents a new work model based in combining Madison Avenue, Hollywood y Silicon Valley * The future of ad must be focused in offering entertainment more than being and interruption
  12. 12. 09 Art The Goal Symphony Create a melody based on the position of the Football World Championship players when scoring the best goals * Reinterpret relevant milestones for your clients and you will have their attention
  13. 13. 10 Cutting Edge Heldergroen An office where tables disappear at 18 pm leaving the space for activities such as Yoga, dancing classes… * Your brand’s philosophy has to be in every contact point
  14. 14. Javier Gómez de Quero del Castillo Director General FullSIX ! 91 298 27 30 663 04 94 60 @jgomezdequero ! Bueso Pineda 12, 28043 Madrid brand activation ► brand platform ► brand dialogue ► reconnecting brands and people We are the leading independent marketing communications group in Europe with a 62 people team in Spain. We offer in house strategy, creative and tech services to help brands reconnect with their users and leave them a big smile . LET’S TALK ABOUT WHAT YOUR BRAND SHOULD DO TODAY?