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FullSIX FullSIGHTS July 2014


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FullSIX’s team wants to share with you every month a selection of the most relevant content on digital media created to inspire and spread

Published in: Marketing
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FullSIX FullSIGHTS July 2014

  1. 1. FULL SIGHTS july_14
  2. 2. MONTHLY DIGITAL KNOCKOUTS Fullsix’s team gathers a special selection of content, the most impactful Digital actions , thought to be inspiring and shared
  3. 3. 01 03 Data Digital Tech 04 estudios, estadísticas, infografías,… digital signage, gadgets, instalaciones,… Advertainment advergaming, brand experiences, outdoor,… 02 User Experience interfaces, usabilidad, interacción… 05 06 07 Mobile Storytelling Social Ideas 08 AR, apps, augmented TV, wearable tech... short stories, films, video, animation... contenido, conversación, plataformas… Knowledge libros, conferencias, eventos, publicaciones,… 09 Art diseño, ilustración, foto, motion graphics… 10 Cutting Edge inspiración, cool ideas, nuevos medios… * digital communication is liquid which means that the content of a category might also be relevant in others
  4. 4. 01 Data Ever Merchant - Ecommerce in Real-Time Website that shows in real time the figures produced by eCommerce, by purchase device, by payment method, category, social network, country,... * Limited Editions, products for employees, whatever but sell online
  5. 5. 02 User Experience Volkswagen - New site with a car configuration process based on dating websites in order to help us choose the car that is a perfect match for us * Do not limit your benchmark to your category, analyze brands in other sectors
  6. 6. 03 Digital Tech Molson Canadian - The Beer Fridge - O Canada To celebrate Canada Day, Molson Canadian creates a fridge that can only be opened by singing the hymn correctly * The "Walk the Talk" works for brands and as much for consumers
  7. 7. 04 Advertainment Hyundai - The Empty Car Convoy 6 cars, a blindfolded driver and a lorry that suddenly brakes to show brand's security devices * Take the product to the limit to demonstrate what it is capable of is a powerful message
  8. 8. 05 Mobile Domino’s Pizza - Pizza Mogul Platform that allows you to create your pizzas, share them in social media, compete with the rest of the community and earn a commission on each sale * Have you ever thought about how to make your fan community profitable?
  9. 9. 06 Storytelling Apple - Stickers Apple dramatises the existing connection between Macbook Air and its owners thanks to the personalization of the equipment * Find out how consumers use your product and capitalize it
  10. 10. 07 Social Ideas Nike - Free Box For the presentation of the new Nike Free 5.0, the most flexible footwear in history, a packaging was specially created to demonstrate the benefit of the product * Are you using "Zero Cost Assets" of your brand in your communication?
  11. 11. 08 Knowledge Joi Ito - Want to innovate? Become a "now-ist" Innovation model: develop fast, improve constantly, do not ask for permission neither wait to see if the idea is good * Internet has forced everything to speed up, don't cling to a plan and look around
  12. 12. 09 Art OK Go - The Writing's On the Wall Last Ok Go videoclip, the indie rock band that became famous thanks to their creative - and low cost - musical videos * What you do is as important as the way you have of doing it
  13. 13. 10 Cutting Edge Shenzhen Takee Technology - Takee 1 A mobile device with holographic capabilities. That is, for the user to interact with it, you do not need to touch the screen (fake?) * In some months, gas interfaces are going to be an industry standard in POS
  14. 14. Javier Gómez de Quero del Castillo Director General FullSIX ! 91 298 27 30 663 04 94 60 @jgomezdequero ! Bueso Pineda 12, 28043 Madrid brand activation ► brand platform ► brand dialogue ► reconnecting brands and people We are the leading independent marketing communications group in Europe with a 62 people team in Spain. We offer in house strategy, creative and tech services to help brands reconnect with their users and leave them a big smile . LET’S TALK ABOUT WHAT YOUR BRAND SHOULD DO TODAY?