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FullSIX FullSIGHTS February 2015


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FullSIX’s team wants to share with you every month a selection of the most relevant content on digital media created to inspire and spread

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FullSIX FullSIGHTS February 2015

  1. 1. feb 15
  2. 2. ? The FullSIX team compiles every month the most impressive digital communication contents Specially thought to inspire and share conclusions
  3. 3. Insights, data and trends; knowledge to be able to question and build Innovation in technology, strategy, media, message and execution Stories and experiences created to connect brands with people Owned spaces where brands interact with their target Conversation and content created and thought to be consumed and shared
  4. 4. #01 BRAND KNOWLEDGE FULLSIX THE EXPONENTIAL AGE Quantitative analysis of the impact of digital technology in 2015, and the consequences and challenges for brands YOUR BRAND NEEDS TO ADAPT TO IT’S OWN CHANGES
  5. 5. #02 BRAND KNOWLEDGE INTERNET IS THE REAL MASSIVE CHANNEL. NO OTHER ALLOWS YOU A SIMILAR REACH, THINK BEYONG THE GRP. #THE DRESS Thursday 27th of February Internet explotes with a debate about the color of a dress. A global conversation which generates 16M visits to Buzzfeed in 6 hours
  6. 6. #03 BRAND INNOVATION YOUR COMMUNICATIONS NEED TO HAVE THE SAME FUNCTION AS YOU PRODUCT OR SERVICE BEYOND THE WAVE PLAYTOGETHER A trailer (that you must see with your partner) for the launch of a film about how to enrich our relationships in a world which becomes more individual every day
  7. 7. BEING THE FIRST ONE ALWAYS HAS THE REWARD OF CURIOSITY FROM THE USERS CUERVO MARGARITAS IN SPACE To celebrate the National day of Margarita (the cocktail), Cuervo creates the challenge to prepare the first one in the space #04 BRAND INNOVATION
  8. 8. #05 BRAND ACTIVATION USE THE AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL OF DIGITAL SUPPORTS TO ACHIVE THAT YOUR PIECES STOP BEING “ADVERTISING” VOLKSWAGEN BLIND SPOT AD To communicate their car’s dead angle detector, Volkswagen developed a piece for magazines for preview in tablet devices that appeared out of nowhere
  9. 9. #06 BRAND ACTIVATION CHALLENGE YOUR USERS, PEOPLE LIKE TO KNOW THEIR LIMITS AND DISCOVER UNTIL WHERE THEY ARE ABLE TO GO HONDA KEEP UP The piece shows the new products and innovations from the Japanese company, while it challenges the viewers to go beyond in order to improve, Honda´s philosophy since its creation
  10. 10. #07 BRAND PLATFORM MAXIMISE THE MILESTONES IN YOUR CALENDAR TO CONNECT WITH YOUR TARGET HUGGIES BABY MAKING STATION During Valentine’s day, and with the intention to help couples to have more babies, Huggies launches an online radio broadcast which only plays love songs
  11. 11. #08 BRAND PLATFORM FOR YOUR BRAND ACTIVATIONS, WORK WITH THE SERVICES THAT YOUR USERS ALREADY USE WWF TIGER CHALLENGE Connect the web with your favorite running application and compete against a tiger with a GPS. If you lose you must do a donation for its conservation
  12. 12. #09 BRAND DIALOGUE WORK SO THAT YOUR PRODUCT OR ACTIONS ARE PART OF THE CONTENT SHARED BY YOUR USERS THE LEGO MOVIE THE OSCARS During the Oscar’s ceremony there were given some statuettes made out of Lego blocks. A few selfies later, #LegoOscar was the most important Trending Topic of the night
  13. 13. #10 BRAND DIALOGUE IF YOUR MESSAGE REALLY CONNECTS WITH YOUR USERS, THEY WILL EXPAND IT FOR YOU GLAAD / GMHC CELIBACY CHALLENGE American FDA has stopped their veto to donate blood to gays and bisexuals. However, they still need to follow some additional requirement such as being one year without practicing sex
  14. 14. WE USEtechnology in a creative way to develop experiences where brand and consumers interests coincide WE INTEGRATEstrategy, creative and technology in-house to create digital communication campaigns, ecommerce platforms, CRM plans and social media strategies for top advertisers WE AREthe largest independent digital communication group in Europe [+1000 people], and a team of 70+ in Spain LET’S TALKIf you want to know everything we can do for your brand, please contact us Javier Gómez de Quero del Castillo Managing Director +34 91 298 27 30 Bueso Pineda 12, 28043 Madrid WWW.FULLSIX.ES
  15. 15. feb 15