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FullMind Design | Company Overview - Part 1


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FullMind Design is a small business with HQ in South Florida. We design and develop content for educational and instructional purposes to deliver an outstanding experience. This is our company overview presentation (Part 1).

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FullMind Design | Company Overview - Part 1

  1. 1. FullMind Design * Company Overview Part 1
  2. 2. Our Business Design and delivery of content. The content can be educational or informative.
  3. 3. Our Knowledge Organizational Development Web Design Pedagogy Interactive Design Andragogy User Interface Design Instructional Design Usability Design Educational Technology Graphic Design Curriculum Development Digital Illustration Classroom Management Flash Animation Copywriting Desktop Publishing Technical & Non-Technical Writing Multimedia Editing & Production Corporate Training Systems Administration / LMS Business Analysis Search Engine Optimization Project Management Web 2.0
  4. 4. Industry Experience Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Education Technology Financial Insurance Logistics Retail Legal Services Energy Real Estate GovernmentAgriculture Automotive Interior Design Transportation Mining Business Services Entertainment
  5. 5. Our Mission Design and deliver content Operate our business with minimal impact to the environment
  6. 6. Our Vision Achieve sustainable growth for the next five years. Be one of the top content design and delivery companies.
  7. 7. Why Us ? Solid expertise in the fields of Information Technology and Education. Extensive experience in Project Management. Successful national, international and multinational operations. Capable of multilingual and multicultural project operations. Ample portfolio of clients, including Fortune 500 companies. We are a Florida-based firm properly covered with liability insurance.
  12. 12. CALL CENTER, ENERGY, GOV, OTHEROur Clients
  13. 13. Our ToolsA tool is a means to an end. In our business, it is often the hardwareand software which enhance our ability to design, develop, and delivercontent. These are some software tools we use for developinginteractive eLearning modules. ARTICULATE STUDIO ARTICULATE STORYLINE ADOBE CAPTIVATE
  14. 14. Our ToolsThese are some software tools we use for graphic design andillustration. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR ADOBE FIREWORKS
  15. 15. Our ToolsThese are some software tools we use for web design, interactiveobject design, and animation. ADOBE FLASH ADOBE DREAMWEAVER ADOBE FLASH CATALYST
  16. 16. Our ToolsThese are some software tools we use for the editing and productionof video and audio. ADOBE PREMIERE PRO ADOBE SOUNDBOOTH ADOBE AUDITION
  17. 17. Our ToolsThese are some software tools we use for desktop publishing, printdocument layouts, and print document distribution. ADOBE InDESIGN ADOBE ACROBAT PRO MICROSOFT WORD
  18. 18. Our ToolsThese are some web-based services we use to deliver VirtualInstructor Led Training (vILT) aka Virtual Classroom Training. CISCO WEBEX ADOBE CONNECT CITRIX GoToTRAINING
  19. 19. Contact Us PAULO CASTRO | President 954.465.4409 Mob 954.272.8431 Off 954.337.0336 eFax