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Romanian Alumni Community Newsletter_Volume I, Issue 7

  1. 1. Welcome to Romanian Alumni Community Romanian Alumni Community Monthly Newsletter Bucharest, July 31, 2011 Volume I, Issue 7 Alumni News From Alumni Table of ContentsAlumni News ► U.S. Alumni and Grantees Alumni Participation at the Pre-departure Orientation  New Book Published by U.S. Fulbright Alumni for Romanian Grantees Ronald F. King and Paul Sum Thank You, Dorina!  Black Sea Twilight - Talk and Book Presentation Q&A Live on The Role of the Media in Conflict and by U.S. Fulbright Alumna Domnica Rădulescu Peacebuilding  Article about U.S. Fulbright-Hays Alumnus in The Role of the Diaspora in Fostering Friendship Be- Romanian Media tween Homeland and HostlandFrom Alumni Alumni Information► Romanian Alumni and Grantees Alumni Links Fulbright Researcher in Gender Studies at Columbia University Junior Fulbright Grantee, Awarded the Romanian Press Club Award for Best Feature Writing Fulbright, the Freedom to Study Romanian.US.Fulbright.Commission 1
  2. 2. Bucharest, July 31, 2011 Volume I, Issue 7Alumni NewsAlumni Participation at the Pre-departure Orientation for Romanian GranteesOn July 7, the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission organized a pre-departure orientation in honor ofthe Romanian grantees and independent students starting their study program in the U.S., academicyear 2011-2012. Fulbrighters, Hubert H. Humphrey and Teaching Excellence and Achievement Pro-gram grantees had the opportunity to meet high officials of the U.S. Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Af-fairs, members of the Romanian Fulbright Board of Directors, American and Romanian Fulbrightalumni, professors and researchers. The Romanian and U.S. alumni conducted different sessions re-lated with the Academic Environment in U.S., Living in the United States, the Culture Factor, Q&A ses-sions and workshops in order to introduce the new grantees to the American environment. Thank youfor all your help and good luck to the new grantees! Thank You, Dorina! Dr. Dorina Gutu is leaving her position of Executive Director for the Romanian-U.S Ful- bright Commission at the end of July, after a three year long intensive and fruitful presence at the head of the Commission. Let us wish Dorina all the best in her future life and career!Mihai Moroiu, former Director of the American Program, will serve as Interim Executive Director for thefollowing period.Q&A Live on The Role of the Media in Conflict and PeacebuildingOn August 3, at 18:00 (Bucharest time) Sheldon Himelfarb, director of the Center of In-novation on Media, Conflict, and Peacebuilding from the United States Institute ofPeace, will join the State Alumni Community for a Q&A Live chat on the role of media inconflict and peacebuilding. Mr. Himelfarb is an award-winning filmmaker, former com-mentator for National Public Radio and author of numerous articles on politics, popularculture and conflict. He has managed peacebuilding programs in numerous conflicts, in-cluding Bosnia, Iraq, Angola, Liberia, Macedonia, Burundi and received the Capitol AreaPeace Maker award from American University. To participate, please follow the link The Role of the Diaspora in Fostering Friendship Between Homeland and Hostland Dr. Liesl Riddle, associate dean for MBA Programs and co-director of the Diaspora Research Program at George Washington University will join the State Alumni on August 30, at 18:00 (Bucharest time) for an online discussion on the Role of the Diaspora in Fostering Friendship Between Homeland and Hostland. Undersecretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs Maria Otero acknowledged the impor-tance of the diaspora communities in her remarks during the launch of International Diaspora Engage-ment Alliance (IdEA) at the Secretary’s Global Diaspora Forum in May 2011, saying, “In many ways,you are the most effective diplomats we could have.” More details at: 2
  3. 3. Bucharest, July 31, 2011 Volume I, Issue 7From Alumni ► Romanian Alumni and GranteesFulbright Researcher in Gender Studies at Columbia UniversityMonica Stancu - Fulbright Junior Alumna 2009-2010, Sarah Lawrence College –was invited as a visiting scholar to the Institute for Research on Women and Gen-der at Columbia University in New York, NY. Monica’s research focuseson Romanian women immigrants who came to the U.S. during and after commu-nism. During her stage at Columbia University she will explore how these womenimmigrants shaped their activist movements both in the U.S. and in Romania.Monica Stancu’s host at Columbia University will be Professor Alice Kessler-Harris,an expert on the history of American labor and the comparative and interdiscipli-nary exploration of women and gender.Junior Fulbright Grantee, Awarded the Romanian Press Club Award for Best Feature WritingSimina Mistreanu, a Junior Fulbright Grantee in 2011-2012, has been awarded theRomanian Press Club Award for best feature writing. She received the award for thearticle “Dana’s Choices”, a story about how a woman changed her life after beingdiagnosed with breast cancer, published in Decat o revista magazine.The Romanian Press Club Award is a national prize conferred every year for the bestpieces of print, radio, TV and digital journalism. The Romanian Press Club is the firstprofessional press association established in Romania, which has the role to super-vise the adherence to the deontological code and to promote quality journalism.Simina Mistreanu was admitted in a Master’s program in Journalism at the Universityof Missouri-Columbia, as a Fulbright Grantee, in the years 2011-2012.Fulbright, the Freedom to StudyThe Fulbright program in Romania was present in a one-hour live show hosted by Radio France Inter-national (RFI) Bucharest on Monday, July 25. Dr. Anca Peiu, University of Bucharest, Cezar Ghioca,stage director, C. Tanase Musical Theatre, both alumni of the program, together with Cristina Modre-anu, Editor-in-Chief of The Stage magazine, and a Fulbright Senior 2011-2012, and Mihai Moroiu, Ful-bright Commission Executive Director A.I. have spoken about the Fulbright cultural and educationalexchanges and their impact at global, institutional and personal level.More details at Romanian.US.Fulbright.Commission 3
  4. 4. Bucharest, July 31, 2011 Volume I, Issue 7From Alumni ► U.S. Alumni and Grantees New Book Published by U.S. Fulbright Alumni Ronald F. King and Paul Sum The book edited by Ronald F. King and Paul Sum entitled Romania under Bas- escu: Aspirations, Achievements, and Frustrations during His First Presidential is comprised of seventeen contributions from scholars in Europe and North America, examining the Basescu period from a variety of theoretical and em- pirical perspectives. Four more alumni are among the contributors of the book: Radu Dudau, Gabriel Badescu – Romanian Fulbright alumni, John M. Polimeni and Jonathan Stillo – U.S. Fulbrighters to Romania. More details about the book are available at: command=Search&db=^DB/CATALOG.db&eqSKUdata=0739148567Black Sea Twilight - Talk and Book Presentation by U.S. Fulbright Alumna Domnica Rădulescu On July 21, Romanian-born American writer Domnica Radulescu, author of best- selling Train to Trieste and U.S. Fulbright alumna presented in London her most re- cent novel – Black Sea Twilight. Domnica Radulescu discussed some of the creative processes and sources of inspira- tion that lead to the creation of Black Sea Twilight in light of her experience of grow- ing up in Romania under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu and of her experience as an émigré in the Western world. Domnica offered her authorial perspective on the protagonist of the novel, Nora Teodoru, an aspiring visual artist, courageous adven- turer and passionate young Romanian woman, through the lens of the interconnect- edness between the female body and the female creative imagination and the ways in which the latter is affected by the experience of exile.Article about U.S. Fulbright-Hays Alumnus in Romanian MediaIn an article published by Revista 22 Jonathan Stillo, Fulbright-Hays grantee in2009-2010 talks about his experience and work in the field of Anthropology inRomania.To read the entire article, please follow the link below. 4
  5. 5. Bucharest, July 31, 2011 Volume I, Issue 7Alumni InformationJoin STATE ALUMNI Romanian Alumni CommunityThe State Alumni website is a dynamic, Help to build the Romanian Alumni Communityinteractive secure community for more than by sending articles, news, sharing ideas, pictures1,000,000 alumni of exchange programs. and professional opportunities. Find out about upcoming local events, stay connected with fel-►Network with other alumni from around the globe low alumni, find information about alumni-related► Share information about exchange programs and programs and research funding opportunities.alumni activities with a global audience►Participate in Q&A Live discussions with experts If you would like to submit an article, announce-►Access resources such as grants, jobs and research ment of an event, testimonial, job or grant op-databases portunity, please contact the alumni coordinator►Access more than 20.000 free periodicals, newspa- at: and more. Visit the Romanian Alumni Community onIn order to enroll, visit the site https:// and click on “Join Now” or “Clickhere to register”. Please wait for verification andconfirmation of your account by the administrativeteam of the State Alumni website. Alumni Links United States Government Alumni U.S. Embassy in Bucharest Community Romanian-U.S. Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Fulbright Commission Commission Facebook Page Romanian Alumni Community If you wish to cancel your subscription to this newsletter contact This Newsletter is produced by the Romanian Alumni Coordinator 5