Romanian Alumni Community Newsletter - Volume I, Issue 4


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Romanian Alumni Community Newsletter - Volume I, Issue 4

  1. 1. Welcome to Romanian Alumni Community Romanian Alumni Community Monthly Newsletter Bucharest, April 29, 2011 Volume I, Issue 4 Alumni News From Alumni Table of ContentsAlumni News ► U.S. Alumni and Grantees Only Three More Days to Vote Your Favorite AEIF  Cristina Bejan, U.S. Fulbright Alumna Directs Project Romanian Play "Zalmoxis - A Pagan Mystery" Book Launch - Fulbright Ripple Effect on Interna-  News from Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin, U.S. Ful- tional Education bright Alumna Q&A Live on The Rotary Foundation as a World Ser-  Dan Ratliff, U.S. Fulbright Senior Scholar Con- vice Organization tributes to Social Enterprise Conference  Presentation on Fulbright Scholarships Organ- ized by U.S. Fulbright AlumniFrom Alumni  Sharing the Fulbright Experience in Serbia  News from Annie Pennell, U.S. Fulbright English► Romanian Alumni and Grantees Teaching Assistant Cristiana Grigore, Romanian Fulbright Alumna in the  Jake Shulman-Ment, U.S. Fulbright Grantee in a US Media Concert Organized in Botosani Fulbright Voices for Romania New Book by Professor Adrian Pop, Romanian Ful- Alumni Information bright Alumnus Alumni Links Romanian.US.Fulbright.Commission 1
  2. 2. Bucharest, April 29, 2011 Alumni NewsOnly Three More Days to Vote Your Favorite AEIF ProjectUntil May 1 all registered State Alumni members may vote for their five favorite project proposals.The project initiated by Romanian Fulbright Alumna Saviana Stanescu and enti-tled Enslaved is among the finalists. The team of the project includes State Alumnimembers from 10 different countries all over the world. Ioana Moldovan, theatre re-searcher, Fulbright grantee and International Visitor Leadership Program alumna isalso part of the finalist team. ENSLAVED is a multi-cultural cross-borders envelope-pushing project aimed at raising global awareness on the issues of human traffic andmodern day slavery, a major under-explored and under-exposed present day phe-nomenon.As Saviana mentioned, the team of the project works across borders and disciplinesand welcomes future collaborators. To support and vote the project, please visit the link: and best of luck to Saviana and her team!Book Launch - Fulbright Ripple Effect on International EducationOn April 16, the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission and Romanian Alumni Community organized thebook launch of the 3rd Fulbright Anniversary Volume - Fulbright Ripple Effect on International Educa-tion. Looking Ahead from a Romanian & American Perspective. The book launch enjoyed the presenceof many alumni, some recently returned from U.S., others that benefited from the Fulbright experi-ence more than 40 years ago, but also of students, graduates and professionals. The published vol-ume is also available online at: more details about the book launch, please follow the link: Live on The Rotary Foundation as a World Service Organization On Thursday May 5, 2011 at 17:30 (Bucharest Time), Jeff Cadorette, the alumni coor- dinator at Rotary, will participate in a Q&A Live webchat on the Rotary Foundation as a World Service Organization. Rotary is a worldwide organization of more than 1.2 million business, professional, and community leaders. Members of Rotary clubs, known as Rotarians, provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. To participate, follow the link: 2
  3. 3. Bucharest, April 29, 2011 Volume I, Issue 4From Alumni ► Romanian Alumni and Grantees Cristiana Grigore, Romanian Fulbright Alumna in the US Media Cristiana Grigore, Romanian Fulbright grantee in 2009-2010 was interviewed by Voice of America on International Romani Day. To read the article, please follow the link: Challenges-119394819.html. Also, a video made by Voice of America is available at Voices for RomaniaOn April 3rd, the online version of the Romanian daily “Evenimentul zilei”published an interview with Dr. Victor Neumann, well-known Romanian his-torian, political analyst, and a Professor at the University of the West in Ti-mişoara. Dr. Neumann was a Fulbright Scholar at the Catholic University ofAmerica. The article may be accessed at the address interview is one in a series of articles published as part of Ovidiu Coci-eru’s “Voices for Romania” initiative. Ovidiu is a Junior Fulbright Alumnuswho has a Master’s degree in Sport Management at the University of Massachusetts in 2009-2010. Whilein Massachusetts, Ovidiu started the “Voices for Romania” project, with the aim of increasing the visibil-ity and involvement of professional people in Romanian society. For more details about the project,please access www.vocipentruromania.roNew Book by Professor Adrian Pop, Romanian Fulbright AlumnusProfessor Dr. Adrian Pop, Fulbright Senior researcher in 1999 – 2000 at the University of Maryland -Department of Government and Politics, is continuing his projects in the area of history and politicalsciences. His latest book, Originile şi tipologia revoluţiilor est-europene/Origins and Typology of EastEuropean Revolutions, edited by the Encyclopedic Publishing House in Bucharest will be launched thisweek. Professor Pop’s study addresses the theme of East-European revolutions from a twofold, dia-chronic and synchronic, perspective. The first part of the volume includes a presentation of the revolu-tions in this area of the world, while the second part outlines their specificity, provides a typology ofthe political transitions in Central and South-East Europe and the Soviet Union. The volume also offersseveral major highlights on the topic of global experiences provided to society by the East-Europeanrevolutions.The book launch took place on April 7 and was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with commentsand introductory speeches given by Romanian prestigious historians and professors representing theRomanian Academy and the university milieu. 3
  4. 4. Bucharest, April 29, 2011 Volume I, Issue 4From Alumni ► U.S. Alumni and GranteesCristina Bejan, U.S. Fulbright Alumna Directs Romanian Play "Zalmoxis - A Pagan Mystery" Cristina Bejan, U.S. Fulbright alumna to Romania in 2007-2008 and currently Ion Ratiu postdoctoral fellow at Georgetown University is directing “Zalmoxis - A Pagan Mystery” by Lucian Blaga. A special preview performance took place at the Embassy of Romania in Washing- ton DC on Thursday 14 April, 2011 and opening at the Devine Studio Theatre in Washington on April 29. More details about the play are available by at: and at from Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin, U.S. Fulbright AlumnaU.S. Fulbright alumna Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin was interviewed in Romanian me-dia. The article talks about her Fulbright experience in Romania but also about her re-cently published photography album „The Color of Hay. Peasants of Maramures". Readthe article by following the link below. the fundraising project started by Kathleen on Kickstarter was funded and allowedher to publish the album. On April 30, from 5.00 to 9.00 pm, Kathleen is organizing the launching of thealbum at Space Art Center and Gallery. More details at Ratliff, U.S. Fulbright Senior Scholar Contributes to Social Enterprise ConferenceDr. Dan Ratliff, currently a Fulbright Senior Scholar at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, participated in theSocial Enterprise Conference organized by the American Cultural Center in Bucharest, on March 28,2011. The event was opened by U.S. Ambassador Mark H. Gitenstein in the presence of a large numberof Romanian NGO community members. Dr. Ratliff, an expert on social services for children and fami-lies, delivered a presentation on Marketing and Communication, as part of the development of social en-terprises, stressing the role of the entrepreneurial approach in providing more momentum to this essen-tial sector of a democratic society.Presentation on Fulbright Scholarships Organized by U.S. Fulbright Alumni On April 13, Daniel A. Glaser, U.S. Fulbright Alumnus to Romania in 2004-2005 organized a presentation at Texas A&M University-San Antonio entitled How to Apply for a Fulbright Scholarship and What to Expect. The guest presenter – Dr. Emmanuel Roussakis, also a U.S. Fulbright alumnus to Romania in 2010-2011 and professor at Florida International University – talked about his recent Ful- bright experience in Romania and encouraged the public guests to apply for edu- cational exchange programs. 4
  5. 5. Bucharest, April 29, 2011 Volume I, Issue 4From AlumniNews from Annie Pennell, U.S. Fulbright English Teaching AssistantOn April 8-9, Annie Pennell, U.S. Fulbright Grantee had the opportunity to participate in the conferenceWounded Bodies - Wounded Minds: Intersections of Memory and Identity, hosted by Alexandru IoanCuza University and the University of Konstanz. Besides representing Fulbright she also was a represen-tative of her alma mater, Arizona State University, with Dr. Maureen Goggin, the Chair of the EnglishDepartment, and a plenary speaker at the conference. Annie presented a paper entitled "Back to Bagh-dad: Loss and Love in Jabers The Flying Carpet of Small Miracles." and discussed about issues of vio-lence, human rights violations, trauma, suffering, memory, and identity with international scholars froma variety of disciplines.Sharing the Fulbright Experience in SerbiaStaci Defibaugh, ETA in Sibiu, recently traveled to Novi Sad, Serbiato present a paper at the annual English Language Teaching Asso-ciation (ELTA) Conference held April 8-9.Staci’s paper, entitled, ‘A Discourse Analysis Approach to GrammarInstruction,’ focused on activities that language teachers can employat a variety of levels in practically any teaching environment. Thepresentation was well received with positive comments by many ofthe audience members.While in Novi Sad, she was also invited to be a guest speaker in anadvanced English course at a private language school, 4U. Staci spoke with the students about her ex-periences of living in Romania, about how it compares to life in the US and about the Fulbright program:its mission and the opportunities it provides. She also talked with the students about education in Ro-mania and Serbia and the need for students in all countries to learn English in order to be successfulprofessionally.“Overall, it was amazing, both professionally and personally. I am grateful that I had this opportunity toextend the Fulbright experience outside of Romania and learn more about one of Romania’s neighboringcountries.” Jake Shulman-Ment, U.S. Fulbright Grantee in a Concert Organized in Botosani On April 28, Jake Shulman-Ment, U.S. Fulbright grantee and violinist held a Jewish re- cital during a folk concert in Botosani. The event entitled La zi de Sarbatoare (On Cele- bration Day) was organized in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest and a special guest of the concert was Mark H. Gitenstein, the U.S. Ambassador in Romania. 5
  6. 6. Bucharest, April 29, 2011 Volume I, Issue 4Alumni InformationJoin STATE ALUMNI Romanian Alumni CommunityThe State Alumni website is a dynamic, Help to build the Romanian Alumni Communityinteractive secure community for more than by sending articles, news, sharing ideas, pictures1,000,000 alumni of exchange programs. and professional opportunities. Find out about upcoming local events, stay connected with fel-►Network with other alumni from around the globe low alumni, find information about alumni-related► Share information about exchange programs and programs and research funding opportunities.alumni activities with a global audience►Participate in Q&A Live discussions with experts If you would like to submit an article, announce-►Access resources such as grants, jobs and research ment of an event, testimonial, job or grant op-databases portunity, please contact the alumni coordinator►Access more than 20.000 free periodicals, newspa- at: and more. Visit the Romanian Alumni Community onIn order to enroll, visit the site https:// and click on “Join Now” or “Clickhere to register”. Please wait for verification andconfirmation of your account by the administrativeteam of the State Alumni website. Alumni Links United States Government Alumni U.S. Embassy in Bucharest Community Romanian-U.S. Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Fulbright Commission Commission Facebook Page Romanian Alumni Community If you wish to cancel your subscription to this newsletter contact This Newsletter is produced by the Romanian Alumni Coordinator 6