Romanian Alumni Community Newsletter - Volume I, Issue 2


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Romanian Alumni Community Newsletter - Volume I, Issue 2

  1. 1. Welcome to Romanian Alumni Community Romanian Alumni Community Monthly Newsletter Bucharest, February 28, 2011 Volume I, Issue 2 Alumni News Grant Opportunities From Alumni Table of Contents From AlumniAlumni News ► Romanian Alumni and Grantees  Romanian Fulbright Science and Technology Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) Grantee Meets the Romanian Ambassador in the Transcript for “Q&A Live: The Alumni Engagement U.S. Innovation Fund” is Available  Romanian and American Fulbright Scholars in Share Articles and Photos on State Alumni the JSRI Editorial Team Q&A Live: Role of the American Red Cross  New Publication by Tudor Stanciu, Romanian Celebrating 50 years of National Council for Interna- Ron Brown Grantee in 1998-2000 tional Visitors (NCIV) and the 70th Anniversary of  Stories in Jazz by Cezar Ghioca, Fulbright Alum- the International Visitor Leadership Program nus in 2004-2005 U.S. Fulbright Grantees Met for the Winter Orienta-  News from Catalin Albu, Romanian Fulbright tion - February 24, 25 GranteeGrant Opportunities ► U.S. Alumni and Grantees Now open: Junior Fulbright Award 2012-2013  New Volume by Bryan Hall, American Scholar in Webinar for Romanian Applicants in the Interna- Romania tional Fulbright Science and Technology Award  David Weindorf, U.S. Fulbright Scholar Featured Webinar for Romanian Candidates in the Fulbright in University of Agricultural Sciences and Veteri- Junior Award Competition nary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca Newsletter Free Access to Grants and Funding Opportunities on  Escape Strategies by Aline Cautis, U.S. Fulbright State Alumni Grantee in Romania  Interview with Laura Mattes, U.S. Fulbright Grantee in Romania Alumni Information Alumni Links 1
  2. 2. Bucharest, February 28, 2011 Volume I, Issue 2Alumni NewsAlumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF)Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund supports innovative project ideas address-ing democracy and human rights, economic opportunity and prosperity,women’s empowerment, promoting a better environment, food security, globalhealth, and outreach to marginalized communities.Alumni are invited to submit first-round proposals between February 16 andMarch 13, 2011. All alumni and current participants of U.S. government-fundedexchange programs are eligible to participate in AEIF with the condition to be orto become a verified member of the State Alumni website. U.S. citizens mayparticipate in project teams, but they may not submit proposals or serve as theproject leader.Projects may be posted with as little as one initial project participant, but must have a team with atleast 10 people who are members of State Alumni or eligible for membership by the close of PhaseOne of the project competition on March 13, 2011. More details about the phases of the competitionat Visit to share your project idea, become team members in projects that are already included on State Alumni by Romanian alumni, or comment and "like" favorite ideas.Transcript for “Q&A Live: The Alumni Share Articles and Photos on State AlumniEngagement Innovation Fund” is Available If you are a registered State Alumni member youDr. Lisa M. Heilbronn, the director of the Office can share articles about your accomplishments,of Alumni Affairs, addressed questions on AEIFs exchange experience, general interest subjectspurpose, process, rules and regulations on Feb- and academic writing. Visit the Alumni Articlesruary 23, 2011. To read the transcript, please page atvisit, for further guidance and clarification, visit Alumni can also post photo albums onthe Frequently Asked Questions page at Live: Role of the American Red Cross We invite you to join the State Alumni Community for a Q&A Live webchat on the Role of American Red Cross as Part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Move- ment. The webchat will focus on the components of this worldwide movement, differ- ence between bilateral and multilateral responses, and how changes in the society over time have brought about changes in the Red Cross. Kathryn Hop and Alicia Guajardo, former Peace Corps volunteers and senior associates at the American Red Cross, will join the State Alumni on Wednesday, March 2, 2011at 17.00-18.00 (Europe-Bucharest time) to answer questions on the role of American RedCross as Part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. To submit a question now orat any time during the event, please visit: 2
  3. 3. Bucharest, February 28, 2011 Volume I, Issue 2Alumni NewsCelebrating 50 years of National Council for International Visitors (NCIV) and the 70thAnniversary of the International Visitor Leadership ProgramOn February 17, 2011 the National Council for International Visitors (NCIV) celebrated 50 years. Forthe last 50 years, NCIV has built a network of citizen diplomats committed to helping internationalvisitors participating in International Visitor Leadership Program exchanges. U.S. Secretary of StateHillary Rodham Clinton, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Judith McHale and As-sistant Secretary for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Ann Stock delivered their remarksduring the NCIV annual meeting. Read the remarks made by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clintonat and see the NCIV 50th anniversary videoat, in 2011 the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) is celebrating 70 years. The IVLPconnects current and emerging foreign leaders with their American counterparts through short-termprograms that foster greater coordination, communication, and collaboration on foreign policy issues.Nearly 200,000 distinguished individuals have participated in the International Visitor Leadership Pro-gram, including more than 300 current and former Chiefs of State and Heads of Government, andthousands of leaders from the public and private sectors. Watch the 70th Anniversary Video and learnabout becoming a Citizen Diplomat on: Fulbright Grantees Met for the Winter Orientation - February 24, 25The Winter Orientation, organized in honor of the new U.S. Fulbright Grantees to Romania took placeon February 24 and 25.In the first day, Fulbrighters had the opportunity to meet high officials of the U.S. Embassy, the Minis-try of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, Fulbright Board members, American and Romanian pro-fessors and specialists in the field of economics, politics and education, who introduced them to theirnew Romanian environment. The day concluded with a reception organized at the Commission head-quarters, an occasion for the new arrived grantees to meet more Romanian and U.S. alumni. On thesecond day of the event the group of American professors and students visited the Cotroceni Palace,Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum and Mogosoaia Palace. 3
  4. 4. Bucharest, February 28, 2011 Volume I, Issue 2Grant OpportunitiesNow open: Junior Fulbright Award 2012-2013A new grant competition has just opened this February for the RomanianBA, MA, Ph.D. students and young researchers from both public and pri-vate universities. Fulbright Junior Award is a very generous program formasters’ study or research in the United States, in any field except clinicalmedicine, for academic year 2012-2013. The Romanian applicants are in-vited to submit applications no later than May 15, 2011. More details at for Romanian Applicants in the International Fulbright Science and TechnologyAward The Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission is organizing a webinar for Romanian applicants at International Fulbright Science and Technology. The webinar will include a 15 minute presentation of the International Fulbright Science and Technology Award and a 45 minute Q&A Live webchat. The online seminar will take place Thursday, March 3, from 4 to 5 p.m. Candidates can register at for Romanian Candidates in Fulbright Junior Award CompetitionThe Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission is organizing a webinar for Romanian applicants at Junior Ful-bright Award 2012-2013. The webinar will include a 15 minute presentation of the Fulbright JuniorAward and a 45 minute Q&A Live webchat. The online seminar will take place Wednesday, March 23,from 4 to 5 p.m. Candidates can register at Access to Grants and Funding Opportunities on State AlumniFor more grants and funding opportunities please visit State Alumni subscribes to COS Funding Opportunities™, the largest, most comprehen-sive database of available funding. It contains more than 25,000 records representing over $33 billion ingrants, fellowships, prizes, and more. Features include: Opportunities by sponsors throughout the world for recipients throughout the world. Sponsors include private foundations, public agencies, national and local governments, corporations and more. Monies available for work in all disciplines: physical sciences, social sciences, life sciences, health & medicine, arts & humanities. Funding for many purposes, such as research, collaborations, travel, curriculum development, con- ferences, fellowships, postdoctoral positions, equipment acquisitions, capital or operating expenses. Romanian.US.Fulbright.Commission 4
  5. 5. Bucharest, February 28, 2011 Volume I, Issue 2From Alumni ► Romanian Alumni and GranteesRomanian Fulbright Science and Technology Grantee Meets the Romanian Ambassador in theU.S. Gina Adam, current International Fulbright Science & Technology (S&T) Award Fellow and an MS/PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC Santa Barbara, has informed us about her recent participation in the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Advancement in Science held in Washington, D.C. It was an impressive event which facilitated networking to more than 6000 participants - scientists, science journalists and people interested in education and research policies in the U.S., E.U. and Asia. Moreover, Gina’s presence in Washington, D.C. was an excellent opportunity for her to meet and discuss with Ms. Karene Grad andMr. Vincent Picket, the Fulbright and S&T program officers present at the event asrepresentatives of the U.S. Department of State. Thanks to Ms. Grad and Mr. Picket,Gina had also the occasion to personally meet Mr. Adrian Vierita, the Romanian Am-bassador in the U.S. who was happy to invite them for a dialogue at the headquar-ters of the Romanian Embassy in Washington.Romanian and American Fulbright Scholars in the JSRI Editorial TeamWe are pleased to announce the latest issue (28/2011) of the Journal for the Study of Religions and Ide-ologies (, a specialized publication which “encourages interdisciplinary approaches of relig-ions, engaging the following domains: religious studies, philosophy of religions, ethics, political philoso-phy and political science, anthropology, sociology, interreligious dialogue and communications theory.”The publication is edited by Dr. Sandu Frunza, 2007-2008 Fulbright Scholar at Boston University, ElieWiesel Center for Judaic Studies and a professor of Philosophy at the Political Science Department,Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj. The current publication also includes an article by Dr. Michael Jones,U.S. Fulbright alumnus and a professor at Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, USA.It is also worth mentioning that the JSRI editorial team and the advisory board include many RomanianFulbright Scholars from Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj who, at the same time, are actively supportingthe Fulbright Commission programs. The current JSRI number can be accessed at Romanian.US.Fulbright.Commission 5
  6. 6. Bucharest, February 28, 2011 Volume I, Issue 2From AlumniNew Publication by Tudor Stanciu, Romanian Ron Brown Grantee in 1998-2000 Tudor Stanciu, a Ron Brown grantee in 1998-2000 is continuing his re- search projects in the area of education. He has recently published, in collaboration with Victor Iliescu, the volume Managementul Proiectelor Educationale pe Intelesul Tuturor (Management of Educational Projects Made Easy), a practical guide for beginners and advanced specialists in this field. Dr. Stanciu is a professor in the Teacher Training Department at "Gh.Asachi" Technical University of Iasi. He was awarded a Master’s Degree in the field of education at Lehigh University, Pennsylvania as aRon Brown grantee. The Ron Brown Fellowship was a program dedicated to young graduates and profes-sionals aiming to continue their studies in the United States, carried out under Fulbright coordination.Stories in Jazz by Cezar Ghioca, Fulbright Alumnus in 2004-2005Cezar Ghioca, former Fulbright researcher in musical theatre at Kent State Uni-versity and presently a Ph.D. and artistic director at "Revue Theatre ConstantinTanase" in Bucharest, presented his latest project, Stories in Jazz, on February10, at Artjazzclub, Bucharest. The show was created together with Dan Ardelean,a musical director at the same Revue Theatre and also a colleague in the McClin-ton Musical Theatre Arts Foundation. The program is based on a jazz repertoirewhich deeply explores the ‘theatricality’ that inherently accompanies the selectedmusical numbers.Here are some more details on the show as given by Cezar: “Each song has itsown story, be it only the story of a mood or of a simple feeling. The integrating theme is love with itsvarious aspects, relating with the American saying that ‘if you experience a completely new feeling, youshould search, because somebody wrote a song about it’. To make the stories of the songs more engag-ing to the Romanian audience, Cezar Ghioca has translated most of the lyrics into Romanian, to betterillustrate this “music and poetry evening, a labyrinth journey through love’s ups, downs and blues”.Congratulations, Cezar!News from Catalin Albu, Romanian Fulbright Grantee Dr. Catalin Albu, an associate professor in Accounting at Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies is a Fulbright Scholar affiliated with the University of Dayton, Ohio at present. In the Spring semester of 2011 the U.S. university staff invited Dr. Albu, as a Fulbright vis- iting professor, to teach an Introductory Managerial Accounting course to Business Ma- jors. Dr. Albu has sent a note about attending the American Accounting Associations Mid-Year Meeting (International Accounting Section) in Tampa, Florida, this January. Dr. Albu was positively impressed by the pleasant and active environment as well as by the interestingprogram of the meeting which successfully combined scientific activities with social events. Dr. Albu en-joyed his participation in the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, celebrating the legend of a supposed Spanish pi-rate who lived in Florida. It was also an opportunity for Dr. Albu to meet Professor Lee H. Radebaugh ofBrigham Young University, U.S., a recognized scholar and the affiliated editor of the Journal of Interna-tional Business Studies, an A+ periodical devoted to international inter-disciplinary research. Last butnot least, Dr. Albu was extremely satisfied with the warm feedback he received for the papers presentedduring the conference, an aspect that will significantly improve the quality of his research in the future. 6
  7. 7. Bucharest, February 28, 2011 Volume I, Issue 2From Alumni ► U.S. Alumni and GranteesNew Volume by Bryan Hall, American Scholar in RomaniaDr. Bryan Hall, Professor in the School of Arts and Letters at Indiana Universityand currently Fulbright Scholar teaching at the Departments of Philosophy andAmerican Studies of the University of Bucharest, has just published his new bookon The Arguments of Kants ‘Critique of Pure Reason’. Dr. Hall introduces a newapproach to Emmanuel Kant’s monumental work, since the book is primarily di-rected at students, and has as co-authors two of Bryan’s undergraduate students.For details on the volume, see more at:^DB/CATALOG.db&eqSKUdata=0739141651. David Weindorf,  U.S. Fulbright Scholar Featured in University of Agricultural  Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj‐Napoca Newsletter David Weindorf, recently arrived U.S. Fulbright Scholar in Romania was featured in the latest issue of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj- Napoca (USAMV) Newsletter. The article talks about Dr. Weindorf’s previous collabo- ration with USAMV and the unique research project that will be carried out during his Fulbright Grant. To read the entire article, please follow Strategies by Aline Cautis, U.S. Fulbright Grantee in RomaniaOn every Saturday starting with February 26, Saturday Cinema, in Chicagowill screen Escape Strategies, two new experimental films by Aline Cautis, U.S.Fulbright grantee in Romania.Hand-painted on clear leader and found footage collected by Aline during herFulbright Fellowship in Romania, these two films playfully overwhelm photo-graphic imagery with strobing patterns of saturated color and amorphous ab-stract shapes. More details at Interview with Laura Mattes, U.S. Fulbright Grantee in Romania The link below features an interview about Laura Mattes, a 2010–2011 Fulbright grantee. The article explains Laura’s decision to come in Romania and describes her work about gender, sexuality and HIV/AIDS discrimination. Laura’s community blog (, which encourages youth to share and discuss experiences and opinions about their own sexuality, gender identity and body image, is also highlighted in the article. Read the entire interview at: america-pentru-a-ramane-in-romania/. 7
  8. 8. Bucharest, February 28, 2011 Volume I, Issue 2Alumni InformationJoin STATE ALUMNI Romanian Alumni CommunityThe State Alumni website is a dynamic, Help to build the Romanian Alumni Communityinteractive secure community for more than by sending articles, news, sharing ideas, pictures1,000,000 alumni of exchange programs. and professional opportunities. Find out about upcoming local events, stay connected with fel-►Network with other alumni from around the globe low alumni, find information about alumni-related► Share information about exchange programs and programs and research funding opportunities.alumni activities with a global audience►Participate in Q&A Live discussions with experts If you would like to submit an article, announce-►Access resources such as grants, jobs and research ment of an event, testimonial, job or grant op-databases portunity, please contact the alumni coordinator►Access more than 20.000 free periodicals, newspa- at: and more. Visit the Romanian Alumni Community onIn order to enroll, visit the site https:// and click on “Join Now” or “Clickhere to register”. Please wait for verification andconfirmation of your account by the administrativeteam of the State Alumni website. Alumni Links United States Government Alumni U.S. Embassy in Bucharest Community Romanian-U.S. Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Fulbright Commission Commission Facebook Page Romanian Alumni Community If you wish to cancel your subscription to this newsletter contact This Newsletter is produced by the Romanian Alumni Coordinator 8