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Fulbright Newsletter - September 2012

  1. 1. Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission NEWSLETTER Bucharest, September 30, 2012 Volume V, Issue 3Commission NewsAdvising News Table of Contents Commission News Advising News Forthcoming Events Forthcoming Events  Welcoming the 2012-2013 U.S. Fulbright  New Round of Undergraduate Admissions Grantees Training in October  Fulbright Roundtable at the 2012 RAAS-  New Internships at the Fulbright Educa- Fulbright Conference tional Advising Center  Senior Fulbright Award Presentations at  Graduate Admissions Training This Novem- Romanian Universities ber Past Events  U.S. Study in the Limelight at RIUF: Bu-  Pre-departure orientation for Romanian charest 20-21 Oct., Cluj 23 Oct. grantees 2012  U.S. Universities in Romania This Fall: Yale,  The Fulbright Roundtable at the International Columbia, NYU Abu Dhabi, and More Congress on Romanian Studies  Add us to your Google+ Circles! Past Events  FEAC In-Depth Support to Applicants Out- From U.S. Fulbrighters side Bucharest: U.S. Admissions Summer  News from U.S. Fulbright Alumnus Jonathan School First Stop: Constanta County Stillo  Cultivating the Culture of Giving Back at  Volunteer in Romania - Nicole Wells, U.S. the Pre-Departure Orientation Fulbright Grantee in 2011-2012  U.S. Student Internship Enriches Educa- From Romanian Fulbrighters tionUSA Romania in July-August  Gender Equality Festival  Liberal Arts Excellence. Highlight: Carleton  Arctic Cruise 2012: Ocean Acidification College in Minnesota Research  Anamaria Vrabie, Romanian Fulbright Alumna, Chairwoman at the World Urban Forum 6 www.fulbright.ro 1
  2. 2. Bucharest, September 30, 2012 Volume V, Issue 3Commission News ► Forthcoming EventsWelcoming the 2012-2013 U.S. Fulbright Grantees We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new U.S. Fulbright grantees for the 2010-2011 academic year. A total of 7 senior scholars and 6 students will teach and undertake research in universities located in Bucharest, Cluj- Napoca, Sibiu, Braşov, Constanta and Timişoara. Following the tradition of the program, the American grantees will participate in an Orientation Semi- nar, intended to help the new grantees adapt easier to their new Romanianenvironment. They will also have the opportunity to meet high Romanian and American officials, repre-sentatives of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest and the Fulbright Board of Directors.As part of the Orientation, the American grantees will participate in the 2012 RAAS-Fulbright Conference“Remapping Urban Spaces – American Challenges”, October 4-6, 2012 organized by the Romanian Asso-ciation of American Studies and hosted by Ovidius University in Constanta. We will be back with detailsand pictures in our next issue.Fulbright Roundtable at the 2012 RAAS-Fulbright ConferenceOn October 4-6, 2012, the Romanian Association for AmericanStudies (RAAS) and the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission areco-organizing the 2012 RAAS-Fulbright Conference at Ovidius Uni-versity, Constanta. The theme of the conference is “Remapping Ur-ban Spaces – American Challenges.”With this occasion, the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission is organizing a panel of discussion regard-ing the Fulbright program. The roundtable entitled “Enriching the Exchange Experience” is scheduled onThursday, October 4th, from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. U.S. Fulbright alumnus and medical anthropologist Jona-than Stillo agreed to be the moderator of the roundtable. The participants are: Rodica Mihăilă, ExecutiveDirector at the Fulbright Commission, Romanian Fulbrighters Augustin Ioan, Ludmila Martanovschi, AncaIancu and U.S. Fulbrighters Gene Tanta, Eric Burnstein, Barbara Nelson. More details and pictures willbe available on our website.Senior Fulbright Award Presentations at Romanian UniversitiesThe Fulbright Senior Postdoctoral Award for the academic year 2013-2014 is stillopen until November 5th, 2012. Grants are available for Romanian professors,researchers and professionals who have a doctoral degree or equivalent(certified), interested in conducting research and/or lecturing in the U.S. univer-sities. For detailed information, please read the program announcement availableon the Fulbright website.On October 4th, at 4 p.m., the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission is organizinga presentation of the program at Ovidius University in Constanta. Details areavailable at: http://www.univ-ovidius.ro/noutati/programul-postdoctoral-fulbright-senior-pentru-profesorii-si-cercetatorii-romani.Also, on October 10, another presentation addressing the Fulbright Senior Award will take place at theUniversity of Bucharest, Law Faculty, Constantin Stoicescu Hall.The presentations will provide detailed information on the application steps, funding, fields of study, se-lection criteria and required documentation. Future events will be advertised on our website. www.fulbright.ro 2
  3. 3. Bucharest, September 30, 2012 Volume V, Issue 3Commission News ► Past EventsPre-departure orientation for Romanian grantees 2012On July 12, the Romanian - U.S. Fulbright Commission organized the pre-departure orientation in honorof the Romanian Fulbright grantees, TEA fellows and independent students starting their study/researchprogram in the U.S., academic year 2012-2013. The Fulbrighters had the opportunity to meet high offi-cials of the U.S. Embassy, members of the Romanian Fulbright Board of Directors, representatives of theRomanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, American and Romanian Fulbright alumni, professors and re-searchers who introduced them to the American environment.The event concluded with a Reception hosted by the Ambassador of the United States of America, Mr.Mark H. Gitenstein and Mrs. Libby B. Gitenstein to honor the grantees and underline the overall signifi-cance of the Fulbright program within the U.S.-Romanian relationship. More pictures are available on ourFacebook page.The Fulbright Roundtable at the International Congress on Romanian Studies The Society for Romanian Studies (SRS), an international inter- disciplinary academic organization founded in 1973 to promote professional study, criticism, and research on all aspects of Ro- manian culture and civilization, held its sixth Congress in Sibiu, July 2-4, 2012. The participants in the Congress had the opportunity to attend a Fulbright roundtable, entitled American-Romanian Academic Ex- changes: Past Experiences, Future Prospects. The panel, moder- ated by U.S. Fulbright Scholar Paul Sum, included Romanian and American Fulbright alumni (Rodica Mihăilă, Victor Neumann, Ole-sia Mihai, Silvea Florea, Nicholas Sveholm, Paul E. Michelson, Jonathan Stillo). The panelists discussedthe impact of the Fulbright program in Romania and addressed the major challenges facing the Fulbrightprogram and ways that these challenges might be met.Add us to your Google+ Circles! The Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission is now on Google+. Check out our new page and add us to your Circles! We’ll be sharing everything from scholarship announcements to photos, videos and arti- cles about the Fulbright grantees and alumni. Feel free to tell us what you want to see. We are listening to your suggestions! www.fulbright.ro 3
  4. 4. Bucharest, September 30, 2012 Volume V, Issue 3Commission News ► FROM U.S. FULBRIGHTERSNews from U.S. Fulbright Alumnus Jonathan Stillo Jonathan Stillo, Fulbright alumnus and medical anthropologist researching TB in Romania, participated in a debate organized by the European Parliament Working Group on Access to Medicines and Poverty-Related Diseases. The speakers dis- cussed about the impact of the funding crisis on TB and HIV programmes in East- ern Europe and Central Asia. Pictures and details are available here. Also, at the end of July Jonathan announced the launching of the campaign “It’s in your power to save lives! Act today for a tuberculosis-free Romania”. The goal of the campaign is to inform decision-makers about the measures that are absolutely necessary to control tuber- culosis in Romania, and to raise the awareness of the au- thorities about their responsibility to adopt these meas- ures. This campaign mainly targets ministers and mem- bers of the Government, parliament, regulating authori-ties, and public servants within the health system.The STOP TB Romania Partnership is comprised of 18 organizations and is sup-ported by the Marius Nasta Pneumophtisiology Institute – the National Tubercu-losis Control Program, The Romanian office of the World Health Organization(WHO), and American anthropologist Jonathan Stillo.More details at: http://stop-tb.raa.ro/Volunteer in Romania - Nicole Wells, U.S. Fulbright Grantee in 2011-2012 “During my English Teaching Assistantship to Romania I wanted an opportunity to volunteer. I found Firm Foundations Romania, a char- ity located in Brasov. I decided to spend 6 weeks longer in Romania to work with them. Firm Foundations mainly works with children two and under at the Children’s Hospital in Brasov. We held and played with the children whose parents were not able to visit them. It was important to interact, physically, and emotionally with the children, many of them did not get this interaction at home or at the hospital. The parents are often too impoverished to visit and the nurses too busy to take time out for the children. Besides holding and playing with the children (my favorite part) we also delivered diapers throughout the entire hospital, we assisted the nurses in changingdiapers and feeding.Before coming to Romania I heard and read about the closing of many orphanages after 1989, and theproblems that many children in Romania faced. I was so grateful for the opportunity to volunteer withFirm Foundations, it gave me more insight to the infrastructural and social problems facing Romania andits children but more importantly a chance to really feel like I made a difference. It was difficult to notwant to take them all home, but I enjoyed seeing the children happy and loved by the volunteers. I amsure that I have made a difference in these children’s lives but more importantly they made a differencein mine.” Nicole Wells U.S. Fulbright Grantee 2011-2012 www.fulbright.ro 4
  5. 5. Bucharest, September 30, 2012 Volume V, Issue 3Commission News ► FROM ROMANIAN FULBRIGHTERSGender Equality FestivalRomanian Fulbright alumna Irina Costache helped to organize the 7thEdition of the Gender Equality Festival, entitled "A Different Kind ofWomen and a Different Kind of Men". The festival, held under the patron-age of A.L.E.G., a local NGO with the mission to promote gender equalityand combat all forms of gender-based discrimination and violence, tookplace in Sibiu between September 21st and September 28th.Through the events planned for September 21st, A.L.E.G. joined the"Peace One Day Campaign" against domestic violence launched by theCouncil of Europe. Moreover, during the events held on September 28th,it also addressed the world campaign for reproductive rights.More details about the festival are available at:http://www.aleg-romania.eu/en/education-and-prevention/the-gender-equality-festival/editions/90-o-alta-femeie-si-un-alt-barbat.Irina Costache was a Fulbright junior researcher on Gender Studies at the University of California, LosAngeles, in 2011-2012. Arctic Cruise 2012: Ocean Acidification Research On August 25, 2012, a team of scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center, Woods Hole Science Center, and the University of South Florida (USF) boarded the USCGC Healy in Barrow, Alaska, to be- gin a 4-week journey in the Arctic Ocean. Romanian Fulbright alumnus Bogdan Onac is one of the fivescientists on board. The team is measuring baseline seawater chemistry of theArctic Ocean in order to improve understanding of ocean acidification in polarregions.Read more about the cruise by following the link below:http://coastal.er.usgs.gov/ocean-acidification/arcticcruise2012 Anamaria Vrabie, Romanian Fulbright Alumna, Chairwoman at the World Ur- ban Forum 6 On September 5th, Anamaria Vrabie, Fulbright Alumna at The New School New York, chaired an event entitled “Youth Engagement for Sustainable Urban Planning: Tools and Prospects”, at UN-Habitat’s World Urban Forum 6 in Naples, Italy. The event is organized by the The Creative Room/ Asociația Odaia Creativă, which Anamaria co- founded two years ago and builds upon the successful experience in developing the Habitat methodology for the context of urban planning processes in Bucharest. More details available at: www.odaiacreativa.ro www.fulbright.ro 5
  6. 6. Bucharest, September 30, 2012 Volume V, Issue 3Advising News► Forthcoming Events New Round of Undergraduate Admissions Training in October The Fulbright Educational Advising Center will host a new round of Undergradu- ate Admissions Training, starting this fall. With around 4,900 U.S. higher edu- cation institutions to choose from, the interactive sessions every Tuesday, Oct. 2-30, 3-5 PM, will provide insights and tips for singling out American universi- ties which can offer extensive financial aid to international students. Participants will learn effective strategies for establishing contact and marketing themselves to U.S. universities so as to increase chances of admission to a study program that will shape their future! The FEAC team will also offer practical advice and examples on the effective management of the admis- sions process, as well as suggestions for enhancing applications through competitive test scores. Full details at http://bit.ly/feac_events. New Internships at the Fulbright Educational Advising Center This fall, FEAC welcomed 4 high-school interns. The four new ambassadors of U.S. study hail from Bu- charest high schools Vianu, Viteazul, Lazar, and Lovinescu. They have started working on stimulating and interesting face-to-face and online projects including university research, poster design, promo- tion of FEAC events, and much more. Keep posted on internship openings and browse past interns’ feedback on working with FEAC at http://bit.ly/joinfeac. Graduate Admissions Training This November The five weekly interactive sessions will cover the main criteria for selecting U.S. univer- sities which nurture academic growth and offer financial aid to international graduate students. Session highlights will include best practices for smart applicants inspired by FEAC’s ex- perience with past Romanian success stories. Read all about the sessions and register at http://bit.ly/feac_events. U.S. Study in the Limelight at RIUF: Bucharest 20-21 Oct., Cluj 23 Oct. In October, U.S. study and EducationUSA admissions support services will be featured during the 11th edition of the Roma- nian International University Fair (RIUF), the foremost educa- tional fair in south-east Europe. The events will be held at Sala Palatului in Bucharest on Sat-Sun Oct. 20-21 and at the Students’ Culture House in Cluj on Tuesday Oct. 23. Fulbright Educational Advising Center staff and interns will discuss U.S. study opportunities with stu- dents, teachers, and parents interested in U.S. study and scholarship opportunities for Romanian ap- plicants. ractive presentations we offered to undergraduate and graduate applicants. Come meet us at our booth and during the undergrad and grad presentations we’ll be offering! Full details coming up at http://bit.ly/feac_events. Pics of FEAC at past editions of the RIUF at http://on.fb.me/FEACPics. U.S. Universities in Romania This Fall: Yale, Columbia, NYU Abu Dhabi, and More This fall, students interested in continuing their education in the United States are in for a treat! Starting with Yale University vis- its at four high schools and FEAC on October 1 and continuing with events featuring New York University Polytechnic on October 11, NYU Abu-Dhabi the week of October 22, Columbia University on November 7 and John Cabot University in late November, pro- spective applicants will have the opportunity to find out more about the benefits of U.S. study and the options available to them. The interactive sessions will discuss liberal arts education, extracurriculars, personalized curriculum, study abroad programs, as well as scholarship opportunities. Updates at http://bit.ly/FEAC_Ro! www.fulbright.ro 6
  7. 7. Bucharest, September 30, 2012 Volume V, Issue 3Advising News► Past EventsFEAC In-Depth Support to Applicants Outside Bucharest: U.S. Admissions Summer SchoolFirst Stop: Constanta CountyWith funding from the U.S. Embassy and support from the Fulbright Com-mission, EducationUSA Romania organized the first U.S. Admissions Sum-mer School in Romania. To increase Romanian students chances of secur-ing admissions and financial aid at U.S. universities, the Fulbright Educa-tional Advising Center worked organized an intense 3-day training sched-ule intended to help students on the Black Sea coast become familiar withthe U.S. study environment and with U.S. cultural values.The Summer School hosted by the leading high school in Constanta, “Mircea cel Batran” National Col-lege, allowed the FEAC team to share strategies and insights on selecting the right universities andputting together strong applications that lead to admission with funding in the USA. The SummerSchool also included a U.S. culture club in the evenings. More pictures at http://on.fb.me/FEACPics.The next edition of this new service is scheduled in Sibiu in April 2013.Cultivating the Culture of Giving Back at the Pre-Departure Orientation In mid-July, EducationUSA Romania and the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Com- mission invited U.S.-bound independent students and Fulbright grantees to the Pre-Departure Orientation. This year, the 24 undergrad and 7 grad inde- pendent students FEAC worked extensively with attracted over $1.3 million in yearly scholarships. At the Pre-Departure Orientation, EducationUSA Romania was joined by some of its advisees starting their U.S. education this fall at Harvard, Yale, Middlebury, Babson, Sarah Lawrence, Worchester Polytechnic, and more. The event was enriched by our U.S. intern who graduated from Miami University in Ohio and by three EducationUSA friends currently enrolledat MIT, Grinnell College, and University of Pennsylvania.U.S. Student Internship Enriches EducationUSA Romania in July-AugustAnne, our U.S. intern, was a great fit with the dynamic FEAC team. During her 10-weekprogram, FEAC offered her the opportunity to get involved in far-ranging projects, fromwebsite revamp to the Summer School in Constanta. In her own words, “Hi! My name isAnne Rohlfer. I graduated from Miami University in Ohio. After teaching English to uni-versity students in China for two years, Im currently a Master’s student at Beijing Nor-mal University in China, studying comparative education. I came to Bucharest to workwith FEAC and learn about the opportunities and services available to students whowant to study in America. While in Romania I hope to get to know and understand thestudents and culture of Romania through my work at the Advising Center. The interestand determination of the students coming to FEAC is exciting!”Liberal Arts Excellence. Highlight: Carleton College in Minnesota FEAC hosted a special session featuring the Director of International Re- cruitment at Carleton College on September 25. Founded in 1866, Carleton College is a small, private liberal arts college in the historic river town of Northfield, Minnesota. This session was the perfect opportunity for prospective applicants to learn about successful U.S. admissions from the university perspective and to ex- plore the multiple opportunities that undergraduate studies at a U.S. liberal arts college bring along: the liberal arts philosophy, personalized curricu- lum, close student-professor interactions, generous scholarship options,study abroad, and much more. More pictures at http://on.fb.me/FEACPics and a presentation of Carle-ton College at http://bit.ly/CarletonCollege. www.fulbright.ro 7
  8. 8. Bucharest, September 30, 2012 Volume V, Issue 3Partners Need more info? Contact us! Public hours Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission: Tue: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Wed: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm E-mail Thu: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm office@fulbright.ro Phone: 021 230 7719 Public Hours Fulbright Educational Advising Center: Tue: 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm Wed: 1:00 am - 5:00 pm Thu: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Phone: 021 231 9015 Location: 2, Ing. Costinescu St., Sector 1, Bucharest 011878, Romania Social media Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Romanian.US.Fulbright.Commission Twitter: https://twitter.com/FulbrightRO Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115689325153779477884 www.fulbright.ro This Newsletter is produced by the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission in Romania. If you wish to cancel your subscription to this newsletter, please contact us at office@fulbright.ro