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Internships in the USA


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Published in: Education
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Internships in the USA

  1. 1. Commission for Educational Exchange Between the United States of America and BelgiumInternships in the USA 2012
  2. 2. InternshipsThe Department’s goal in creating the program was to provide a ‘true learning experience’ for international students that will ‘reinforce their academic study’, that is ‘an integral part of [their] ongoing education’, that will enhance their skills ‘through exposure to American techniques, methodologies, and expertise.’An intern must be a foreign national who is:(a) currently pursuing a degree outside the US(b) Has graduated within 1 year of start date(c) Maximum 1 year(d) Minimum 32 hours/week
  3. 3. Where to begin…1. Search websites by location, industry, job function, time of year and keyword.2. Speak with anyone with US contacts, especially in your fields of interest.3. Meet with these individuals for advice about your internship search. Not many scholarships for internships
  4. 4. Logistics• Internships can be paid or unpaid.• Academic credit is a possibility• Could cost between 700-1500 USD to secure a visa – Negotiate covering cost of visa by employer• Develop expectations AHEAD of time
  5. 5. Tips• Start early!• Follow instructions• Adapt your CV/cover letter• Americanize• Addressed properly• Remember who you contacted and when• Multiple languages
  6. 6. After you have a DS-2019 form•Be sure to have all basic requirements a general visaapp•Check to see that you have the requirements for a J visa:(•Original, signed DS-2019 Form•SEVIS fee payment receipt•DS-158 (online application)•DS-7002 (Training/Internship Placement Plan)•Proof of financial support•Call 02-788-1200 to set up an appointment at the US embassy in Brussels.Have your credit card ready as the call will cost 15 Euros
  7. 7. Additional Resources on Internships• Yale University Career Services Website:• Mount Holyoke College Career Services Website: more information about internships: in-the-us/