Grants and Other Scholarships for Higher Education in the US


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A guide to grants and other scholarships for higher education in the United States.

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Grants and Other Scholarships for Higher Education in the US

  1. 1. COMMISSION FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCHANGEBetween the United States of America, Belgium and Luxembourg Grants and Other Scholarships for Higher Education in the United States Commission for Educational Exchange Royal Library of Belgium I, 3rd Floor Boulevard de l’Empereur, 4, Keizerslaan B-1000 Brussels, Belgium Open to the public Monday through Friday Appointments preferred 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Telephone: +32 (2)519.57.72 Fax: +32 (2) 519.57.73
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONEach year, the Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States ofAmerica, Belgium and Luxembourg offers Fulbright awards for study, teaching or research inthe United States. The awards - approximately fifty - vary from round-trip travel to grantscovering all expenses for an academic year. Only students, teachers, research scholars andlecturers who are citizens of Belgium are eligible for these grants and awards. Applicationsfrom citizens of other EU Member States are accepted for the Fulbright-Schuman program(US-EU affairs) only.In awarding the grants, the Commission’s Board of Directors gives priority to candidates whoare pursuing projects that will be of lasting benefit to the grantee and his or her country.The candidates must: demonstrate academic excellence; be individually interviewed in English; be apt to benefit from the academic opportunity offered to them; have ambassadorial qualities; and be good representatives of their own country while they are in the United States.Since one of the fundamental purposes of the Fulbright exchange program is to increaseunderstanding between the peoples of the countries involved, the Board of Directors givespreference to candidates who have had no significant opportunity to live in the United States.Grantees are expected to return to their own country upon completion of the project forwhich the award was made.GENERAL INFORMATION1. Departures normally take place between August 1 and March 31. Special authorization must be sought in order to leave at another time of the year.2. Recipients of Commission awards must travel on US Government-sponsored "Exchange Visitor" visas. They may not travel on any other visa type. Please note that anyone admitted as an Exchange Visitor to the United States must return to his or her home country for two years before returning to the United States as a permanent resident, temporary worker, trainee or intra-company transferee.3. Candidates to study must have completed a bachelor’s degree at a recognized institution, with outstanding academic results.4. Candidates in education (i.e. teachers or administrators) must have had 3 years professional experience at the time of application.5. Candidates in research must hold a European doctorate or its equivalent at the time of their departure.6. Candidates in medicine must have received the degree of Doctor in Medicine before leaving for the United States and must intend to do research. Awards are not available for clinical training. 1
  3. 3. 7. Each year the Commission offers approximately 10 grants to lecturers and researchers, 20 to graduate students, and 2 to secondary school teachers. Student awards are normally for a minimum period of one academic year. However, applicants for pre- doctoral research for a minimum period of 6 months will also be considered. Research and lecturing awards are for a minimum period of 3 months in no more than 2 different institutions. Secondary school teachers may participate in special summer programs.8. The value of awards is indicated below. Candidates must be able to cover all other expenses.9. Applications should be made while candidates are in correspondence with specific institutions concerning affiliation and financial support. No awards can be confirmed until candidates have submitted written evidence that they will possess adequate funds to carry out their plans in the United States.Candidates should submit a Preliminary Application ( to the Commission for Educational Exchange at their earliestconvenience so that their eligibility to compete for an award may be determined. Academicrecords, suitability of project, former U.S. visas held, and knowledge of English are factors indetermining eligibility. Every year there are two distinct competitions for the various Fulbrightawards. DetailedFinal Applicationsand all supporting documents are due before or onthe last working day nearest to one of the two competition deadline dates: October 31 orMarch 1 as indicated below.IMPORTANT: Candidates must be available in Belgium for a personal interview inEnglish. Further, under no circumstances will the Commission give grants tocandidates who are already in the United States. 1. FALL COMPETITION: BOAS, FLTA, Journalism, and Summer Seminars Final Application Deadline: 31 OCTOBERStudents and Research Scholars completing or having completed a cycle of post-secondaryeducation may be eligible for one of the following awards for an academic year of graduatestudy or research in the United States:Frank Boas Scholarships for Harvard UniversityThese two awards cover all or most expenses for candidates continuing their education atHarvard: 1. The Frank Boas Scholarship in International Legal Studies 2. The Frank Boas Scholarship for Graduate StudyCandidates for the Frank Boas Scholarship for Graduate Study or Research may be in anyfield of study except business administration and are encouraged to complete a year ofwork-related experience by the time of departure for the United States; this work-relatedexperience includes relevant academic conferences and presentations. Successfulcandidates will also receive travel grants from the Commission for Educational Exchange.Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) ProgramUniversity graduate students and/or secondary school language teachers who have hadthree years of teaching experience or less are eligible to apply for this program to work aslanguage teaching assistants in American colleges and universities. Successful candidateswill be placed at a university where they will teach, serve as resource persons inconversational situations, work in language labs, etc. Tuition, room and board and a monthly 2
  4. 4. stipend will be provided by the university. The Commission will provide a travel allowance aswell as sickness and accident insurance. Candidates must be aged 29 or younger at thetime of departure for the U.S.Fulbright-Hays Journalism GrantThis scholarship is designed to aid journalists (specifically those engaged in a career in printor broadcast journalism) to study for a period of three to nine months at an accredited grant of $15,000 - $30,000 is intended to cover part of tuition and fees, books andacademic supplies and room and board. Visa sponsorship and sickness and accidentinsurance are provided by the Commission for Educational Exchange.Candidates must be citizens of Belgium or Luxembourg, have a degree equivalent to alicence/licentiaat, have ambassadorial qualities, a proven level of academic and/orprofessional excellence as well as outstanding results. In addition, all candidates must haveat least two years of professional experience in journalism, be proficient in English, andhave a specific program and/or project based on opportunities offered at Americanuniversities.In order to apply, please see the website of The Commission for Educational and complete the online preliminary application form so that we mayassess your eligibility. All eligible candidates who have completed and submitted the finalapplication by the October 31 deadline must be present for a personal interview in Englishwhich will be scheduled by the Commission.Summer Seminar in American StudiesProfessors and teachers in higher secondary education may apply to attend six-weeksummer programs of study and travel in the U.S.A. designed to acquaint participants withsome aspects of the history and culture of the United States. The program may vary fromyear to year, but generally comprises four weeks of intensive study on an Americanuniversity campus, followed by a two-week period of organized travel to various regions ofthe United States. All expenses for this program are covered by the Commission, butspouses and/or families may not accompany participants due to the intensive nature of theprogram. 2. RESEARCH SCHOLARS, FULBRIGHT-SCHUMAN PROGRAM, and STUDENT SPRING COMPETITION Final Application Deadline: 1 MARCHFulbright Awards for Research Scholars and/or LecturersThe Commission will only consider applications in this competition from research scholarsand/or lecturers who are assured of a position with an American institution of highereducation. Approximately 10 grants-in-aid and travel grants will be available for candidateswho will undertake a minimum of three months of research or lecturing at an Americanuniversity or institution of higher education. 3
  5. 5. Fulbright-Schuman GrantsApproximately 11-13 awards will be available for EU academics, professionals or policymakers for research or post-graduate study on EU affairs or US-EU relations at anaccredited American university or independent research center. Each award includes amonthly stipend, plus round-trip travel, sickness and accident insurance and visasponsorship. Open to nationals of all 27 EU Member States. Candidates are responsible forarranging their own affiliation and can submit projects tenable in a maximum of two differentU.S. institutions. To be eligible, candidates must also have a minimum of two-yearsprofessional or academic experience in at least two EU Member States.***PLEASE NOTE: Due to the new March 1 deadline for the Student SpringCompetition, student applicants are no longer required to provide proof of admissionto an accredited American institution for graduate-level study or pre-doctoralresearch at the time of final application. However, if selected as a finalist, studentsmust be able to provide proof of admission before the financial details of the grantcan be administered.***Fulbright AwardsApproximately 20 grants-in-aid and travel grants will be available for candidates who havecompleted their higher education and wish to study at an American university. The awardslisted below are granted by the King Baudouin Foundation, upon recommendation of theCommission:Allen &Overy AwardAt least one partial scholarship will be offered by Allen &Overy to a graduate of a Belgianuniversity for graduate study in law in the United States.Ambassador Blinken AwardAt least one partial scholarship will be offered by the Ambassador Blinken Award Fund to agraduate of a Belgian university for graduate study in business or foreign policy in the U.S.Ambassador Fox AwardAt least one partial scholarship will be offered by the Ambassador Fox Award Fund to agraduate of a Belgian university for graduate study in any field of study in the U.S.American Womens Club of Brussels AwardA grant-in-aid will be offered by the American Womens Club of Brussels to a womannominated by the Commission.Baker & McKenzie ScholarshipAt least one partial scholarship will be offered by the Baker & McKenzie Scholarship Fund toa graduate of a Belgian university for graduate study in international or comparative law inthe United States.University of Chicago Alumni AwardOne or more partial scholarships to students in any field of study who will attend theUniversity of Chicago.Columbia Club of Belgium AwardAt least one partial scholarship to a student in any field of study who will attend ColumbiaUniversity. 4
  6. 6. Dorothy Deflandre ScholarshipAt least one partial award for graduate study in any field at an American university orinstitution of higher education.Freshfields Bruckhaus DeringerAt least one partial scholarship will be offered by Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP to agraduate of a Belgian university for graduate study in International Business Law in theUnited States.Fulbright Alumni Association AwardAl least one partial award for graduate study in any field at an American university orinstitution of higher education.Fulbright Environmental Studies AwardAt least one partial award for graduate study in environmental studies at an accreditedAmerican university.Harvard Club of Belgium ScholarshipAt least one scholarship will be offered by the Harvard Club of Belgium to a candidate in anyfield of study attending Harvard University.Liedekerke, Wolters, Waelbroeck& Kirkpatrick Award for Graduate Study in LawAt least one partial scholarship for graduate study in law at an accredited institution in theUnited States.Linklaters De Bandt AwardAt least one partial scholarship for a graduate of a Belgian university to undertake graduatestudy in law in the United States.Loyens&Loeff AwardAt least one partial scholarship will be offered by Loyens and Loeff to a graduate of aBelgian university for graduate study in law in the United States. Moreinfo: Scholarship for Graduate Study in BusinessAt least two partial awards for graduate study leading to a Master’s degree in businessadministration or related fields at an accredited institution in the United States. The amountwill vary according to the financial need of the candidate. Preference will be given tocandidates who have proven leadership in professional or extracurricular activities, or whohave a record of community service activities. 5
  7. 7. ADDITIONAL NON-COMMISSION AWARDS FOR STUDY OR RESEARCHThe following awards are not awarded by the Commission for Educational Exchange (i.e.they are non-Commission scholarships). This list of non-Commission scholarshipsrepresents only a selection of various awards that do exist. Detailed information onscholarships in specialized fields is available in the Advising Center of the Commission forEducational Exchange in the Royal Library in Brussels. For weekly updates and postings offunding opportunities for study/research in the USA, please consult to readthe EducationUSA weekly update which is posted (and archived) on the homepage of theCommission’s website.American Association of University Women International FellowshipsThese awards provide funding for a year of graduate study or postdoctoral research at anAmerican university for non-American women. Funding is also available for serving as ascholar in residence at a U.S. university. Awards for the 2008-09 academic year rangedfrom $18,000 to $30,000. Applications must be postmarked by or before December 1st of theyear preceding funding:AAUW Educational FoundationDept 60301 ACT DriveIowa City, IA 52243-4030, USATel: 001/319.337-1716, ext. 60 · E-mail: aauw@act.orgWebsite: American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F.)The B.A.E.F. awards grants for graduate study and post-doctoral research to citizens ofBelgium. Candidates must apply within four years of having completed their degree at aBelgian university. Grants are for one year and cover tuition, living expenses, and healthinsurance. The B.A.E.F. also awards conditional grants up to a maximum of $100,000payable over a period of two academic years to Belgian students wishing to obtain an the United States. Postgraduate fellowships for biomedical or biotechnology research inthe U.S. are also offered. Interested students must submit a preliminary application.Deadline date for final applications: October 31, for MBA candidates March 31. For completeinformation and application forms, please contact:Belgian American Educational Foundation (BAEF)Egmontstraat 11 Rue dEgmontB-1000 BrusselsTel: 02/513.59.55 · Fax : 02/672.53.81 · E-mail: mail@baef.beWebsite: http://www.baef.beCommissariat Général aux Relations Internationales de la Communauté Française deBelgique (C.G.R.I.)Scholarships of Academic Excellence for Belgians With the aim of supporting theMARSHALL plan for the Walloon Region, the C.G.R.I. will award grants for graduate studies,doctoral or post-doctoral studies, and short-term research. Priority will be given to thefollowing fields of study: transport and logistics, mechanical engineering, life sciences, agro-industrial sciences, aeronautics & aerospace. Consideration may also be given to otherfields of study. Applicants should hold a Master’s level diploma awarded by an institutionorganized or funded by the French-Speaking Community of Belgium. Deadline: April 1st.Other deadlines apply for short-term research grants. Details 6
  8. 8. Teaching Awards in Louisiana The C.G.R.I. offers each year a limited number of awards forteaching in the state of Louisiana. Applicants must have good oral English skills and possessa teaching credential. Duration: one academic year (can be renewed twice). Deadline: March5. See website for on-line application. For more information on C.G.R.I.’s programs, contact:C.G.R.I.Service des Bourses d’études, lecteurs et formateursPlace Sainctelette 2B-1080 BrusselsTel: 02/421.82.07 · Fax: 02/421.86.55 · E-mail: ms.wery@cgri.cfwb.beWebsite: of International Programs USA (CIPUSA)The CIPUSA is committed to promoting international understanding through professionaldevelopment and cross-cultural exchange. CIPUSA offers “CORE PROGRAMS, GLOBALPARTNERS PROGRAM and COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS”. These aredesigned for personalized professional training and intercultural exchange programs in fieldsof human services, such as public administration, law, education, journalism, health andenvironment. They are provided to successful, mid-career professionals interested inpromoting mutual understanding and skill development in their field. For further information,please contact:Council of International Programs USA3500 Lorain Avenue, Suite 504Cleveland, OH 44113Tel: 001/216.566.1088· Fax: 001/216.566.1490 · E-mail: info@cipusa.orgWebsite:www.cipusa.orgThe Duesberg-Baily FoundationA scholarship will be awarded each academic year to a graduate of the University of Liègeand the Athénée Royal Thil Lorrain de Verviers who wishes to continue study overseas. Thesponsors of this scholarship hope to promote mutual understanding and openness in youngpeople. For further details, please contact:Athénée Royal Thil Lorrain de VerviersRue Thil Lorrain 1-3B-4800 Verviers, BelgiumTel: 087/30.79.36European Research CouncilEuropean Research Council (ERC) grants support individual researchers of any nationalityand age who wish to pursue their frontier research. The ERC encourages in particularproposals that cross disciplinary boundaries, pioneering ideas that address new andemerging fields and applications that introduce unconventional, innovative approaches. LazardThe FondationFernand Lazard offers interest-free loans to students who are citizens of theEU with a Master Degree from a Belgian University/HighSchool. For 2010 roughly 55-60loans were granted. Maximum amount: 25,000 euros. Deadline: February 5. 7
  9. 9. Fondation Fernand LazardAv. de Merode 100B-1330 RixensartTel : 02/687.21.40 · E-mail:érologique Saint- MichelGrants for doctors, cancer researchers and other professionals in the medical field. Thisscholarship is for medical professionals pursuing cancer research, doing clinical studies oncancer and/or for other projects involving a specific action regarding patient care and thetechnical and psychological support of the patient and his/her family in oncology.For more details please contact:Jacques HermansTel: 0479/96.93.92 · E-mail : Jacques.hermans@swing.beFonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (F.N.R.S.)The F.N.R.S. offers various postdoctoral research grants to researchers and professors ofthe Belgian French-speaking Community. Applications for grants for research abroad for amaximum of twelve months must be submitted by February 1st of the preceding academicyear. F.N.R.S. also offers grants for scientific conferences in the U.S. Requests must besubmitted at least three months before the date of the conference. Finally, grants areavailable for scientific training abroad (maximum two months). Requests must be submittedat least three months in advance. For more details please contact:F.N.R.S.Rue dEgmont 5, B-1000 BrusselsTel: 02/504.92.11 · E-mail: mjs@frs-fnrs.beWebsite: www.frs-fnrs.beFonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (F.W.O.)The F.W.O. offers grants to students, professors and researchers of theVlaamseGemeenschap involving pre- or postdoctoral research abroad (NOT to obtain adegree or diploma) for a maximum of ten months. It also offers grants for conferences orshort-term research, not to exceed six weeks. For more information, please contact:F.W.O.Egmontstraat 5, B-1000 BrusselsTel: 02/512.91.10 · Fax: 02/512.58.90 ·E-mail: post@fwo.beWebsite: Frontier Science ProgramInterdisciplinary grants, research grants, career development awards and postdoctoralfellowships of varying length. For more information please contact:International Human Frontier Science Program Organization12, Quai Saint JeanBP 10034F-67080 Strasbourg Cedex, FranceTel: 0033/·Fax: 0033/ or 8
  10. 10. International Forum for U.S. StudiesThe Forum hosts highly qualified international scholars in U.S. Studies for residencies lastingfrom two weeks to three months.International Forum for U.S. StudiesInternational Programs and Studies303 International Studies Building, MC-480910 South Fifth StreetChampaign, IL 61820Tel: 001/217.244.4203 · E-mail: ifuss-ips@uiuc.eduWebsite: Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical ResearchThree-year grants in the amount of $43,000-$46,000 for post-doctoral cancer research in theUnited States. Candidates, who must hold an M.D. or Ph.D. in the field which they will work,should not have more than one year of postdoctoral experience. Apply by February 1 to:The Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research333 Cedar St., PO Box 208000New Haven, CT 06520-8000, USATel: 001/203.785.4612 · Fax: 001/203.785.3301 · E-mail: info@jccfund.orgWebsite: Humanities CenterThe competition for fellowships at the National Humanities Center is open to humanisticscholars from all nations. The National Humanities Center offers approximately 40residential fellowships for advanced study in the humanities during the academic year,Applicants must hold doctorate or equivalent scholarly credentials. Young scholars as wellas senior scholars are encouraged to apply, but they must have a record of publication, andrecent Ph.D.s should be aware that the Center does not support the revision of a doctoraldissertation. In addition to scholars from all fields of the humanities, the Center acceptsindividuals from the natural and social sciences, the arts, the professions, and public life whoare engaged in humanistic projects .In addition to supporting scholars of recognizedaccomplishment, the Center awards fellowships to promising young scholars who are nomore than ten years beyond graduate study and are undertaking projects significantlybeyond their dissertation research. Most fellowships are awarded for an academic year,though a few are available for a single semester. Completed applications andrecommendation letters must be sent to the Center by October 15 for the following academicyear. For an application write to:National Humanities Center, Fellowship Program7 Alexander DriveP.O. Box 12256Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2256, USATel: 001/919.549.0661Fax: 001/919.990.8535·E-mail:nhc@nationalhumanitiescenter.orgWebsite: International Peace Scholarship FundPartial grants for women who wish to study at the post-university level in the United States.Apply to:P.E.O. International Peace ScholarshipP.E.O. Executive Office3700 Grand Avenue 9
  11. 11. Des Moines, Iowa 50312, USAWebsite: www.peointernational.orgThe Population CouncilThe Population Council’s Fred H. Bixby Fellowship is a program to expand trainingopportunities for recently trained population specialists and biomedical researchers fromdeveloping countries. Fellowships allow recipients to work with experienced mentors in theCouncil’s international network of offices. Fellows work on projects in the following programareas: HIV and AIDS; Poverty, Gender, and Youth; Reproductive Health. Awards consist ofa monthly stipend, health insurance, an allowance for relocation expenses, and attendanceat one international professional meeting per year. The deadline for applications is January15; apply to:The Population Council1 Dag Hammarskjold PlazaNew York, NY 10017, USATel: 001/212.339.0500 · Fax: 001/212.755.6052 ·Email: bixbyfellowship@popcouncil.orgWebsite: ScholarshipsThe Rotary Foundation offers three types of scholarships: Academic-Year AmbassadorialScholarship; the Multi-year Ambassadorial Scholarship and the Cultural AmbassadorialScholarship. The first two grants are open to everyone except "...for unsupervised research,medical internship or residency, or for employment on a full-time basis in the host country."In all cases, the Rotary Foundation Trustees assign candidates to an institution. Moreinformation about Rotary may be found on the Rotary Web site: http://rotary.belux.orgThe general requirements stipulate that a student must have completed at least two years ofuniversity course work, be a candidate in practical training or a vocational field, must have ahigh school diploma and must have worked for at least two years in a recognized vocation.The three types of scholarships are:1. Academic Year Ambassadorial ScholarshipOne academic year (9 months). The grant of a maximum of $22,000 covers round-triptransportation between the home and host country; a month of intensive English if requiredby Rotary; fees for books & supplies; minimum living costs and limited incidentals.2. Multi-year Ambassadorial ScholarshipTwo or 3 years depending on availability through the sponsoring sector. The grant of$11,000 per year is designed to meet costs of enrolling in and attending a university. Thestudent must go to a university that offers a program directly in relation to his/her field ofstudy.3. Cultural Ambassadorial ScholarshipCandidates must have studied English for at least one year at the university level. The grantcovers a 3 or 6 month period, depending on availability of funding through the sponsoringagency. A period of three months is attractive for those who have reached a certainknowledge in the language. The six month term is appropriate for a candidate who wishes tostudy a language presenting a high level of difficulty. The grant of $10,000 (3 months) and$17,000 (6 months) covers round-trip transportation to and from the applicants country,tuition, fees, limited living expenses."The availability and types of Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship are determined 10
  12. 12. by each Rotary district and vary from year to year. Candidates must contact their localRotary clubs to determine if and what kind of scholarships are available, to ask about localapplication deadlines, and to obtain application materials." Candidates or their families maynot be members of the Rotary. Apply by the end of February (18 months before departure)to the Rotary Club in your area (see local phone book). Candidates from District 217 mustapply by November 15 (2 years prior to departure).Georgia Rotary Student ProgramThe Rotary Clubs of the State of Georgia offer approximately 50 scholarships each year tostudents wishing to study at the undergraduate level in Georgia. A few scholarships areavailable to students for study at the graduate level. Grants cover tuition and living costs forone academic year. Students must be recommended by a Rotary Club in Belgium orLuxembourg. Final applications are due on October 1 for the following academic year.Website: http://www.grsp.orgSmithsonian Institution Fellowship ProgramGraduate Student Fellowships, Pre-doctoral Fellowships, and Postdoctoral Fellowships, allwith stipends, for 3 to 12 months in a discipline pursued at the Smithsonian Institution inWashington, DC. Open to candidates in a variety of fields, including anthropology, biologicalsciences, earth sciences, American social and cultural history, history of science andtechnology, history of African art and culture, history of American and oriental art, materialsanalysis (archaeometry and conservation sciences). Final applications due by January 15 forfellowships beginning on or after June 1. Applications available from:Office of Research Training and ServicesSmithosonian Institution470 L’Enfant Plaza, Suite 7102MRC 902, P.O. Box 37102WashingtonDC 20013-7012, USATel: 001/202.633.7070 · E-mail: Foundation for American ArtThe Terra Foundation for American Art supports worldwide study and presentation of art ofthe United States through its grants, initiatives, partnerships, art collection, and otherresources. Academic fellowships are available for non-Us citizens in support of individualresearch, travel, organization of symposia and publication projects. Awards range from $3000$ to $30,000 depending on the nature of the program. For more information on TerraFoundation activities and opportunities for support, please visit Thedeadline for all academic award, fellowship, and grant applications is January 15 unlessotherwise indicated.Veerle ThielemansHead of International Academic Programs Terra Foundation for American Art Europe29 rue des Pyramides75001 Paris - FranceT. + 33 1 43 20 82< AstronomiqueInternationaleGrants for post- doctoral research in astronomy and astrophysics. Application can be madeyear-round to: 11
  13. 13. Union AstronomiqueInternationaleIAU-UAI Secretariat98 bis, Boulevard AragoF- 75014 Paris, FranceThe IAU Secretariat is located in the Institutd’Astrophysique de Paris, 2nd Floor, Offices N°270,271 and 283.Tel: 0033/ · Fax: 0033/ · E-mail: iau@iap.frWebsite: Internationale Contre le CancerGrants for medical training or post- doctoral research.International cancer fellowships play amajor role in UICCs vision and mission. They provide opportunities for professionaldevelopment for cancer investigators, clinicians, nurses, and cancer society staff andvolunteers. Application should be sent by October 1 to the following address:Union Internationale contre le Cancer3, rue Conseil- GénéralCH- 1205 Genève, SwitzerlandTel: 0041/ Department of Justice - National Institute of JusticeTwelve month grants to enable candidates of any nationality to pursue doctoral research inthe field of criminal justice. Deadline varies yearly.Graduate Research Fellowship ProgramNational Institute of Justice633 Indiana Avenue, NWWashington, DC 20531, USAWebsite: Foundation for Anthropological ResearchGrants for research in the field of anthropology (cross-cultural, historical, biological andlinguistic). Open to students of any nationality who are in the process of completing adoctorate. Apply to:Wenner-Gren Foundation220 Fifth Avenue, 16th FloorNew York, NY 10001-7708, USATel: 001/212.683.5000 · Fax: 001/212.683.9151 · E-mail: inquiries@wennergren.orgWebsite:http://www.wennergren.orgWilson Center FellowshipsAwards to distinguished scholars who already hold Ph.D.s for four months to one year ofpostdoctoral research in culture, history, politics, and society at the Wilson Center. Stipendsvary but have recently ranged from $26,000 to $85,000, plus some travel expenses. Finalapplications due by October 1 at:Woodrow Wilson International Center for ScholarsRonald Reagan Building 12
  14. 14. One Woodrow Wilson Plaza1300 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.Washington, D.C. 20004-3027, USAE-mail: fellowships@wilsoncenter.orgWebsite: http://www.wilsoncenter.orgWorld Bank – RSM Fellowships ProgramGrants for post- doctoral research in economics. The Robert S. McNamara FellowshipsProgram provides support to young researchers working in academic and researchinstitutions from eligible countries preparing a doctoral thesis. Research grants coverresidence costs for a 5 to 10 month period in a renowned university or research center.Fellows are expected to advance their research work mainly by using the facilities andresources provided by the host institution and by interacting with peers. For more informationplease contact:World Bank- Robert S. McNamara Fellowships (RSM) ProgramRoom M- 40311818 H Street, NW,Washington DC 20433, USATel: 001/202.473.1000·Fax: 001/202.477.6391Website: http://www.worldbank.orgor,,contentMDK:21588578~menuPK:552352~pagePK:64168445~piPK:64168309~theSitePK:551843,00.htmlZonta International AwardsScholarships in the amount of $10,000 for women wishing to pursue graduate study in thefollowing fields: aerospace-related sciences and aerospace-related engineering.Undergraduate grants available to women wishing to pursue studies in business. Applicationdeadline is November 15.Zonta International557 West Randolf St.Chicago, IL 60661-2206, USA more information about financing your degree please consult the Education USAwebsite: 13
  15. 15. More information about awards, applications and higher education in the United Statescan be found at our EducationUSA Advising Center: COMMISSION FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCHANGEBetween the United States of America, Belgium and Luxembourg The Royal Library of Belgium Boulevard de lEmpereur, 4, Keizerslaan B-1000 Brussels Open to the public Monday through Friday Appointments preferred 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Telephone: +32 (2)519.57.72 Fax: +32 (2) 519.57.73 14
  16. 16. Fulbright Grant Booklet. Revised October 2012. 15