IT FUTURE 2011 - Fujitsu Cloud


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IT FUTURE 2011 - Fujitsu Cloud

  1. 1. FUJITSU Cloud ServicesAn OverviewBenoit PanierIT Future – Paris -20th September 2011
  2. 2. Cloud is of Strategic Importance to Fujitsu “Cloud-related services will account for 30% of our new business by 2015… in anticipation we are accelerating the shift in the structure of our business.” President Masami Yamamoto December 2010 “The company also hopes to achieve 300 billion yen in sales from the service overseas in fiscal 2015, Fujitsu President Masami Yamamoto said in an interview” 2nd August 2011 1 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  3. 3. Cloud : a major forecasted shift in terms of ITconsumption Acc. To Forrester, WW Cloud Services Market will grow 38% annually until 2014 120,2 But timing is a key issue … KEY FINDINGSWorldwide Cloud  Public Cloud Service will see strong growth 99,1 rates until 2012; thereafter "Moores law" willComputing Market Forecast impact and slow down growth rates for Public 60,5 IaaS Clouds (CAGR 10 – 14: 38%)(based on Forresters taxonomy) (50%) 77,5  High price pressurevalues in mil. US$ +38% and strong competition 53,2 (54%) 58,1  Virtual Private Cloud services 44,0 are expected as the growth driver, continuously (57%) increasing its lot throughout the planning period 40,2 (CAGR 10-14: 59%) 34,2 (59%) 46,1 27,1 23,0 (38%)  Cloud share will increase from 35,4 19,4 (57%) (36%) ~ 6% (2010) towards 35% until 2014 24,8 14,1 (52%) 9,0 (46%) 15,9 (32%)  Moores law will have limited 9,5 (24%) (27%) 5,6 (20%) impact only on dynamic Infra- 3,2 (17%) 10,5 (11%) 13,6 (11%) structure Services 7,2 (37%) 7,5 (27%) 7,7 (19%) 8,0 (14%) 8,7 (11%) 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015  Whilst Private Cloud annual Private Cloud Virtual Private Public Cloud growth is seen more moderate (CAGR10 – 14:Source: Forrester, Preview Jan 2011, Worldwide Cloud Services Market 9%) 2 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  4. 4. Our vision: Intelligent Society Harmonizing the physical world… …and the digital worldDelivering outcomes that createlarge scale benefit across society
  5. 5. Entering the Human Centric era Creating Knowledge, Supporting Human Activities Transforming Human Centric Business Process Network CentricScope of ICT Usage Improving Productivity Computer Centric Networking Cloud Computing Sensor Technology Internet Ubiquitous Terminals PC Mobile Communications 1990 2000 4 2010 2020 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  6. 6. What is cloud? Cloud is many things to many people and is subject to different interpretations and views Cloud computing enables technology services to be consumed on demand – it represents a major change in the way IT creates value for businesses Cloud has become possible from the convergence of network and virtualisation technology advances and the ‘as-a-service’ delivery model To us, cloud puts the emphasis on business outcomes over technology
  7. 7. Fujitsu’s definition of a cloud service A technology or a business process delivered as a service in a way that is elastic and scalable, pay per use and self service. Elastic and Pay per Scalable Self Use Service
  8. 8. Why is cloud important for a customer? I can rapidly respond to strategic as well as short term I can deliver innovation business needs by calling whatever I and rapid growth to my business need from unlimited IT capacity with low start up costs and less risk I can I can consume technology services in the most drive down cost by eliminating redundant capacity and energy efficient way exploiting scale
  9. 9. Journeying into the cloud era Service Cloud Computing Era ecosystem Business SaaS Marketplaces Services (IaaS, PaaS)Value Value Workload Hybrid Shift jump environment Private Virtualised Cloud Enterprise Apps Apps Personal Apps Client / Server Computing Era Time
  10. 10. Hybrid is the bridge between today and tomorrow Hybrid Environment Cloud Services BPaas Saas PaasValue Iaas Business Enterprise Processes Apps Platforms Infrastructure Enterprise Services Time
  11. 11. How does Fujitsu stand out? Ambitious Responsive Genuine We enable our We understand theWe offer choice to fit importance of trust customers toour customer’s needs Our cloud services are We offer a full range of cloud maximise their value offered to bone fide services from infrastructure, We develop practical customers through a real platforms and applications to solutions that work for our relationship, delivering their networks and have an open customers’ businesses, needs for security and in an approach to partnerships offering services to help our environmentally sustainable customers realise their goals way
  12. 12. What we deliver: Fujitsu Cloud A broad and complete portfolio to match any workload requirement
  13. 13. Fujitsu Cloud Portfolio in our Region We will continue to expand the existing cloud portfolio according to customer and market requirements
  14. 14. Which platform is right for you? Private Local Cloud, Public Cloud Global Cloud Partnerships Value Bulk consumption of infrastructure Flexible consumption of generic Flexible consumption of and software services exploiting infrastructure and platform generic software and platform innovation and scale while services, exploiting innovation services, with added value maintaining a high level of control and scale from consulting, integration and and customisation managed services Character- Delivered from a Fujitsu or customer Delivered from a Fujitsu data Delivered as an online service istics data centre, monthly charge, range of centre, hourly charge, standard from Fujitsu or a partner configuration options. Some fixed term set of services consumption levels Delivery IaaS (SaaS dedicated models) IaaS, SaaS, BPaaS SaaS, BPaaS types Products Private Platform Regional & Global Platforms Microsoft, (S5, A5)
  15. 15. Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform A virtual platform dedicated to a customer is deployed from Optional (fee) Services: shared virtual resource pools in our data centers on demand • Middleware support (SQL) with a self-serve portal • Additional disk capacity Secure 3 tier templates make deployment of enterprise • Backup (System & Data) • Load balancing applications easy. • Private Internet • Pay for what you use • Global IP address • Elastic and scalable • Secure and compliant • Support included
  16. 16. For who? For what? – Global Cloud For customers all size, Fujitsu Global Accounts and existing customers For Windows, or Linux based workloads, requiring typical enterprise levels of security and reliability. Economically, the ideal Cloud applications are enterprise workloads that tend to be cyclical in nature, meaning they don’t run all the time, such as:  Development, test, QA  Backup  Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity  Analytics, reporting  Workloads such as entering time cards, or other end of period processing  Workloads that scale up and then down quickly, like drug research
  17. 17. Our Journey Developing Across the Fujitsu group, estimated Global Interim Business Activities Platform cloud-related investments of FAI, UK, Azure $2 billion in FY10-11 Germany, Appliance Japan, UK&I, Global Singapore, Australia Australia, USA Windows Azure Platform Announcement Japan Local IaaS ISV Cloud Strategy Platform Local IaaS Announced Australia Platforms UK, Germany & Finland ISV TODAY Marketplace  10 local IaaS customers  Launched 24th Sep  Launched Trial May 31 95 IaaS customers  20 local IaaS customers  8 local IaaS customers  8 active Trial users 31 ISVs  130 customers on try-and buy  Many SFDC customers and program desktop on demand 49 SaaS applications 16 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  18. 18. Proven Business Value ToyotaRTT FrucorKendox Success stories R&MVerpura unilabITAC 17 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  19. 19. Global Cloud Free Trial Visit: 30 Days Free Trial Subscription  Fully functional Cloud  No headaches, no costs Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  20. 20. INTERNAL USE ONLY 19 Copyright 2010 FUJITSU