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Your Journey to the Software-defined Enterprise


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Agile, efficient and business-centric data center infrastructures are paramount for competitiveness in the digital world. In close partnership, Fujitsu and VMware provide complete solutions for your journey from traditional IT to any level of IT as a service. These enable our customers to quickly benefit from the latest software-defined, hyper-converged and cloud approaches faster and with enhanced reliability. This session demonstrates how your IT can realize greater strategic value for your business.
Uwe Neumeier
Raghu Raghuram

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Your Journey to the Software-defined Enterprise

  1. 1. 0 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Fujitsu Forum 2016 #FujitsuForum
  2. 2. 1 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Your Journey to the Software-defined Enterprise Uwe Neumeier Vice President - Head of Data Center Business EMEIA Fujitsu #FujitsuForum Raghu Raghuram COO Purchase & Cloud Services Vmware #FujitsuForum
  3. 3. 2 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU The Impact of Digitalization on Data Center Architectures PC Mainframe Terminal LAN/InternetClient/Server Billions/ Trillions Millions Thousands HW independent Hyper-scale Vendor-specific scale-up & out Proprietary Network for the 3rd Platform IP, LAN/WAN Systems Network Architecture Modular x86 Mainframe Systems x86 RISC LevelofDigitalizationFusion of the Physical and Digital Worlds Intelligent Modulare Industry Solutions Mobile Devices & Apps Mobile Broadband Social Networks Big Data/Analytics Cloud Connected Users & Things COMPUTE Storage NETWORK Source: IDC Sense the physical World Support people´s decisions and actions Collect large amount of Data Gain new Insights Analyze Data Real World Digital World Internet of Things
  4. 4. 3 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Voice of the C-Level “Digital business is shifting from a future strategic vision by IT leaders and digital leaders to providing a real competitive edge today.” – Gartner
  5. 5. 4 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Walking the Digital Tightrope Enterprise Statements Advantages of Digital Transformation well known & accepted 70% critizising hurdles & speed of transformation
  6. 6. 5 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Walking the Digital Tightrope Enterprise Statements Full of confidence in own capabilities & success in execution 66% discordant in terms of actions to be taken
  7. 7. 6 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Walking the Digital Tightrope Enterprise Statements Implementation of the digital strategy throughout all departments In 50%, IT-Teams are responsible
  8. 8. 7 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Main risks (by not doing it)  Reduction in productivity (40%)  Decrease in revenue (38%)  High costs (37%)  Entrepreneurial fail (20%) Bridging the Digital Disconnect Major benefits  Attracting & keeping talented employees (43%)  Increase market responsiveness (38%)  Improve customer retention & loyality (37%)
  9. 9. 8 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Data centers need to become business-centric! Digital Data Access Business Demands IT Budgets Constraints Data Center Infrastructure in Transition
  10. 10. 9 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Infrastructure Is Often The Bottleneck The Challenge
  11. 11. 10 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU But, bringing them together is hard… Demand for technologies that simplify infrastructure is high Complicated integration Vendor lock-in Point solutions Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Network Virtualization Infrastructure As-a-Service Public Clouds Containerized Apps Datacenter Trends Demand for Simplified Infrastructure is high
  12. 12. 11 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Server Virtualization Integrated Platform VMware vSphere VMware Cloud FoundationTM SDDC Manager - Automated Lifecycle Management Compute Network Storage vSphere NSX Virtual SAN Introducing VMware Cloud FoundationTM  Easy to consume platform that delivers the entire SDDC
  13. 13. 12 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU VMware vSphere 6.5  Next-gen Infrastructure for Your Next-gen Apps Simplified Architecture Streamlined Operations Improved User Experience Superior TCO Secure Data Secure Infrastructure Secure Access Comprehensive Built-in Security Run Any App On Any Cloud Universal App Platform
  14. 14. 13 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU VMware Virtual SAN 6.5: Faster Response Time & TCO Savings • Automate and customize with full featured PowerCLI • Simplify network configuration for stretched clusters with separate witness and VSAN traffic • 20-50% Additional TCO Savings* • Accelerate all-flash adoption with support for 512e SSDs • Deploy all-flash hardware with VSAN STD licensing • Deploy next gen, cloud-native applications • Extend support to physical servers with iSCSI access Accelerate Responsiveness Superior TCO Universal Platform *VMware Analysis
  15. 15. 14 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU VMware NSX: Network Virtualization  Abstracting Apps from Infrastructure for Networking and Security App-Aligned Security and Visibility Any Application Framework Security of Applications and Data Speed of Delivery Application Availability Current and Future Infrastructure
  16. 16. 15 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Cloud Management Innovations vRealize Automation 7.2 vRealize Log Insight 4.0 vRealize Operations 6.4 • Manage Azure Deployments • Container management • More intuitive and easier to use UI • Enhanced alert management • Greater product integration • Speed up alerting – 1 click alert grouping • Correlate in seconds – 1 click KPI graphing • Ready to share dashboards with other admins
  17. 17. 16 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU How VMware Cloud Foundation Reduces TCO  Benefits of VMware SDDC with simplicity of SDDC Manager 20:1 server consolidation ratio Up to 50% lower TCO costs Up to 60% reduction in networking costs IT delivery automation Up to 80% time savings with automated build-up & config vSphere Virtual SAN NSX vRealize Suite SDDC Manager Traditional DIY VMware Cloud Foundation™ >40% TCO Savings Up to 6–8x faster time to market Up to 2x more productive Up to 30–40% in TCO savings Traditional: deployments with server virtualization only, DIY infrastructure Data based off of early field customer deployments (i.e: One Cloud) and internal analysis and testing © 2016 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential – Not for DistributionSource: VMware Analysis
  18. 18. 17 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU A Universal Workload Platform – Built for Today and The Future Mission Critical Apps Virtual Desktops Data Analytics/ Hadoop NFV Container Apps Io T Private cloud Public cloud Horizon vRealize vSphere Integrated Containers VMware Cloud FoundationTM Virtual SANvSphere NSX
  19. 19. 18 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU The Customer Journey to the Cloud IT Transformation Modernize Data Centers Embrace Public Clouds Re-Architect Security Empower Digital Workspace Full IT Automation vRealize Automation / VMware NSX World-Class Infrastructure HCI, Cloud Foundation Hybrid Cloud Services vCloud Air / vCAN Connect to Public Clouds Cross Cloud Services Secure Devices AirWatch Secure Infrastructure VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Deliver Apps Anywhere Vmware Horizon, App Volumes Manage Devices AirWatch, TrustPoint
  20. 20. 19 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Enabling technologies for digitial transformation
  21. 21. 20 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Simplifying IT by PRIMEFLEX for VCF Significant reduction in infrastructure bring-up time from days to hours Centralized access and integrated view of physical and virtual infrastructure Automated upgrade and interoperability pre-tested Optimized usage and ease of expansion Significant Reduction of Efforts for:  Installation & Enhancement  Operation & Maintenance  Lifecycle Management  Resource allocation to applications  End2End monitoring  Staff & Skills
  22. 22. 21 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU We provide any level of IT as a Service to our customers – future proof Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Flexible on-demand sourcing Stage 4 Server- Virtualization Automation & Industrialization Overall Virtualization Hypervisor Technology  Cost reduction  Lower Operational costs  Quick & flexible provisioning Consolidation Savings up to 10% Pool & Share next level data centers Software Defined Datacenter  Storage, network virtualization  Lower Operational costs  Lower Time to Production Hardware efficiency Private Cloud  Self Service Capabilities  Automation  CAPEX/OPEX Optimization Fujitsu Cloud (7x24x365 hybrid/public Cloud)  Self Service Portal  Advanced flexibility  Resources on Demand Resources on-DemandHardware Virtualize & Standardize Savings up to 40% Cloud Approach Upper level – data center Level of IT as a service
  23. 23. 22 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX Integrated Systems PRIMEFLEX for VMware VSAN PRIMEFLEX for VMware VCF PRIMEFLEX vShape (Standard) PRIMEFLEX for vShape Enterprise PRIMEFLEX Openstack Virtualization Private Cloud
  24. 24. 23 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Management / Monitoring Dashboard Profile Management Maintenance Topology (VLAN/SAN Mgmt) Integration Management / Monitoring Rack View / Node Status Node list / Inventory Data Center View Utilization / Threshold Dashboard Integration Topology (VLAN/SAN Mgmt) VLAN definition Topology view w/VMs Firmware updates Maintenance Log collection, Filtering & Notification Profile Management Deployment Profiles Infrastructure Management Tools Taking Software Defined to the next level
  25. 25. 24 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Selected PRIMEFLEX wins
  26. 26. 25 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU VMware & Fujitsu enable flexible & scalable infrastructure solutions ... and we invite you to join us on the journey to a software defined datacenter! Key Take Aways We embrace and drive paradigm changes in our industry – business centric PRIMEFLEX for VMware VCF is the next level of Hyper-converged Infrastructure
  27. 27. 26 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU