Get it all done with the new Fujitsu devices and Windows 8


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Get it all done with the new Fujitsu devices
and Windows 8

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Get it all done with the new Fujitsu devices and Windows 8

  1. 1. Get it all done with the new Fujitsu devices and Windows8 The new, flexible, Windows 8 operating system, can be combined with the performance of professional Fujitsu devices to deliver outstanding results. Blending the power and familiarity of the desktop with new ways for users to interact with the system, the latest Fujitsu models for Windows 8 incorporate touch, always- on connectivity and a seamless user experience across PCs, convertible notebooks, hybrids and tablet PCs. This portfolio is designed to perfectly support people in the way they are working today, thus taking into consideration the industry megatrend towards “bring your own device”, and the increasing number of people who are working with multiple devices through the day. Clever features give people a more intuitive and natural way of working, and also deliver clear value in business computing essentials for CIOs, including manageability, enhanced security and mobility. Fujitsu recommends Windows 8 Pro. Unleash Windows 8 Productivity – with Fujitsu Amazing new devices from Fujitsu are reshaping the workplace – from the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T902 convertible, Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702 hybrid and Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q572 tablet to the versatile X Line for professional IT landscapes. Running Windows 8, they support the enhanced usability and full business feature set of the new operating system: ■ Input with touch, keyboard and mouse ■ Intuitive working – superb for multitasking ■ Security and manageability features ■ Long battery life ■ Fast working Touch the Business
  2. 2. Enjoy the Windows 8 business benefits with Fujitsu devices ■ Support for multiple user accounts ■ USB ports and better compatibility with mice, keyboards, thumb drives, and more. ■ Great choice of PCs and tablets for corporate demands ■ The ability to run and view two apps side-by-side ■ The ability to easily share from within apps ■ Support for Adobe Flash and HTML5 with Internet Explorer 10 ■ Faster boot time, less resource-consuming ■ Customizable start screen and live tiles for effective multitasking ■ New security features - HDD pooling, antivirus as part of windows defender Empowering Professionals in their Digital Lives Fujitsu business devices running the latest Windows 8 operating system are designed for people who want the same convenience and choices with workplace tools as they have with personal devices. They empower today’s professionals to work and collaborate more securely and productively than ever before. Best of all worlds The new capabilities of Fujitsu devices with Windows 8 overcome traditional boundaries between PCs and tablets. Fujitsu’s Windows 8 tablets feature a dual digitizer, enabling people to interact with up to 10 fingers or a pen – which means greater flexibility in how you choose to work. If you’re working on a hybrid tablet PC such as the Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702, you can send files to a colleague simply by swiping the screen. Scribble a few notes on the display using a precise, pressure-sensitive stylus and pen- based handwriting recognition. And when it comes to heavy-duty typing, you can use the tablet PC with the attachable ergonomic keyboard. You don’t have to move to a tablet device to enjoy all the advantages of touch capabilities. The Fujitsu ESPRIMO X is an innovative desktop PC that also gives you the best of both worlds: you can lay its display flat, and experience the power of touch-based input with a professional-size screen. Which leaves the usability choices to you: with the display flat, you can flexibly move items on the screen as easily as you would paper on a desk. Not to mention the ergonomic benefits of being able to vary your working posture! Windows® Product Family ■ Fujitsu’s workplace devices are available pre-installed and delivered with Windows 8 OEM operating system license ■ We also offer Windows® 7 licenses, as long as the Windows® 7 licenses are available from Microsoft, especially to ensure the downgrade right to Windows® XP
  3. 3. Fujitsu recommends Windows 8 Pro. Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702 Attach or Touch – the Hybrid Business Talent The Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702 is the perfect choice for mobile professionals looking for performance without compromising on versatility. With its attachable keyboard option, this lightweight hybrid tablet enables easy content creation and consumption. Either use it as a tablet when traveling, or attach the keyboard and convert the STYLISTIC Q702 into a traditional notebook for additional usability in the office. The touch-sensitive display offers a spacious 29.5 cm (11.6-inch) of screen real estate, and 10-finger multi-touch input ensures the STYLISTIC Q702 unleashes the full usability of Windows 8. Pen input is equally possible as a stylus is also included. The professional tablet is completed by optional 4G/LTE for ultimate high-speed connectivity. Security is also taken care of – thanks to the fingerprint sensor and optional TPM (Trusted Platform Module) to keep corporate content safe from unauthorized access. Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q572 Your Professional BusinessPad This is the ideal lightweight tablet for professional users who need ultimate portability with full access to all the power features of the new Windows 8 operating system. With its 25.7-cm (10.1-inch) screen, the new tablet supports pen and 10-finger multi-touch input, offering enhanced flexibility for daily business tasks: you can scribble notes with the stylus provided, or pull up the on-screen keyboard for a more conventional approach. The choice is yours. With optional 4G/LTE on board, the STYLISTIC Q572 ensures ultimate connectivity for a seamless connected experience while you’re on the move, and the swappable battery provides extra hours of productive working time. Enterprise-class security features – with fingerprint sensor and SmartCard reader – ensure your data is protected in sensitive environments. Highlights ■ Versatile 29.5 cm (11.6-inch) hybrid tablet supporting an optional attachable keyboard for easy content creation ■ Weight starting from only 850 g (without attachable keyboard) ■ Dual digitizer for pen and finger input, front and rear cameras and enhanced battery runtime ■ High-end security features and easy manageability with optional Intel® vPro™ technology Highlights ■ Business tablet for corporate environments – with pen and touch input support ■ Display size 25.7 cm (10.1 inch), weight from 820 g ■ Swappable battery, various interfaces and docking option for ultimate convenience ■ Highest security with fingerprint sensor, SmartCard reader, optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Full Disk Encryption (FDE) Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T902 Your Excellent Flexible Companion If you need a fully-equipped convertible notebook to support you in the office or on business trips, the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T902 is the perfect option. This 1.89 kg convertible notebook features a rotatable 33.8 cm (13.3- inch) display that’s perfect for presenting to small groups in the office or collaborating with colleagues. And for maximum flexibility, the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T902 is designed for the new input choices of Windows 8: you can work with pen and 10-finger multi-touch input as well as a traditional keyboard. The convertible notebook features a modular bay for additional battery runtime up to 10:20 h, and the latest connectivity standard 4G/LTE as option, guaranteeing you high-speed wireless internet access. Moreover, the optional 0-Watt AC adapter sets new standards in Green IT. The high brightness LED WXGA display with integrated Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) helps reduce eye fatigue – vital when people work in unusual places. Highlights ■ Lightest and slimmest 33.8-cm (13.3-inch) modular convertible, weight starts at just 1.89 kg ■ Bi-directional rotatable display, dual digitizer for pen and finger input ■ Modular bay for second hard disk drive, DVD/Blu-ray Disc™ drive or second battery ■ Protected data with fingerprint sensor, SmartCard reader, optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Full Disk Encryption (FDE)
  4. 4. Fujitsu X Line The Fujitsu X Line is a unique one-design concept for three different models: the ESPRIMO X PC, FUTRO X Thin Client or X23T-1 MHL Display. They all combine superior performance with the same slim, space-saving design – in fact, users can’t actually tell which X Line system they’re working with, which makes the X Line ideal for bringing homogeneity to otherwise heterogeneous IT landscapes. All X Line family members offer an ultra-slim, 58.4-cm (23-inch) display that saves space and provide optimum viewing performance, and they are all designed for energy efficiency and stress-free working. The ESPRIMO X and FUTRO X models optionally support 10-finger multi-touch input, and even lower to a fully flat working position for ultimate ergonomics and usability. They feature an optional multifunction module which includes an integrated camera and microphone, enabling personal videoconferencing that makes collaboration across multiple corporate sites more effective, plus an integrated presence sensor for auto power on/off. What‘s more, the ESPRIMO X comes with face recognition for easy and secure logon into the Windows 8 operating system. The X23T-1 MHL Display can act as an ergonomic access point for MHL capable smartphones and tablets, just by adding a convenient Bluetooth keyboard or mouse. Fujitsu ESPRIMO X913 / ESPRIMO X913-T Evolutionary PC for the Modern Office ■ Advanced convenience with face recognition for automated log on/off option to Windows 8 operating system ■ Wide-angle IPS panel and adjustable display with optional touch capability (ESPRIMO X913-T) ■ Enhanced security to satisfy enterprise needs: integrated TPM module and optional SmartCard reader, EraseDisk securely wipes the hard disk drive ■ Up to 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor ■ DeskView manageability suite combined with Intel® vPro™ technology to lower the TCO Fujitsu FUTRO X913 / FUTRO X913-T More Than Just a Thin Client ■ Optimized for Server-based Computing and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures ■ Significant energy savings with presence sensor: display turns off automatically when user leaves desk ■ Significant TCO savings with best-in-class Scout Enterprise management software ■ Can be laid flat for easy handling of touch appliactions (FUTRO X913-T) ■ Ultimate connectivity – WLAN, optional Power-over-Ethernet ■ eLux® RLMicrosoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 7 Fujitsu Display X23T-1 MHL Innovative MHL Display ■ With Mobile High Definition Link (MDL), viewers can hook up their MHL capable mobile device ■ Synchronized height-adjustable stand ■ Unmatched picture performance with IPS wide-viewing panel ■ Anti-glare front-glass and nearly frameless design ■ Innovative and ultra-slim design ■ Energy saving and environmentally- friendly LED backlight ■ Multi-monitoring in a uniformed design Fujitsu X Line Highlights
  5. 5. What’s New in Windows 8? The new Start screen in Windows 8 keeps all your information and content in one place, organized into tiles that update in real time. You can share company information, check out your schedule, launch applications – or apps – and check mail with just a couple of clicks on the Start screen. There’s no need to dig into myriad folders to find what you’re looking for. It’s all at your fingertips. Enhanced end-to-end security: being an enterprise-grade operating system, Windows 8 provides powerful security features such as rapid, easy-to-deploy data encryption, access control and boot protection features to safeguard your most valuable corporate assets: your information. Administrators have enhanced control of the IT landscape, and can specify exactly which applications can run on the devices of employees, and there are also enhanced features to check the reputation of new applications and sites when users are accessing the web. Windows 8 is touch-enabled – meaning you can use touch for business tasks such as sharing files, writing mails and editing documents. You can pull up an on-screen keyboard, or attach a keyboard and mouse for a more traditional approach. Windows 8 recognizes you work in different ways depending on the task in hand. So it’s easy to switch between methods and use whichever works best.
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